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Forget Johnsons & Johnsons and their no more tears philosophy, this season I'm all about the tiers. I celebrated tax day last week by buying myself a sweet, strappy white tiered top that has quickly become my go-to-tier-top of choice. I'm not due for a tax refund but figured if the IRS is getting a chunk of my money, so should my favorite store in the mall.

Shorty-short tiered mini skirts were popular with leggy tweens and teens for a good while, and now the tiers are moving on upward. I totally get the allure. Tiered pieces are effortlessly romantic, light and airy and perfect for Spring. They soften your look when you're wearing jeans, look incredibly feminine with dress trousers and can be roughed up easily with the right boyfriend blazer or leather jacket.

tier top and tier dress styles.JPG

Take a look at this part flower/part flapper inspired Marc by Marc Jacobs Taffeta Stripe Tier Dress for instance. It's girlier than a powder puff, but has an edge that says you're all woman. You won't see this $550 frock playing seesaw on the playground. It's a big girl dress with a big girl price tag, just like this Paul & Joe Sister London tiered Top. A true splurge at $300, but it can be worn as a top or a skirt so it's really only $150 per look...see how I justify my spending?

Maybe that's why I'm not getting a refund.

Three cheers for tiers!

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If you use the clothes you buy as basis for this blog, doesn't it count as a business expense?


oh snap, maybe i should file for an extension and ride my top off.


OMG, that Marc Jacobs dress is to die for. So precious! I want it NOW and there's no way I can justify it. Sigh.


double sigh kristin. i want it so bad it hurts.


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