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Tattoos. Are they IN or are they OUT?



Thanks for your short but sweet question G. I gave myself a giggle by reading it aloud a few times in a German Heidi Klum accent. I wish my response could be equally as short and sweet, but the answer isn't in black or white ink. I personally believe that tattoos are sexy as sin, and I'm all for the freedom of expression, so yes, tattoos are still in (providing you aren't on Medicaid yet), but my answer doesn't end there...

I, myself, am tattooless...mostly because unlike a trendy fringed scarf, I cannot alternate tattoos on a daily basis. I can with cool temporary tattoos I suppose, but not with a real, honest to God tat inked by Moe from Sal's Tattoo Shack. I go through moments when I'm crazy about an accessory, and then a month later I don't want to see it ever again. And honestly, that's what tattoos are, aren't they? Permanent accessories.

There are moments in life when tattoos are so in (new club openings, Megadeth concerts, etc.), but there are also times when my tatted friends have wished their suggestive tattoos would go bye bye (during job interviews, meetings with a new boyfriend's conservative parents, etc.)

Now my tattooed pals can take pride in their tits and tats while saying bye bye to regret with this breakthrough Tattoo Concealer created by L.A. Ink star and tattoo artiste Kat Von D.

kat von d makeup.JPG

This little magic tube (exclusively from Sephora) is filled with a heavyduty, paraben and oil-free multitasking concealer that makes your tattoos erasable, minus the pain of laser surgery. This creamy and blendable godsend creates a fresh palette with instant, customizable coverage. The long-wearing formula is ideal for tattoos but also makes blemishes, dark circles, and other unsightly imperfections disappear. Check out Kitty Kat's entire limited-edition line of pin-up perfect makeup (I'm especially in love with her makeup brushes and tattools).

*Warning: If you have as many tats as Kat, you're gonna need more than one tube.

Now I can be a tattoo taker too.

Any suggestions?


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