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One Hit Wonder Woman

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Welcome back everyone. I trust you all had a pleasant weekend. I spent my Memorial Day weekend commemorating fallen heroes past by enjoying a twenty-three hour Heroes season 1 marathon with cocktails...I drank every time Hiro Nakamura squinted to stop time. It made me ponder the hero factor and all of the different varieties of heroes and heroines out there. War heroes, sports heroes, everyday heroes...heroes in neon speedos.

All of our favorite superheroes from the past are now enjoying blockbuster trilogies, and I'm excited to report that the prettiest and most powerful women of Hollywood are fighting to inherit Lynda Carter's gold-plated tiara when the big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman finally gets unlassoed.

jessica biel as wonder woman.JPG

It's a truly coveted role, everyone wants to slip into those satin tights, fighting for their rights and the old Red, White and Blue. At first all the buzz on Buzz Sugar involved Wonder Woman wannabe Jessica Biel stepping into those sky high Wonder Woman boots in the big screen adaptation of the Justice League. Then Transformers star Megan Fox was in talks to fly the invisible jet followed by Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Rachel Bilson, Anne Hathaway and other A-list power chicks thrown into the mix.

wonder woman outfits 3.JPG

I don't really care who gets the part, I just want the clothes. Wonder Woman, aka Princess Diana, has always been a fashion icon and was celebrated last October by Diane Von Furstenberg who empowered us to bring out our inner wonder women with her Be the Wonder Woman You Can Be campaign benefitting Vital Voices, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of women worldwide.

Too bad DVF's limited edition Wonder Woman tote isn't around anymore, but you can still pick up these Wonder Woman Havaianas from Piperlime, a few Wonder Woman tees that are fit for a Princess Diana from Betty&Babs and Alloy, and some shiny happy Wonder Woman undies or Shiny Gold Hotpants from American Apparel.

Then don't be surprised if you can make a hawk a dove, stop a war with love, and make a liar tell the truth.

And I think to myself, what a wonderwomanful world.

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Lynda Carter did a great job. It will be tough to top her. So long as they don't choose Megan Fox, I will be happy! :) -Omar Lagudali


won me over.

What a concidence because I was searching for more information on this topic yesterday when I came upon your really interesting post...thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts. I will surely be checking up on your blog and visiting again to read new articles. By the way how long have you been keeping a blog? : )

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