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Model pants

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model pants.JPG

There are two Choles in my life.

One is the fourteen month old baby doll daughter of one of my bestest girlfriends, the other is the younger sibling of the House of Chloe.

The first Chloe has taught me a lot about effortless style and how to crawl on the floor in the perfect sundress without revealing my Pampers/undies. I spent Easter with her, searching for Cadbury Cream Filled Eggs. It was a time.

The second Chloe taught me that I can treat myself to a wider selection of fashion styles that are a little hipper, younger and fresher than what's in her big predecessor sis's closet. See by Chloe burst on the scene in 2001 with rock 'n' roll worthy flair and items that are just as pretty as the house's main line, but with a little less luxe and a little more affordability for working gals like me.

see by chloe.JPG

I wish I could wake up tomorrow to See this See By Chloe Floral Print Strapless Dress hanging in my closet and this matching Daytripper Large Tote hanging on my purse tree.

Don't worry little Chloe, you'll inherit all of my stylish goodies once you fit into a size 2...for grown up girls.

Dear Sammy,

I've recently taken up golfing to impress my new boyfriend, but I've been having a hard time finding cute golfing outfits for girls. Any suggestions?



Dear Steph,

I am not a lady golfer myself unless a few rounds of drunken putt putt counts, but I totally respect your quest to bond with your boy while looking fashionable on the fairway. I've done some research and have found the perfect hole to sink irresistible golfing looks out there on the course that will totally knock your guy's pom pom'ed golf socks off. All you have to do is get tatted by Tattoo Golf and their collection of aggressive golfing attire that is strong enough for a man, but available in pretty feminine styles for women.

Tattoo Golf gear.JPG

Take your pick of cool pastel hued and argyle patterned tops and golfing accessories from sweet La Jolla Golf Shirts to holla home about to Couture Golf Bags and Pink Driver Covers that sport the sleek skull and clubbones signature seen on pro lady golfers like Nikki DiSanto and Australian pro Rachel Bailey .

Instead of watching the birdie your man'll be watching the hottie.

Prepare to Caddyshack up.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

I'm not a mother yet, but if I did have a crew of young whippersnappers running around the house I wouldn't expect much on Mother's Day. Just big hugs and little voices exclaiming "I love you Mommy, you're the prettiest, most intelligent, unwrinkly blogger Mommy in the whole world"...

That would certainly be enough.

Perhaps a nice breakfast in bed including a tray of croissants, beignets and imported fig jam would follow. Breakfast in bed and the aforementioned hugs would make my day perfect.

Then tiny hands would pull out from under the bed a big box containing a Madison Patent Sabrina Coach bag with various goodies hidden inside like...

Miss Dior Cherie perfume from Fragrance.Net
Prada Sunglasses from Forzieri
a round trip plane ticket to France,
and a bottle of Absolut Citron, because Mommy needs her sauce.

Mother's day presents.JPG

That would make me feel very loved.

Things to do list:

1. Have kids.
2. Find them high paying jobs.

dumb donald model.JPG

Mad Women Redux

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I received a pretty sweet response from a blog I wrote a couple of months ago about January Jones and her mod Mad Men wardrobe. The Plaid Posies Dress I madly adored was apparently so popular, it's no longer in stock. Therefore, I have decided to have a little more fun playing dress up with the Mad Women behind the Mad Men with indie fabulous frocks, all courtesy of my favorite retro headquarters - ModCloth.

madmen cast.jpg

1. Peggy Olson. Secretary turned copywriter. She's a chick who has balls, and an office secret she wouldn't want HR to find out about (wait, did they have Human Resource departments in the 60's?)

This Nantucket Weekender Dress has Peggy's name written all over it, especially considering her trademark long collar tie at the neck.

mad men women's dresses.JPG

2. Betty Draper. She's the model housewife who always dresses the part. This Kenley Dress works for a Tupperware party (wait, did they have Tupperware parties in the 60's?), seducing door to door salesmen, or for shooting birds in her backyard.

It's a simple vintage look inspired by Kenley Collins, the third runner up in last season's Project Runway who was arrested for throwing a cat at her fiance's head FYI. I swear I don't make this crap up.

3. Joan Holloway. The Office Manager and woman behind the Mad Men, Joan is always dressed to kill in bold, clingy sheaths that complement her fire engine red lips and her voluptuous Jessica Rabbitlike hourglass curves.

