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Award season 2009 continued with the 51st Annual Grammy Awards last night at the Staples Center in LA, and although I wasn't able to watch the arrivals live on the red carpet, I've spent the morning poring over the cold hard evidence and have dutifully scored my rock and roll regalia ballots. Who hit the high notes and who fell flatter than Bikini Girl from American Idol? Read and rock on...

Sugar: Singer Sara Bareilles. She was nominated for her hit Love Song and dressed accordingly, showing up red carpet ready, looking like she just stepped out of an ad for Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely perfume. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea and crumpets, but I say Oui Oui to Sara's romantic Parisian frock. In a sea of leather, sometimes it's nice to look like you enjoy being a girl.

Grammys2009 with text.JPG

Spice: Call me crazy, but I think I loved David Cassidy's daughter's dress. Actress Katie Cassidy brought a bit of bohemia to the red carpet with a spicy look that definitely stood out from the collection of safe Grammy styles hitting the red carpet. Normally I don't dig the hippie headband look, but Katie made it work for me. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus wore lovely black gowns, but were they memorable? I think not.

Most Honorable mentions: American Idol alums Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood. Simon says, you both looked hot.

Not nice: Most folks are going to point a finger at M.I.A. claiming she was by far the worst dressed of the evening, but I'm coming to her defense. To me M.I.A. came off as young, hip, edgy, fun and got points for being true to her ecclectic style while ingeniously covering up that baby bump...Plus, someone has to take over when Björk isn't invited. Paula Abdul on the other hand? If you were going for Barbarella, you ended up looking more like Barbarhella...Get sober and fire your stylist Paula. Your outfits hurt my eyes.

The big question of the night was what happened to the dynamic R&B duo no shows - Chris Brown and Rihanna? Turns out instead of beating his fellow nominees, Chris Brown was beating on his Rihanna. Next time Rihanna, hit him with your umbrella-ella-ella, hey hey.

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