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Last night, New York City's SNL master of the digital short, Andy Samberg, officially arrived on the West Coast shining his brightest and radiating more heat than a Laser Cat during his first big hosting gig for the MTV Movie Awards. Andy came well equipped with more than a few tricks in his box and rocked young Hollywood like a hurricane with his clever song stylings and goofy sweet presentation style.

2009 best dressed mtv movie awards.JPG

All of the "It" guys and gals of young Hollywood were dressed up for the rockin' affair with a colorful crowd of fashions for me to go Lady Gaga over. My top honors for the night go to Sienna Miller in a glam, glitzy green sequined mini from her own sexy line Twenty8Twelve, The City's reigning fashionista Whitney Port in a drapey white goddess number that showed off her LA girl at heart bronzed glow, and Kristen Stewart - the Twilight girl of the hour who might not have won marks for classiest ensemble, but she stayed true to her personal style and her young age rocking black hi-top converse and a cool scarlet mini that I'm sure Robert Pattinson thought was bloody hot.

I'm not going to hate on anyone because the Movie Awards are ultimately a time for irreverence, a time for kids to take risks and experiment without it counting against them on their permanent fashion files, so I won't mention Megan Fox's slicked back mullet hairdon't, Miley Cyrus's desperate need for a bra, and Bruno's (aka Sacha Baron Cohen's) less than angelic bikini line.


Tattoos. Are they IN or are they OUT?



Thanks for your short but sweet question G. I gave myself a giggle by reading it aloud a few times in a German Heidi Klum accent. I wish my response could be equally as short and sweet, but the answer isn't in black or white ink. I personally believe that tattoos are sexy as sin, and I'm all for the freedom of expression, so yes, tattoos are still in (providing you aren't on Medicaid yet), but my answer doesn't end there...

I, myself, am tattooless...mostly because unlike a trendy fringed scarf, I cannot alternate tattoos on a daily basis. I can with cool temporary tattoos I suppose, but not with a real, honest to God tat inked by Moe from Sal's Tattoo Shack. I go through moments when I'm crazy about an accessory, and then a month later I don't want to see it ever again. And honestly, that's what tattoos are, aren't they? Permanent accessories.

There are moments in life when tattoos are so in (new club openings, Megadeth concerts, etc.), but there are also times when my tatted friends have wished their suggestive tattoos would go bye bye (during job interviews, meetings with a new boyfriend's conservative parents, etc.)

Now my tattooed pals can take pride in their tits and tats while saying bye bye to regret with this breakthrough Tattoo Concealer created by L.A. Ink star and tattoo artiste Kat Von D.

kat von d makeup.JPG

This little magic tube (exclusively from Sephora) is filled with a heavyduty, paraben and oil-free multitasking concealer that makes your tattoos erasable, minus the pain of laser surgery. This creamy and blendable godsend creates a fresh palette with instant, customizable coverage. The long-wearing formula is ideal for tattoos but also makes blemishes, dark circles, and other unsightly imperfections disappear. Check out Kitty Kat's entire limited-edition line of pin-up perfect makeup (I'm especially in love with her makeup brushes and tattools).

*Warning: If you have as many tats as Kat, you're gonna need more than one tube.

Now I can be a tattoo taker too.

Any suggestions?


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

A fellow style blogger to watch reminded me that yesterday was Marilyn Monroe's birthday. She's lucky enough to share a bday with the iconic blonde goddess, so even though I'm a day late and a few cup sizes short, tonight I will be throwing on a sexy white halter dress and gyrating over a breezy grate in honor of you both.

Happy Belated Birthday Maegan and Marilyn!

Marilyn Monroe cake.JPG

Make Me a Supermodel:

I totally missed season one of this ANTM copycat, but I'm finding the second season to be an even juicier and guiltier Spring pleasure than a plump watermelon soaked with vodka. The main difference between America's Next Top Model and these supermodel wannabes is that Bravo knows where the boys are, the boy models that is.

make me a supermodel season 2.JPG

With an equal mixture of both sexes, these perfectly sculpted guys and gals who want it all are now down to the top three. Zero chicks made the final cut - Salome, the Mennonite model pictured above was tossed for having too much junk in her trunk followed by 4th place Brazilian Roxette lookalike Mountaha. Although she wasn't a traditional beauty, I was kind of pulling for Mountaha, just because a girl with a name like that deserves to win something.

