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Loyal readers, I am sad to report that due to severe budget constraints...this will be my final blog entry.

The site is being taken over by a team of microbiologists and will undergo many changes in the upcoming weeks. Eventually "Let's Talk Style" will become "Let's Talk Salmonella" with Paul Polltree serving as your blog host. He is the ultimate authority on E. coli and Salmonella food poisoning across the United States, so you will be in good hands. At least your chicken will be.

final goodbye.JPG

This is my final bow.

One last link and I will be Audio 500...

Happy April Fool's Day suckahs.

Dear Sammy,

I am really into the look and feel of eco friendly clothing but it's super expensive! Do you have any eco friendly options that are also budget friendly?

Thanks Sammy! Glad to hear you're still with us!


Thank YOU Joanie, and all of my other loyal blog followers who have been inundating my inbox with fashion query after query! Apparently my little April Fool's Day hoax yesterday was good for blogging business. You don't know what you've got until it's almost gone and I've had so many Ask Sammy emails come flooding in, I'm posting two this week because I can't stand leaving the fashion forlorn hanging all weekend long.

Now for Joanie's question.

As as matter of fact Joanie, I do have some down to earth, eco-friendly choices that are also economically-friendly. Check out 3Clothing and their organic line of fashionable eco-conscious tees that are the perfect choice for Earth Day (which is right around the corner, FYI).


Earth Day is April 22nd, so what better way to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment than with sexy and fashionable artistic organic shirts for guys and gals that fit your shape, your personality and your lifestyle? With cool original graphic designs that all feature their captivating 3 Clothing logo, you'll get down with nature without spending a bundle. The looks above are only $21 each.

And since I'm feeling totally earthy, I'm offering you and my entire blogging entourage 10% off of a $50 purchase and 20% off of a purchase over $50, just because I love you. Use coupon code 10cat09 or 20cat09 depending on how much you spend, and get ready to be a stylin' organic earth goddess.


p.s. Tell Chachi I said hi.

Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Model pretzel

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model pretzel.JPG

Happy Monday Let's Talk Stylers, I trust you had a pleasant weekend. I scored myself a pair of free panties from Victoria's Secret, so I'm a happy girl. There are so many things to blog about, I had to throw a bunch of hot topics into a stylish Spring fedora to choose. What did I pull out?

Gisele Bündchen claims Brady baby is hers.

Yay. I wanted to blog about this. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen made some comments in the recent issue of Vanity Fair claiming that even though she didn't give birth to the son of her new hubby Tom Brady, li'l Brady is still 100% hers.


Okay, I'm all for Gisele embracing and loving her new stepson, but step back. Would the real Brady mommy please stand up, please stand up, please stand up? Actual birthmother Bridget Moynahan wasn't very tickled by the comment. Gisele didn't push li'l John out of her hooha during **twelve hours of labor and still has the slammin' supermodel figure to prove it. I think it's beautiful that you've developed such a strong bond Gisele, but keep those comments near and dear to your heart and away from the press, not where sensitive single mommies can read it.

And if you want to be a good Stepmom to John, leave his name out of the papers....and avoid being photographed looking like the 5th member of Kiss.

**Disclaimer - This is a guesstimation, Bridget hasn't gotten back to me to confirm how many hours she spent in the delivery room, although she is a Let's Talk Style fan and loves Model Posing 101.

Retro Romper Room

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I don't know about you guys, but down here in the southern hemisphere I'm already sweating bullets. I've bid a fond farewell to my multi-colored tights, leggings and long sleevies, and am more than ready for some Spring and Summer short shorts and easy, breezy, beautiful sweat-resistant looks.

Pantsuits were big this past year, so keep the trend alive with a cooler, more ventilated version with a hip selection of rockin' rompers (tweet, tweet tweet). I've found a few rompers that are cool enough for the hottest of Spring days and have a retro indie vibe that Let's Talk Stylers are known for.

retro rompers.JPG

Pictured left is a flirtatious Denim Romper from Forever 21 for only $29.80. That's a price that's right, leaving you with a little something left over for a straw fedora and bling bling bangles.

You can shell out a little more for a Front Zip Denim Romper from Arden B for $58, but I'm going with the Berry Sweet Romper from ModCloth pictured next to fedora romper girl up there. This romper from independent designer Imonni Clothing is Berry Sweet indeed with adorable strawberry buttons, apron pockets and a pin-up inspired silhouette. I would wear it out on a date with Huckleberry Pie anytime.

And just to cover my bases, I must point out that these rompers do not fall in the same category as the onesies I shot down last year. No my pretties, onesie rompers resemble something you'd sleep in, these rompers are totally reminiscent of the jumpsuits you would've seen on Foxy Brown circa 1974 or Austin Powers' saucy minx Felicity Shagwell .

Oh behave.

Model cowgirls

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model dukes of hazzard.JPG


I have been searching for a certain bathing style. I have seen women wearing them in Jamaica and I have some Victoria's Secret underwear that look like the bottom. Victoria's Secret calls the underwear bottom "cheeky" but I can't seem to find that style anywhere. Not even VS swimwear but I have seen women wearing them. Any ideas?? I really like the look of the bottoms. I thought they were Tangas but the Tangas I have found don't look like what I am looking for.



