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Dear Sammy,

I need some heel help. I have a new pair of 4 inch high heels that I love, but they've been killing my feet. Should I return them and stick to flats?



Dear Colleen,

Girlfriend, you just scored some new shoes. You should be jumping for joy, not writhing in pain. Hang onto those heels for dear life and listen up. Sammy is here to help you put your best foot forward.

Here is a valuable high heel tip I give to all my girls (and tranny acquaintances) who have aching arches or sore soles... the answer to high heel pain is simple. It's all about the Foot Petals.

Featured in Allure magazine, Teen Vogue and dozens of other fashion bibles, Foot Petals are helping women everywhere keep those pedis in tact while providing relief from calluses, protecting bones and tissue and cushioning the ever so sensitive balls of the feet. I'm head over heels about them, corny pun intended.

foot petals high heel tips.JPG

Try the Tip Toes heart or flower shaped foot cushions seen above to stop feet from sliding forward and put an end to toe scrunch. They're virtually invisible and how can you resist that adorable leopard print? Other foot wonders include Haute Heelz for cracked and callused heels, Strappy Strips that keep your slingback straps from cutting into your heels and Killer Kushionz that are full comfort insoles that work on open toe shoes, sandals and flats!

But don't take my word for it, Foot Petals are in good company keeping celebrity feet cozy and cushioned during those long walks on the red carpet. Sophia Bush, Brooke Burke and Marcia Cross are all fans.

So give Foot Petals a try and if you still want to get rid of those heels afterwards, I'll take them off your hands...I mean feet..

Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

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I've been wondering if foot petals worked. I'm on my feet for a huge part of the day and almost always wear heels. I'm definitely going to try your tips. Thanks! :)


Dr. Scholl's For Her makes insoles for high heel shoes that are invisible with cushioning gel support. They work with strappy high heels and feel AMAZING. They also have inserts for the ball of foot and heel. Both have massage cusion gel and are heavenly.

great post!! if any of your readers are interested in, quality, low cost SHOE LIFTS can I suggest they visit the links provided, also available are equally high quality and inexpensive HEEL PADS all hosiery and leg wear are available, easy to purchase and great customer service

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