This belted Torch Song Dress is smokin' office appropriate attire but watch out Red, you might just set off the Sterling Cooper smoke alarms.

Wait, were there smoke alarms in the 60's?

I need a better research department.

mad women.jpg

HI, Sammy,

I’m tired of wearing the same old shirts. It seems like I’m recycling the same 10 shirts for work and the same 5 for the weekend. Without having to replace my wardrobe, what can I do to keep my style from turning stale?



Hi anonymous dude in need of fashion help!

Thanks for writing in, I always get warm tinglies when guys come to me for fashion advice. I used to dole out perceptive style suggestions to all my classmates during recess when I was in kindergarten and while the girls were always receptive to my thoughts on correct barrette placement, my style shake didn't bring all the boys to the yard. They'd get annoyed when I suggested they tuck in their IZod shirts into their mini Levis waistbands and I'd get sand kicked in my face in return.

I've come a long way since then, and those boys are all grown up and getting sand kicked in their faces because they dress like doofuses.

men's puffy shirt.jpg

First off nameless dude, as long as you're not wearing a puffy pirate shirt shown above, you've already won half of the shirt battle. I suspect that you're alternating the same shirts week in and week out because those are you favorites. We tend to gravitate towards the things we love in our closets, I'm guilty of it myself. I have two suggestions for you-

1. Buy some new favorite shirts.

2. Revamp the shirts you've got.

Men usually think they have it pretty easy when it comes to getting dressed due to their limited options. Shirt-pants or shirt-shorts...unless you're Scottish, then you have a bunch of tartan kilts thrown into the mix. Sometimes you can revamp the same old shirts you've got hanging in your closet by adding a few key pieces that you never thought of incorporating. Sometimes even a simple pair of bamboo socks can make an entire outfit feel like new.

men's fashions for work.JPG

For work you can get away with wearing the same white or blue dress shirt during the week if you pair it with a classic tie one day and a light blazer another day. Wear that blazer over a polo and you've got a weekend shirt that's good enough to wear to work. Damn I'm good. Light V-neck sweaters like the one above from DKNY Men are another shirt transforming blessing.

For weekend wear, pair short sleeved button down shirts with a cool soft tee layered underneath like these sweet choices from Lucky Jeans or organic men's tees from 3Clothing. The shirts will look different and feel different while doubling and tripling your options.

As for choice 1, check out sales sections online at spots like Banana Republic for dress shirts and Old Navy for casual wear. Try to buy styles in a new color palette to add some variety. You're bound to find some new favorites to mix and match at marked down prices so you won't lose your shirt in the process.

Good luck nameless dude! I'd love to hear an update and if you have any fashionally challenged buddies, send 'em on over to me.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Last Spring/Summer I wrote a little piece on going undercover in cute beach cover ups from JCrew. Well, it's a new season and I figured I'd revisit the topic since there are plenty of viable swim suitable options out there to slip over your sexiest bikinis.

This weekend I bought myself a sweet Crochet Trim Beach Cover up that was only $10.50 - an easy splurge that cost less than my sashimi sushi lunch yesterday. At that price, I don't have to worry about getting sand and sea lice all over it (for some reason small children get a real kick out of burying me in sand every time I doze off to the latest issue of Lucky magazine).

cover ups.JPG

On those days when I want to look as glamourous as an A-List actress on hiatus in St. Tropez, I'll go for a more refined cover up like this 1. Chic Caftan or 2. White Lace Tunic, both from In Style Swimwear. Someone get me some Bain De Soleil and a cocktail with an umbrella in it, stat. (*I meant the suntan lotion, not the former star of Punky Brewster)

3. For a more casually chic look on days when I'm feeling eco-beach friendly, I'll slip on this Organic cotton hoodie from Aventura Clothing and call it an Earth Day.

4. Another favorite cover up that is perfect after a swim in the deep blue sea is this Toweling Bandea Dress from farfetch.com. It soaks up the seawater and adoring looks from the lifeguard on duty.

Take cover up.

I'm always on the lookout for studs.

I was totally intrigued one day in college when my roommate and I were hanging a heavy mirror in our new bachelorette pad and she asked if I had a studfinder handy.

"A studfinder?!" I exclaimed!

"You mean to tell me that there is actually an invention out there that helps women locate studs? Glory, glory hallelujah!"

