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dear sammy,

i'm a junior in high school and had prom last week. my prom dress sucked!! : P

i left my shopping for the last minute and couldn't find a cool dress i loved. where can I find a fierce prom dress & homecoming dress for next year?



Ooooooohhhh Shannon!!!

How I love prom! To this day, the scene in Pretty in Pink where Molly Ringwald meets Duckie at prom in her homemade pink concoction is one of my all-time favorite moments in cinematic history. I didn't think much of the shapeless pink polka-dotted sack dress, but that's beside the point.


I have such fond memories of my own senior prom...I had a boyfriend who went to another high school so I had the chance to play with two separate, totally different prom looks. Look 1 - Flirty: Hair down and romantically curled, sequined strapless pink mini dress with a bow on the bodice and a sexy tulle underskirt giving it some pop. Look 2 - Classy: Chignon up, navy off the shoulder sheath with gold embroidery and embellishments. I was smokin'.

I'm sorry your prom dress sucked Shannon, if only you had Asked Sammy sooner...

Good news is, the prom gods are giving you a second chance. Junior prom doesn't count anyway, like the PSAT's. Forget about this year's prom, toss those 8x10 blown up pics of you and your date and prepare for total fierceness at next year's prom. I have a secret weapon when it comes to finding the perfect party dress, it's a word you need to commit to memory...LaMonir.

The LaMonir Collection will set a girl up no matter what look she's going for: for prom, homecoming, New Years' parties, weddings, quinces or sweet sixteens, you're set. Just tell me this Antonio Castelli Prom Halter Dress pictured below isn't fierce.

prom party dresses.JPG

The black and white Halter number with a wrapped v-neckline and low back is the perfect party dress for girls who just wanna have fun, and the flirty skirt totally reflects my recent tier kick. Or check out these Jovani Strapless Sequined Dresses that totally bling it on for a sparkly and dreamy night to remember.

Whether you want to be pretty in pink, purple, fuscia or metallics, these gowns are just the tip of the prom dress iceberg, so start early and take your time exploring the multitude of designer gowns to choose from - all guaranteed to make your Prom Prince weak in the knees. LaMonir has petite to plus sizes, so you'll have no probs finding your perfect fit, and there's more than a punch bowl full of elegant gowns and party dresses for your hot Mom to check out for her next formal affair.

Remember that recent news story about the Ohio teen suspended for going to his girlfriend's prom? If his date's dress had been from LaMonir, I'm betting he'd do it all over again.


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