The final three models face off tonight and go head-to-head with two major photo shoots and an extended catwalk challenge. Considering the trio of pretty boys left, my pounds are wagered on the always beaming Brit Jonathan who is doing whatever it takes to support his wife and baby boy back at home. Thunderthighs Sandhurst will probably come in a close second.

Good luck and thanks for all the Supermodel worthy good times guys, and more importantly, for giving me tons of material for my Model Poses.

make me a supermodel finale.JPG

gwen stefani.JPG

Aww, thanks Gwen.

I hung with fashion icon and L.A.M.B. clothing mastermind Gwen Stefani last night to celebrate her return to her Orange County roots. Gwen has taken a break from her mega-successful solo singing, fashion designing and Harajuku perfuming career to tour with her other family of boys from No Doubt.

Gwen became an immediate fashion icon, the moment she burst on the music scene. I noticed last night that Gwen always seems a little too cool to be real, like the ultimate, perfectly designed Sims character - a pinup bombshell with mega-talent who can hang with boys and rock a wifebeater like no one else. And, she's reminded young women everywhere that it's perfectly okay to be "just a girl".

Gwen and the guys are on the southeastern leg of the tour and performed last night without missing a ska beat. Perfectly in sync, you'd never know they've been on hiatus for the past five years, or that Gwen had given birth to two little ones (Kingston and Zuma) thanks to those rock steady abs.

After the show she taught me how to master the art of the one-armed pushup and begged me to feature her in a Model Pose, so here you go Gwen...

Thanks for the hella good quote.

model teeth.jpg

Jon & Kate , Oy Vey

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I've had just about enough of the Jon & Kate Gosselin drama.

Let me make myself clear. I don't really care who has been cheating on whom with burly bodyguards or silly college coeds. I don't care about Kate Gosselin's bikini bod. I also don't give a hoot if the entire Jon & Kate Plus 8 franchise is shut down due to state child labor laws. What I do care about is Kate's freak-a-fied mane of hair.
jon & kate gosselin.JPG

She's known as a monster with no friends, and I believe it. What friend would let you leave the house with that insane cowlick in the back of your head?

Even the sextuplets have problems with mommy's head of hair and had no problems sharing their thoughts at their last photo shoot.
jon and kate kids.JPG
USWeekly has this fun photo gallery where you can see what Hollywood's finest stars would look like with the Kate Gosselin Hairdo. My favorite? Reese Witherspoon, hands down.

dear sammy,

i'm a junior in high school and had prom last week. my prom dress sucked!! : P

i left my shopping for the last minute and couldn't find a cool dress i loved. where can I find a fierce prom dress & homecoming dress for next year?



Ooooooohhhh Shannon!!!

How I love prom! To this day, the scene in Pretty in Pink where Molly Ringwald meets Duckie at prom in her homemade pink concoction is one of my all-time favorite moments in cinematic history. I didn't think much of the shapeless pink polka-dotted sack dress, but that's beside the point.


I have such fond memories of my own senior prom...I had a boyfriend who went to another high school so I had the chance to play with two separate, totally different prom looks. Look 1 - Flirty: Hair down and romantically curled, sequined strapless pink mini dress with a bow on the bodice and a sexy tulle underskirt giving it some pop. Look 2 - Classy: Chignon up, navy off the shoulder sheath with gold embroidery and embellishments. I was smokin'.

I'm sorry your prom dress sucked Shannon, if only you had Asked Sammy sooner...

Good news is, the prom gods are giving you a second chance. Junior prom doesn't count anyway, like the PSAT's. Forget about this year's prom, toss those 8x10 blown up pics of you and your date and prepare for total fierceness at next year's prom. I have a secret weapon when it comes to finding the perfect party dress, it's a word you need to commit to memory...LaMonir.

The LaMonir Collection will set a girl up no matter what look she's going for: for prom, homecoming, New Years' parties, weddings, quinces or sweet sixteens, you're set. Just tell me this Antonio Castelli Prom Halter Dress pictured below isn't fierce.

prom party dresses.JPG

The black and white Halter number with a wrapped v-neckline and low back is the perfect party dress for girls who just wanna have fun, and the flirty skirt totally reflects my recent tier kick. Or check out these Jovani Strapless Sequined Dresses that totally bling it on for a sparkly and dreamy night to remember.

Whether you want to be pretty in pink, purple, fuscia or metallics, these gowns are just the tip of the prom dress iceberg, so start early and take your time exploring the multitude of designer gowns to choose from - all guaranteed to make your Prom Prince weak in the knees. LaMonir has petite to plus sizes, so you'll have no probs finding your perfect fit, and there's more than a punch bowl full of elegant gowns and party dresses for your hot Mom to check out for her next formal affair.