She just shook her head, handing me the hammer.

Oh. She meant those other, less interesting wall studs.

I now have a very studly boyfriend at home who hangs all of my heavy things for me, but that doesn't mean I'm still not on the lookout for the perfect stud. Here are a few studworthy pieces that help me out whenever I want to feel 100% rock star studded.

studded with text.JPG

This cutesy Colorblock Stud Tube Dress from Wet Seal may look like it just stepped out of a clip from The Wedding Singer, but if you didn't already know, the 80's are back jack. And don'tcha just adore the fem/rock contrast with the flirty bubble skirt paired with that rockin' disco ball waistline?

There's always time for studs. When it comes to accessories, the first studded piece that comes to mind is the classic studded belt. Been there, done that. Go for the unexpected and make a statement of the times with this Burberry Studded Timepiece that doubles as a functional watch and as a tough cuff bracelet.

Not all studded styles involve black leather. Add a pop of color with these sophisticated lavender Masha Croc Slides from Forzieri . Highlighted by silver studs and an elegant buckle detail, your stems will look like they go on for days and then some.

Last but not least, challenge Bo and Luke Duke to a game of Stud poker in these short short Daisy Duke Studded Shorts from Kitson, or wear them the next time you wash your car with a studded bikini top to match.

You'll probably find some studs along the way... and I'm not talking wall studs.

old navy mannequin heads.JPG

Dear Sammy,

I am addicted to open toe heels, even when it's twenty degrees outside. I don't care about freezing cold toes, my main problem is that dreaded toe overhang when my feet slide forward and my toes hang over my shoes. It's so annoying and pretty embarrassing. Any tips that might help?

Thank you,


Hi Sammy!

Mind if I call you Sammy? If not, that's cool. I know I certainly have my own name issues to deal with...but I gotta tell ya, I'm feeling pretty sassy today, Sammy, because I have the perfect product that will keep your toes front and center, right where they belong.

You may remember a few weeks back I helped out another heel challenged individual, dear sweet Colleen who was complaining of dire foot pain, but I've realized there are other heel problems out there that may not hurt physically, but they hurt emotionally.

The dreaded hangover toe, 2nd cousin to the dreaded camel toe, is a devastating fashion faux pas many heel clad women are victims of today, and sadly many don't even realize it. It may surprise some of my readers to know that I am a recovering hangover toe'er myself. It has taken time for me to move past the denial and the bargaining, but I have finally reached a stage of acceptance and have found peace for my feet thanks to my hangover toe support group and my Sassy Soles amazing shoe inserts.

sassy soles.JPG

These hot, newly released shoe inserts are bringing sassy back down below thanks to a simple concept and design that works by holding the foot in place and effortlessly preventing it from sliding forward. The key Sammy, is their innovative ridge design which fits smack dab in the middle groove between your toes and the balls of your feet, acting like a barrier to stop those little piggies from sliding forward! Ingenious!

I slipped a pair into my favorite Steve Madden stilettos and I promise you Sammy, sassiness ensued.

From one Sammy to another, I wouldn't trust my sassy soles to anything else.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Model beach day

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model topless.JPG
Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and this model wasn't prepared. She forgot all of the major items on her beach checklist including SPF Sunscreen, swim goggles, pail and shovel and uhh...her bikini top. She does get points for toting a hot beach towel featuring a hippie chick with wicked dreds though.

Dry off your bits and pieces after a dip in the ocean while accessorizing your perfect beach ensemble with stylish beach towels that say "Yeah, I'm cool enough for you to sweat on me."

If you like the towel shielding the model's boobies above, you're in luck. You can score this exclusive Lauren Moshi Beach Towel from Bloomingdales for free now through Monday when you spend 200 smackers or more on any Y.E.S. Contemporary Sportswear purchase.

And if you hate tanlines, Cool Tan Swimwear has some righteous tan through bikinis that allow you to tan as if you were topless, only you won't get arrested like Boobie Flash Gordon up there.

One Hit Wonder Woman

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Welcome back everyone. I trust you all had a pleasant weekend. I spent my Memorial Day weekend commemorating fallen heroes past by enjoying a twenty-three hour Heroes season 1 marathon with cocktails...I drank every time Hiro Nakamura squinted to stop time. It made me ponder the hero factor and all of the different varieties of heroes and heroines out there. War heroes, sports heroes, everyday heroes...heroes in neon speedos.

