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I'm trying out a new feature here at Let's Talk Style - the Let's Talk Style stylish yet evil Villain of the Week.

You know them. You know their designer labels. You want their clothes, but you don't want their attitude. You celebrate their style, but not their behavior. Take my pick for this week - Whitney Port's evil MTV nemesis - Olivia Palermo from The City.

olivia palermo of the city.JPG

Whitney's DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) co-worker is fake. She's faker than those designer bags they sell on the street the minute you step outside of the subway station. She's faker than Kelly Ripa's tan, faker than Tom Cruise's German accent in Valkyrie. She's faker than Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's undying love for one another.

Olivia reached the pinnacle of her villaindom a few episodes ago when she knowingly took credit for pulling the final DVF look for a Jessica Alba Elle magazine cover, when it was all Whitney's idea. Liar liar Prada pants on fire. Why would you do such a thing when there are cameras everywhere, capturing the truth and nothing but the truth? No worries, Olivia got what was coming to her an episode later when she flubbed an oral presentation and Whitney soared like the true California golden girl she is.

If you're reading this Olivia, I imagine you're rolling your overly mascara'ed eyes, claiming that I shouldn't gossip about socialites at the workplace because it isn't professional. Well this is my job Olivia, and talking smack about you is why they pay me the big bucks. So suck it.

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