Remember that recent news story about the Ohio teen suspended for going to his girlfriend's prom? If his date's dress had been from LaMonir, I'm betting he'd do it all over again.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

When I look at old photos of myself as a kid, it makes me sad to notice the lack of variety in my wardrobe. Not during my entire childhood or preadolescence....just first grade. I had plenty of nice outfits. I remember my mother standing in front of the closet pleading with me to wear them. But when I liked something, I liked it liked it and wore the same thing or some slight variation of it until I either fell in love with some other article of clothing or when I grew out of it...whichever came first. For ten pages in a photo album encompassing my entire sixth year of life, I am captured wearing a Cookie Monster T-shirt, red velour shorts with contrast white piping and knee high tube socks.

It wasn't my finest hour.

I wonder if my first grade friends remember me as crazy Cookie Monster shirt girl. Note to self - Track down first grade friends on Facebook and ask them.

old school fashions.JPG

Strangely enough, after my first grade graduation my style returned to what it had been back in kindergarten and Pre-K. Young, fun, bright, fresh and feminine. Just check out my stylin' summer minidress. The dress A+, the haircut C-....not feeling the Dorothy Hamill wedge.

This Bold Stripes Sundress from Forever 21 reminds me of the comfy, primary colored frocks that marked my return to the land of the fashionable living. It has a cool late 70's vibe and features bold, colorful stripes on a comfortable, easy knit sundress with an elastic-trimmed waist and a removable skinny waist tie. For only $22.90 I'm tempted to make it my new summer staple.

And it would look pretty rad with a Cookie Monster tee layered underneath.

Model smackdown

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model insults.JPG

style banner.JPG

I've always loved the phrase "Out with the old and in with the new". Sometimes we get so comfortable with our everyday routines, reaching for the same old clothes, makeup, hairstyles, husbands... that we don't realize years have passed and we're still pushing trends from a decade ago. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have a signature look and style that is uniquely you, but sometimes it's good to mix it up a bit. I'm all about the revamping.

Which is why, Let's Talk Style has been undergoing some routine maintenance and redecorating. If you haven't noticed, there's a crisp new banner flying up top thanks to some late night doodling by yours truly. Consider it a Let's Talk Style face lift.

Hope you dig the new skin.

I've always been addicted to lipgloss. Lip Venom has been my poison for the past few years and I'm oddly obsessed with having the sweet sheen of a properly glossed pucker 24-7. Usually I'm totally up for experimenting with new shades and flavors, but after a weekend trip to Sephora I've been wondering... what happened to the days when lip gloss was just lip gloss? A little swipe of Chapstick or a dab of Rosebud Salve and we were all good to go, weren't we?

Apparently, Bonne Belle Cherry Lip Smackers are as over as hot pink hair scrunchies. The ladies of today crave more climactic results from their lip glosses, which is exactly what they get with Urban Decay's new Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss.

pocket rocket lipgloss.JPG
Sure, these flat tubes are conveniently packaged so they fit easily into your back pocket and contain Hyaluronic Spheres that are known to improve cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill in lines and wrinkles, but come on now. Is it just me or is the shape suggestive of that other kind of pocket rocket found in many a single lady's goodie drawer? And if that isn't NC-17 rated enough, the tubes feature photos of man candy in every flavor. From Emo James to straight-laced Timothy, Hip Hop dancing Doug and Single Dad Julio, every boy next door is ripe for the puckering. And, when you tilt the tube they all strip down to their undies with front and rear view angles showing off both sets of sweet cheeks.

pocket rocket urban decay.jpg

Lip gloss and a Chippendales show? Now that's pocket rocket science. Oh, and if you rub it (the tube girls, the tube) you release powerful pheromones into the air (those chemical signals that are undetectable by smell, but totally enhance mood and sexual attraction). So don't be alarmed if the busboy from dinner follows you and Julio home.

Eight naked dudes, uh, I mean shades for $19 each at Sephora.

And we have lift off.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, it's time to play another exciting round of Fashion Trends I Just Don't Get.

This week's trend?

Legwarmer Shoes.

I'm sure there's a cuter, more marketable name for this high-heeled pump/slouch bootie hybrid, but I'm just calling it what it looks like - a pair of legwarmers attached to a shoe.

gladiator boots.JPG

I don't get it. What is attractive about these?

