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Say My Name

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Most of you know me as Sammy for short, but we've never been formally introduced.

I've been blogging for Let's Talk Style for a little over a year now (Happy Anniversary to me), so I think it's about time my regular blog followers and I were on a proper, first name basis.

Hi, I'm Samara.

My first name isn't a common one, so I usually opt for Sam or Sammy for short. It's easier for folks to remember and pronounce, and I never have to repeat it during new introductions. Predominately known as a city in Russia and/or a type of winged tree fruit, my name received some brief recognition after the release of the horror flick The Ring in 2002. The antagonist was my namesake and for awhile people associated me with the freaky little girl with bad hair who came out of the TV. That was fun.

Growing up, I hated my name. I would dig through displays of personalized name plaques, mugs, stickers and other silly trinkets, always finding dozens of Samanthas, Sallys and Sarahs...but sadly, no Samaras. In the world of useless tchotchkes, I had no identity.

Samara Leather Tote.JPG

Alas, imagine my excitement when I saw a chic handbag named after none other than yours truly! This briefcase/purse hybrid has my name written all over it. The Samara Leather Tote is a steal from Forever 21 at $34.80 and is totally something I would wear, which is fortunate. I would hate for my name to be represented by a fanny pack or a murse.

It makes me wonder if there was ever a sad little girl out there named Coach.

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It's a very pretty name.

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