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Greetings ladies and gentlemen, it's time to play another exciting round of Fashion Trends I Just Don't Get.

This week's trend?

Legwarmer Shoes.

I'm sure there's a cuter, more marketable name for this high-heeled pump/slouch bootie hybrid, but I'm just calling it what it looks like - a pair of legwarmers attached to a shoe.

gladiator boots.JPG

I don't get it. What is attractive about these?

It's bad enough that they're raspberry suede (raspberry berets - cool, raspberry legwarmer shoes - uncool), but do you really need those few inches of extra breathing room? Is it helpful because your feet are warm and need a ventilated gap to help them chill, or because you want easy access for some mid-day games of footsie? Maybe they're designed for girls who want to give the foot fetished dudes in their lives an alluring sneak peak of toe cleavage.

Whatever the draw is, I'm just not buying it...or these shoes.

p.s. I don't like them in pewter either.

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ok, didn't think this shoe could get any worse...until i saw the pewter color. wow, not a cute shoe at all.


i know, right? it's like visual torture below the knee.


i think these shoes are very very pretty!
i love these shoes!

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