It's bad enough that they're raspberry suede (raspberry berets - cool, raspberry legwarmer shoes - uncool), but do you really need those few inches of extra breathing room? Is it helpful because your feet are warm and need a ventilated gap to help them chill, or because you want easy access for some mid-day games of footsie? Maybe they're designed for girls who want to give the foot fetished dudes in their lives an alluring sneak peak of toe cleavage.

Whatever the draw is, I'm just not buying it...or these shoes.

p.s. I don't like them in pewter either.

**Is there a fashion trend you just don't get? Send it to Sammy and be featured on Let's Talk Style!

Old Blue Eyes

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I found this old issue of Marie Claire magazine in the backseat of my car featuring a luminous Courteney Cox Arquette on the cover, and it got me thinking...

If you have blue eyes, does wearing a blue dress bring out the blue in your eyes, or does having blue eyes bring out the blue in your dress?

Fashion food for thought.

courtney cox cover.JPG

Model in the box

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model in the box2.JPG

It's post-partum perplexing to me when I see pregnant celebrities before and after they've given birth. Lately some celebs are shedding their excess baby weight at alarming rates, before their next red carpet appearance - sometimes within a month's time.

I don't know if it's the access to the teams of personal trainers, the home gymnasiums, the food delivery plans, the nutritionists, the 24-hour mannies, or if they all have Dr. 90210 on speed dial. All I know is that it's cool for them, but not cool for everywoman.

I especially have my eye on you Heidi Klum, strutting your stuff with those giant wings in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after dropping 48 pounds in just seven weeks. What are you, some kind of German demigod?

celebrity baby weight5.JPG

I admire new mommy Jessica Alba who took her time and shot her 2009 Club Campari calendar five months after giving birth to her baby girl Honor Marie. Jessica has admitted that her special secret was wearing an industrial strength girdle like this Post partum support girdle from Fit Maternity. Thank you Jess, for the tip and for not snapping back in an instant like a human rubber band.

I think there ought to be a new law in the state of California. Celebrities should be forced to keep that baby weight on for at least four months, preferably six or more, that way they don't make the rest of us feel like unmotivated schmucks.

I expect you to get to work on that right away Governor Schwarzenegger.

I wore a watch even before I knew how to tell time.

Strawberry Shortcake looked sweeter than her name implied on my wrist, and that was all that mattered. Once I mastered telling the big hand from the little hand, Mickey Mouse trumped Shortcake, then some nameless girl with pigtails followed, Betty Boop, a big Flava Flav like backpack with a big clock on the back, a Swatch here and there, and now I'm finally all grown up and ready for some big girl watches.

celebrity watches.JPG

The most multi-functional of accessories, watches clue you in on the time and sometimes the date, all while making a bling'ed out fashion statement. Never a fan of digital watches, I'm all about the Swiss movement. Celebs love their watches too, just take a look at Jaime King, Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell and Hayden Panetierre at a recent launch party for A/X Watches in Los Angeles. Looks like they're having a time.

My brother gave my Dad a sweet designer men's watch from Fossil for Father's Day, and it reminded me how much I love the look of a big, chunky men's watch on a small dainty, feminine wrist. Here is a quartet of my favorite stylish timepieces for summer...I'm sure the ladies above would approve.

oversized gold watches.JPG

1. Take in the opulent elegance of this Daniel Steiger Moda Diamond Watch in Rose Gold from Timepieces International
for $299. It's classic, it's rich, it has 30 genuine diamonds on it. I likey.

2. Do I need a chronograph watch? Not really. Does it look cooler than all get out? Yepper. Fossil's Chronograph Champagne Dial will look super chic on my wrist, especially when layered with other shiny happy bangles and bracelets piled on. Only $125.

3. The Mr. Big Stuff of watches, this White Enamel A/X Watch from Armani Exchange is $120 and phat with a capital PH. Kinda makes me wish my initals were A & X...but then again, that would leave me with a really messed up last name.

4. Feel ready to jet set to the poshest cities in Europe in a moment's notice when you sport this Michael Kors Jet Set Watch from the Project Runway judge who hates it when models look like they're pooping fabric. $200 for the watch, boarding pass not included.

Gotta run. Time flies when you're shopping for watches.

US Weekly recently reported that Supermodel Gisele Bündchen is expecting a bouncing baby bündchen with quarterback hubby Tom Brady. Is it just me or is she totally glowing here on the catwalk during Sao Paulo's Fashion Week in Brazil last Wednesday? Pregnancy agrees with you Gisele, you look absolutely luminous...or it could just be your Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Bronzer.

