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When I look at old photos of myself as a kid, it makes me sad to notice the lack of variety in my wardrobe. Not during my entire childhood or preadolescence....just first grade. I had plenty of nice outfits. I remember my mother standing in front of the closet pleading with me to wear them. But when I liked something, I liked it liked it and wore the same thing or some slight variation of it until I either fell in love with some other article of clothing or when I grew out of it...whichever came first. For ten pages in a photo album encompassing my entire sixth year of life, I am captured wearing a Cookie Monster T-shirt, red velour shorts with contrast white piping and knee high tube socks.

It wasn't my finest hour.

I wonder if my first grade friends remember me as crazy Cookie Monster shirt girl. Note to self - Track down first grade friends on Facebook and ask them.

old school fashions.JPG

Strangely enough, after my first grade graduation my style returned to what it had been back in kindergarten and Pre-K. Young, fun, bright, fresh and feminine. Just check out my stylin' summer minidress. The dress A+, the haircut C-....not feeling the Dorothy Hamill wedge.

This Bold Stripes Sundress from Forever 21 reminds me of the comfy, primary colored frocks that marked my return to the land of the fashionable living. It has a cool late 70's vibe and features bold, colorful stripes on a comfortable, easy knit sundress with an elastic-trimmed waist and a removable skinny waist tie. For only $22.90 I'm tempted to make it my new summer staple.

And it would look pretty rad with a Cookie Monster tee layered underneath.

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You rock! I always love reading your stuff.

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