Dear Becky,

Thank you for your question! I want you to know that I have been eating, sleeping and searching swimsuits from morning 'til night, trying to find your perfect cheeky bathing suit bottoms and by george, I think I've got them! You want the look of cool, lacy, cheeky panties, but the coverage and lining of a proper swimsuit.

The answer is Beach Bunny Swimwear. Inspired by couture lingerie once reserved for the bedroom, this decadent swimwear line dominated the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and has been spotted on celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, Sienna Miller, Ashley Tisdale, Amanda Bynes and Eva Longoria who classifies them as "the sexiest line out there” FYI.

beach bunny swimsuits.JPG

Flaunt your Beach Bunny bod on the beach in luxurious fabrics and exquisite hardware and trim from around the world, they're a little pricier than your average run of the mill swimsuits, but Hugh Hefner gives them a big thumbs up. And they offer bikini tops and bottoms separately, so you can mix-and-match for the perfect fit.

Happy Easter Becky, and have fun embracing your inner bunny.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

katie and suri cruise.JPG

For the past few seasons, I've relied heavily on one effortlessly stylish staple to glam up any less than punchy ensemble. I'm happy to say that scarves have survived yet another season and are most definitely here to stay. Not for a year, but forever and a day.

The right scarf can come off as casually cool with a tank and jeans, serve as a handy cover up or wrap when a sudden chill hits, and can cover up hickeys like nobody's biznass (as well as that asian symbol neck tattoo you don't want Ma or Pa to see.) Lucky for me, I have over a dozen of them hanging in my accessory closet and have my eye on a few new, lighter Springtime scarf supplements from American Eagle Outfitters.

stylish spring scarves.JPG

Pictured above are two of my favorites in no particular order. I apologize for the lack of variety but yellow scarves are my newest obsession, ever since I saw the lovely Latika's flowing at the train station in Slumdog Millionaire. I like to think that scarf (and some schnazzy cinematography) helped International beauty Frieda Pinto score the Oscar for Best Picture, so try on this yellow AE Striped Scarf or AE Ombre Swirl Scarf...they might just have the power to take you from the slums of India to the best dressed lists of Los Angeles.

That's a wrap.

Wedding season is only a chicken dance away and many brides with May or June wedding dates are frantically searching high and low for their dream wedding gowns. To those blushing brides-to-be I say, shame on you. You should've scored a dress last September. This is the big time ladies, unless you're tying the knot at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Nevada, you're way behind schedule.

Whether you're cutting it close or dress shopping for your May or June 2010 wedding, Net-a-Porter has stepped in on the wedding scene with a designer Wedding Boutique featuring haute gowns, shoes and accessories for brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and even dresses for stylish wedding guests who are out to either 1. Steal the bride's thunder or 2. Pick-up a hot groomsman.

carrie bradshaw wedding gown.JPG

Net-a-Porter's Wedding Boutique is no bridal joke. They sold out of the $9,875 Vivienne Westwood Gold Label wedding gown that Carrie Bradshaw wore in her doomed wedding to Mr. Big in the Sex and the City movie in only a matter of hours, so act fast.

There is a waiting list, so if you want to reveal your inner Carrie on your wedding day, get down on it now. Just avoid wearing the bird on your head and you should be fine. And if the dress isn't in stock until after your wedding date, get it anyway.

It'll look great at your second wedding.

Model foreheads

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model forehead.JPG

Tina Fey has forever changed the way we look at four-eyed chicks.

It is now fashionable to wear even the most atrocious lenses and still come off looking cooler than a cucumber. I've even heard from the grapevine that teens have taken to wearing eyeglass frames sans lenses in the halls at school. Once upon a time I would've been shoved into a locker after AP Physics for that.

vintage eyeglasses.JPG

If you've always loved the look of corrective eyewear but suffer from perfect 20/20 vision, there are plenty of glass houses filled with non-prescription specs out there for you to try on. I'm digging these Vintage style glasses from Forever 21...they're only $5.80 and they come in mint green. Sweet.

If you already wear glasses but are looking for frames with more of a retro pop, try these fun, flirty and fashionable reading glasses from Debby Burk Optical.

I see stylish glasses in your future.

Forget Johnsons & Johnsons and their no more tears philosophy, this season I'm all about the tiers. I celebrated tax day last week by buying myself a sweet, strappy white tiered top that has quickly become my go-to-tier-top of choice. I'm not due for a tax refund but figured if the IRS is getting a chunk of my money, so should my favorite store in the mall.