All of our favorite superheroes from the past are now enjoying blockbuster trilogies, and I'm excited to report that the prettiest and most powerful women of Hollywood are fighting to inherit Lynda Carter's gold-plated tiara when the big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman finally gets unlassoed.

jessica biel as wonder woman.JPG

It's a truly coveted role, everyone wants to slip into those satin tights, fighting for their rights and the old Red, White and Blue. At first all the buzz on Buzz Sugar involved Wonder Woman wannabe Jessica Biel stepping into those sky high Wonder Woman boots in the big screen adaptation of the Justice League. Then Transformers star Megan Fox was in talks to fly the invisible jet followed by Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Rachel Bilson, Anne Hathaway and other A-list power chicks thrown into the mix.

wonder woman outfits 3.JPG

I don't really care who gets the part, I just want the clothes. Wonder Woman, aka Princess Diana, has always been a fashion icon and was celebrated last October by Diane Von Furstenberg who empowered us to bring out our inner wonder women with her Be the Wonder Woman You Can Be campaign benefitting Vital Voices, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of women worldwide.

Too bad DVF's limited edition Wonder Woman tote isn't around anymore, but you can still pick up these Wonder Woman Havaianas from Piperlime, a few Wonder Woman tees that are fit for a Princess Diana from Betty&Babs and Alloy, and some shiny happy Wonder Woman undies or Shiny Gold Hotpants from American Apparel.

Then don't be surprised if you can make a hawk a dove, stop a war with love, and make a liar tell the truth.

And I think to myself, what a wonderwomanful world.

Fashion TV Roundup

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It has recently come to my attention that I've been neglecting the Viewing Party section of this blog. In the words of the legendary Kurt Cobain, all apologies ladies (and mostly gay gents). I just can't seem to keep up with my Tivo these days and sincerely apologize for falling fashionably behind. So in order to make it up to you, I'm giving you a two-for-one with a Cliff's Notes rundown of television's most stylish moments from the past few months, crammed together at the last minute, like my 10th grade research paper on Jane Eyre.

America's Next Top Model:

antm teyona.jpg

Cycle 12 did not disappoint with another group of skinny girls (who all wanna be on top) fighting tooth, nail and extension for a shot at Tyra Banks' top title. Teyona, the gorgeous Jersey girl with the Crest-White-Strips smile from Woodstown wins, beating an awkward, alien-like Allison whose big weird deer-eyes in the headlights look carried her all the way to the finals. Teyona might've screwed up her easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl commercial and was trippin' when she wore a nightgown to judges panel, but she rocked the final fashion show in Brazil, tearing out her fake ponytail and whipping it around with the fierceness and dexterity of a jungle cat.

teyona cover girl ad.jpg

Season highlight - When a jealous, over the hill Celia sabotaged burn victim Tahlia in an effort to get her eliminated. Celia got torn a new one by Tyra because no one likes a tattletale, especially one who looks like a vampire from the cast of Buffy.

The Hills:

Season 5 brought about many a stylish strife despite the absence of Whitney Port, especially when Spencer's little sis Stephanie got fired from a dream intern job at People's Revolution with Lauren forced to give her the thigh-high boot. You can pretty much kiss your handbag designing dreams goodbye Steph (No one messes with Kelly Cutrone). Spidey is finally getting married after a few brief rounds of turmoil with a silly fame seeking bartender named Stacie, Lo gets a job at Smashbox, Audrina makes out with Brody Jenner and breaks up with Justin Bobby, and Spencer grows half a ball and apologizes to LC for spreading those nasty sex, lies and videotape rumors. This Sunday is the hour long season finale - Will Spidey finally become one? Will LC be there? Will Heidi's cowboy Dad be packing his Colt 45 when he moseys Heidi on down the aisle?

The hills lauren and kristin.jpg

Season lowlight - Knowing the girl behind the Hills, Lauren Conrad, will be moving on to bigger and better things with a seaon 6 replacement already lined up - fellow Laguna Beach alum and blonde troublemaker Kristin Cavallari. I wish I was wearing my Tootie Ramsey rollerskates when I say-

There's gonna be trouble...make that a double...

Fashion TV Roundup Part Deux Electric Boogaloo to follow next week...

models fall.JPG

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