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HI, Sammy,

I’m tired of wearing the same old shirts. It seems like I’m recycling the same 10 shirts for work and the same 5 for the weekend. Without having to replace my wardrobe, what can I do to keep my style from turning stale?



Hi anonymous dude in need of fashion help!

Thanks for writing in, I always get warm tinglies when guys come to me for fashion advice. I used to dole out perceptive style suggestions to all my classmates during recess when I was in kindergarten and while the girls were always receptive to my thoughts on correct barrette placement, my style shake didn't bring all the boys to the yard. They'd get annoyed when I suggested they tuck in their IZod shirts into their mini Levis waistbands and I'd get sand kicked in my face in return.

I've come a long way since then, and those boys are all grown up and getting sand kicked in their faces because they dress like doofuses.

men's puffy shirt.jpg

First off nameless dude, as long as you're not wearing a puffy pirate shirt shown above, you've already won half of the shirt battle. I suspect that you're alternating the same shirts week in and week out because those are you favorites. We tend to gravitate towards the things we love in our closets, I'm guilty of it myself. I have two suggestions for you-

1. Buy some new favorite shirts.

2. Revamp the shirts you've got.

Men usually think they have it pretty easy when it comes to getting dressed due to their limited options. Shirt-pants or shirt-shorts...unless you're Scottish, then you have a bunch of tartan kilts thrown into the mix. Sometimes you can revamp the same old shirts you've got hanging in your closet by adding a few key pieces that you never thought of incorporating. Sometimes even a simple pair of bamboo socks can make an entire outfit feel like new.

men's fashions for work.JPG

For work you can get away with wearing the same white or blue dress shirt during the week if you pair it with a classic tie one day and a light blazer another day. Wear that blazer over a polo and you've got a weekend shirt that's good enough to wear to work. Damn I'm good. Light V-neck sweaters like the one above from DKNY Men are another shirt transforming blessing.

For weekend wear, pair short sleeved button down shirts with a cool soft tee layered underneath like these sweet choices from Lucky Jeans or organic men's tees from 3Clothing. The shirts will look different and feel different while doubling and tripling your options.

As for choice 1, check out sales sections online at spots like Banana Republic for dress shirts and Old Navy for casual wear. Try to buy styles in a new color palette to add some variety. You're bound to find some new favorites to mix and match at marked down prices so you won't lose your shirt in the process.

Good luck nameless dude! I'd love to hear an update and if you have any fashionally challenged buddies, send 'em on over to me.



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Hi, just wanted you to know I have saved you to my Google bookmarks because of your great blog :)

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