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Could you give advice on wearing vests for men? Should thin guys wear vests? What type would suit jeans?




Dear Nicolai,

Hi there and thanks for your question. I was psyched to find your query in my inbox, I was afraid that my new girlie pink banner might have the potential to scare the dudes away.

I think guys in vests are nifty. In fact, I bought my guy a Rivers Cuomo Weezer like sweater vest this past Christmas. In my opinion, a guy wearing a vest always seems like he's got his fashion act together, carrying off a look that says "Yeah, my arms don't get cold."

When it comes to male vests, there are a few no-nos. Resist anything fur-lined (unless your last name is Zhivago and you live in the Ukraine). You should also avoid pink or polka-dotted vests, and refrain from wearing vests with shorts, particularly sweater vests...unless you're invited to a stuffy country club, you'll look like a putz.

Thin guys can definitely carry off vests and accentuate their thin frames in the process. I usually prefer the unbuttoned casual look, but to each his own. Here are just a few male vest styles you should definitely invest in, depending on the season.

cool male vests.JPG

1. Winter - What's black, white and red all over? ...This Zoo York Men's Vest from CCS Skateboards. This vest is so cool, it'll have you counting off the days until it snows. I take that back, guys don't count off the days until they can wear something...that's totally a chick thing. Nevertheless, you'll love wearing this Reversible quilted nylon vest with your favorite tee or button down, and it's on sale for $39.99. All the Skater Boys will want one.

2. Spring - Try on this Ryan Woven Vest from Heritage 1981 for a classic, masculine and trendy look that serves as a great alternative to a blazer during warmer months. It's $19.90, but looks expensive and so seductively suave. Wear it with a long-sleeved button down with the sleeves rolled up. Warning - Wearing it with a plain white tee might welcome comparisons to George Michael.

3. Summer - This Unisex Solid Rib Vest from American Apparel is a slim, form-fitting vest both you and your girlfriend can enjoy wearing all summer long. Available in black, navy, lapis (which is a fancy word for blue) and cranberry, this V-neck button down lightweight vest is a great layering piece that you won't have to put away when the weather chills up. Only $36.

4. Fall - Perfect for Fall and to carry you all through winter is this handsome Wool Crucis Vest from Todd Shelton. It's a little pricier for $169, but adds a richness to any pant and shirt combo that is oh so worth it. To look money, you have to spend money...right?

Hope this helps Nicolai.


p.s. They all go great with jeans.

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marvelous job!

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