Congrats Gisele! Now you will finally have a baby to call your own. I'm sure he or she will be insanely gorgeous and you'll lose the baby weight faster than Tom left his last Baby Mama.

giselle bundchen pregnant.JPG

I showed up at work this morning to find a bright orange birthday cake on my desk.

On a normal day, this might seem strange, but today is my birthday and the simple concoction of milk, cream, eggs, sugar and flour brought tears to my eyes.

I was surprised and delighted, to say the least, and took it all in with a look on my face that closely resembled the Stepford birthday girl's expression on the vintage album cover below. I haven't had a cake this grand since I was a little girl and my mom would trek on over to Carvel to get me my much desired Fudgie the Whale or Cookiepuss cake. This cake is even better.

happy birthday to you.JPG

My cake has my name spelled out in perfect purple cake icing calligraphy and is topped off by miniature handbag and high-heeled shoe candles. I also scored helium balloons and the special edition 2 DVD set of Confessions of a Shopaholic. All courtesy of my darling co-worker Jody.

Did I mention my crystal tiara?

It makes me not even care that I'm another year way past the legal drinking age.

Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 - June 25th, 2009)

Michael Jackson died on my birthday.

I'm still taking in the irony of it all. Yesterday, while stuffing my face with fluffy birthday cake, I had a mental run down of all of my favorite birthday cakes over the years. Twenty something years ago, my Michael Jackson Thriller sheet cake took the cake.

It's not something I bragged about, decades later. After years of being plagued by controversy, Michael and my Thriller themed birthday party seemed silly. Something to ridicule rather than reminisce. Like a pre-teen who has outgrown Barney or the Wiggles, I had outgrown Michael and his eccentric lifestyle.

He moonwalked into the hearts of girls everywhere, from Brooke Shields to Lisa-Marie Presley. I know that his music will live on, but now that he's gone I shall choose to remember him with all of the adoration I had as a young, brace-faced fan. I will try my best to forget the molestation charges, the plastic surgeries, the Blanket incident. I will throw it all away and remember the gifted entertainer who sang his heart out with a big fro and his four big brothers.

No one could hold a candle to you Michael.

michael jackson glove.jpg

Model hair

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model hairstyle.JPG

If I were to die tomorrow in some random drive-by shooting, I'd regret not going down in a blazer of glory wearing this downtown chic cropped Theory Blazer from Net-A-Porter.

Whether you need to sharpen up the look of a way too feminine frock, or add a touch of class to a pair of rock star leather pants, this wool blend black Gratian cropped blazer is a smokin' hot style staple that is the perfect piece to dress up any outfit when you're under the gun.

I wish I could afford it at $355. Perhaps after my untimely demise, my friends and family can start a collection and bury me in it.

Was that too morbid?

cropped blazer.JPG

The Fashion Show

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I'm headed to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim festivities in Miami next month, so I've been cramming in extra hours of reading Women's Wear Daily and Vogue while Tivo'ing a weekend worth of fashion tv. I recently caught a mini Bravo marathon re-broadcasting a few tail episodes of the Project Runway knockoff, The Fashion Show.

Swap Heidi Klum for Isaac Mizrahi, Tim Gunn for Kelly Rowland, Nina Garcia for my idol (and creator of NY Fashion Week) Fern Mallis, and you've pretty much got the same clothing pattern. With only a few minor differences - the judges stand rather than sit while judging, the runway is triangular, the mini challenges are hosted by Harper's Bazaar, and there is an actual audience of fashion critics waiting to be wowed at every week's final cut fashion show.

the fashion show.JPG

The last episode I caught was an Icon episode, with designers paying homage to the 7 legends of fashion - Chanel, Halston, Versace, Pucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Madame Gres. Some got it right as seen below - Johnny's Verasce victory in black leather, Anna's black and white salute to Coco Chanel and Daniella's choice Christian Dior collar.

fashion show winners.JPG

Others got it miserably wrong - Reco's Renaissance ruin in red and Haven's YSL WTF, which ultimately sent her home.

My episode hightlight? Being reminded of the industry mantra penned by Yves Saint Laurent -

Fashion fades, style is eternal.

I hear you Yves. That is precisely why this blog is aptly titled Let's Talk Style, rather than Let's Talk Fashion.

Samara Sanchez

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Sammy Sanchez is a Miami based freelance writer, greeting card designer, and self-professed USWeeklyholic. Sammy loves tall coffee light frappuccinos, vino not from a box, and Mark Ruffalo...not necessarily in that order.
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