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It's post-partum perplexing to me when I see pregnant celebrities before and after they've given birth. Lately some celebs are shedding their excess baby weight at alarming rates, before their next red carpet appearance - sometimes within a month's time.

I don't know if it's the access to the teams of personal trainers, the home gymnasiums, the food delivery plans, the nutritionists, the 24-hour mannies, or if they all have Dr. 90210 on speed dial. All I know is that it's cool for them, but not cool for everywoman.

I especially have my eye on you Heidi Klum, strutting your stuff with those giant wings in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after dropping 48 pounds in just seven weeks. What are you, some kind of German demigod?

celebrity baby weight5.JPG

I admire new mommy Jessica Alba who took her time and shot her 2009 Club Campari calendar five months after giving birth to her baby girl Honor Marie. Jessica has admitted that her special secret was wearing an industrial strength girdle like this Post partum support girdle from Fit Maternity. Thank you Jess, for the tip and for not snapping back in an instant like a human rubber band.

I think there ought to be a new law in the state of California. Celebrities should be forced to keep that baby weight on for at least four months, preferably six or more, that way they don't make the rest of us feel like unmotivated schmucks.

I expect you to get to work on that right away Governor Schwarzenegger.

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