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There are two Choles in my life.

One is the fourteen month old baby doll daughter of one of my bestest girlfriends, the other is the younger sibling of the House of Chloe.

The first Chloe has taught me a lot about effortless style and how to crawl on the floor in the perfect sundress without revealing my Pampers/undies. I spent Easter with her, searching for Cadbury Cream Filled Eggs. It was a time.

The second Chloe taught me that I can treat myself to a wider selection of fashion styles that are a little hipper, younger and fresher than what's in her big predecessor sis's closet. See by Chloe burst on the scene in 2001 with rock 'n' roll worthy flair and items that are just as pretty as the house's main line, but with a little less luxe and a little more affordability for working gals like me.

see by chloe.JPG

I wish I could wake up tomorrow to See this See By Chloe Floral Print Strapless Dress hanging in my closet and this matching Daytripper Large Tote hanging on my purse tree.

Don't worry little Chloe, you'll inherit all of my stylish goodies once you fit into a size 2...for grown up girls.

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michaela :

i LOVE these pieces! now all i need is a sugar daddy or to win the lottery.

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