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Next to Christmas and my birthday, last night was my third most favorite night of the year. I've been a fan of the Academy Awards ever since I could pronounce the word "Oscar". While other babies called out for the unsanitary trash can resident of Sesame Street, I was calling out for a different Oscar. The first full phrase I ever uttered was asking my mom to hand me the envelope please.

This year I was lucky enough to see most of the major films nominated and was thrilled to see the little-India-film-that-could Slumdog Millionaire sweep a majority of the night's awards. Other highlights included Heath Ledger's win for Best Supporting Actor, and as I predicted Kate Winslet's Best Actress win. You all owe me twenty bucks.

oscars 2009 winners.JPG

This year there weren't many huge surprises on the fashion front. For the most part, everyone looked radiantly divine, although I was a little disappointed with all of the teen starlet gown choices. Miley Cyrus was wearing a dress that would have looked great on Lucille Ball circa 1955, but not on a 16 year old pop princess. Vanessa Hudgens followed suit with a gown that bore a striking resemblance to the dress seen on the Tattinger's champagne model. Best Supporting Actress nominee Marisa Tomei glammed up, trying to make up for her prior fashion offenses but her pleated Versace gown was more complicated that a Sudoku puzzle with a level 5 difficulty. To make a long Oscar fashion blog short....Sarah Jessica looked too poofy, Amy Adams too vampy and MIckey Rourke too Saturday Night Fevery. Now that I've gotten the Oscar ball rolling, here are my top three faves and my three least faves of the night...

best 2009 oscar dresses.JPG


Penelope Cruz : Last night was the night for the Latin goddess when she took home the statue for Best Supporting Actress for her scene stealing portrayal of a bipolar ex gone mad in Woody Allen's tribute to Spain: Vicky Christina Barcelona. Penelope wore a vintage gown and summoned up the spirit of Audrey Hepburn from the hair to the gown to her graceful acceptance speech. Felicidades Penelope! Besitos!

Natalie Portman: In a Beauty and the Beast like moment, Natalie saved us from changing channels during Ben Stiller's odd Joaquin Phoenix impersonation. Your exquisite pink gown from Rodarte looked great against your skin tone and was a pleasant distraction from all the black and white. Wish you could have shared the podium with a sharper dressed man instead of one half of ZZTop.

Anne Hathaway: Anne, you're my girl and I blogged with pride when your Oscar nomination was announced. You may not have won the li'l bald guy, but you won a spot on the Let's Talk Style best dressed list...isn't that reward enough?

worst dressed oscars 2009.JPG


Tilda Swinton: No. Just, no.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman: hey Phil, I Doubt a stylist advised you to wear that hat. You may be one of the finest American male actors we've got, but that does not reserve you the right to wear a scully to the Academy Awards.

Whoopi: Whoopi, according to the fashion police, you in danger girl. Your leopard print dress was so not Oscar material. I'm sure fashionistas everywhere will share my View.

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Eww, you're right on girl! I didn't like Miley Cyrus's, she such a tryhard. Whoopi, seriously? Tilda, the rubbish bag dress looked better than that. God! take Tilda off the red carpet!!!! Ewww, I mean...

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