Shorty-short tiered mini skirts were popular with leggy tweens and teens for a good while, and now the tiers are moving on upward. I totally get the allure. Tiered pieces are effortlessly romantic, light and airy and perfect for Spring. They soften your look when you're wearing jeans, look incredibly feminine with dress trousers and can be roughed up easily with the right boyfriend blazer or leather jacket.

tier top and tier dress styles.JPG

Take a look at this part flower/part flapper inspired Marc by Marc Jacobs Taffeta Stripe Tier Dress for instance. It's girlier than a powder puff, but has an edge that says you're all woman. You won't see this $550 frock playing seesaw on the playground. It's a big girl dress with a big girl price tag, just like this Paul & Joe Sister London tiered Top. A true splurge at $300, but it can be worn as a top or a skirt so it's really only $150 per look...see how I justify my spending?

Maybe that's why I'm not getting a refund.

Three cheers for tiers!

Model fans

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model fans2.JPG

Everyone and their mother and Nana have seen the video featuring Britain's Got Talent's ruddy cheeked, never-been-kissed Susan Boyle singing for her supper on You Tube.

Susan's rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Misérables is on track to become the most popular video in the history of YouTube, amassing nearly 100 million views in its first nine days. She surprised us, warmed our hearts and suddenly Susan has become a household name. Everyone knows who she is and is dying to hear what she's going to sing next on round two May 23rd. She might stick with the theatrical route and break out a memorable Memory from Cats or she might try to mix it up with Fergalicious, either way, we're all on Team Susan.

Curly Sue, I love you just the way you are...but if you want to look the part of a true British Idol, I have a few basic pieces that will take you from School Marm to Sexy Siren, all for under $150 - that's 102.15 British pounds, even better!

susan boyle.jpg

1. Separates are good Susie Q. Try on a basic V-neck tee or cardigan in black that will slim and suit your inner rock star like this Fem Tee from Extra Fresh Produce. Simon Cowell's wardrobe is full of 'em.

2. Slip on a pair of extended tab front, slightly flared Denim Jeans in a dark wash like these ones from Jessica London and you'll never want to wear another pair of dumpy trousers again.

3. Pump up the jams with Black Leather Pumps from AB Lambdin Shoes - Exclusively at Spiegel that will give you some height with a 3 inch block heel and extra padding for an easier fit and added comfort.

4. You're 47 and aged to perfection like a fine Merlot. A dash of Va Va Voom Vino Red Lipstick from bebeautiful will prettify that pucker while you're belting out those high notes.

susan boyle outfit.JPG

*For extra credit, slip on a sexy wig from BeautyTrends.com that will take you from Eliza Doolittle to My Fair Lady faster than you can sing Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do.

Break legs Susan, we're positive you'll earn another round of thumbs up from the judges during the semifinal round on May 23rd. You already have us Americans completely Boyle'd over.

Say My Name

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Most of you know me as Sammy for short, but we've never been formally introduced.

I've been blogging for Let's Talk Style for a little over a year now (Happy Anniversary to me), so I think it's about time my regular blog followers and I were on a proper, first name basis.

Hi, I'm Samara.

My first name isn't a common one, so I usually opt for Sam or Sammy for short. It's easier for folks to remember and pronounce, and I never have to repeat it during new introductions. Predominately known as a city in Russia and/or a type of winged tree fruit, my name received some brief recognition after the release of the horror flick The Ring in 2002. The antagonist was my namesake and for awhile people associated me with the freaky little girl with bad hair who came out of the TV. That was fun.

Growing up, I hated my name. I would dig through displays of personalized name plaques, mugs, stickers and other silly trinkets, always finding dozens of Samanthas, Sallys and Sarahs...but sadly, no Samaras. In the world of useless tchotchkes, I had no identity.

Samara Leather Tote.JPG

Alas, imagine my excitement when I saw a chic handbag named after none other than yours truly! This briefcase/purse hybrid has my name written all over it. The Samara Leather Tote is a steal from Forever 21 at $34.80 and is totally something I would wear, which is fortunate. I would hate for my name to be represented by a fanny pack or a murse.

It makes me wonder if there was ever a sad little girl out there named Coach.

The big question on everyone's mind besides "Does that dude coughing next to me have swine flu?" is "Are Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan still broken up"?

This is a fashion blog and I'm not creative enough to spin a style blog around swine, so Lindsay breakup it is.

If you haven't heard the tweets, the dynamic lesbian duo had a huge powwow at the Chateau Marmont earlier this month and were declared totally over by DJ Sam Ronson (twin sis of one of my favorite designers Charlotte Ronson) via Twitter. No one really knows what happened that dark fateful night, but locksmiths were called, restraining orders summoned and hair colorist appointments made and it seemed the one-time inseparable pair were dunzo.

lindsay lohan poll.JPG

But new reports claim that Sam and Lindsay may still be an item thanks to secret meetings and late night sleepovers at Lilo's pad. Not to mention the fact that Sam changed her Facebook status from "Single" to "It's Complicated".

What more evidence do we need?

I once noticed that Lindsay was a lot less fun as a lesbian, but she is totally fun when she's breaking up with a lesbian.

Happy Bday Kirsten!

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It's Kirsten Dunst's birthday today and she's twenty-seven years young.

She's taking a load off before she gets to work reprising her role as the lovely redheaded upside-down kisser Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 4.

I say, let her eat birthday cake.

kirsten dunst cake.JPG

Samara Sanchez

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