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Shop your closet

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Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful weekend.

I had a surprisingly lovely Saturday and Sunday. I decided that this might be a good time to start shopping for the autumn season, but after balancing my checkbook I realized that a shopping event was not in the credit cards (although I did splurge on a too-cute-to-be-this-cheap Forever21 sundress, but half of my purchase was secured by gift card, so technically it doesn't even count).

The shops were filled with busloads of Back to Schoolers, all searching for the perfect Back to School outfit. I saw plenty of perfect Back to Work on Monday outfits that I wanted, but the price tags were working against me. When I got home I felt defeated, clutching my sad and lonely Forever21 sack close to my chest. Then I remembered a magic phrase I had heard recently...

"Shop your Closet".

carrie's closet.jpg I don't remember where I read it or who said it, (Nina Garcia perhaps?), but the idea was so intriguing to me. If you can't afford to go to the mall or shop online, treat yourself to a shopping spree in your own closet! Pretend you're going through a rack at your favorite store and enjoy prices better than any clearance rack. Odds are, you were attracted to these pieces once upon a time, if not you wouldn't have bought them. You're bound to rediscover something you once loved and if you don't...at least you've cleaned out your closet to make room for some new goodies.

So I took a shower, did up my hair, put on some blush and liquid liner and went a-shopping.

Just like in regular stores I found things I wasn't crazy about...things I liked but were either too large or too small...and things that I had been desperately searching for since last October.

Amongst my finds:

Steve Madden Brown peep toe leather heels
Cute little H&M shoulder bag
Plaid trousers from Abercrombie (part of my Monday ensemble)
Royal blue Skechers skimmer flats
Navy off the shoulder American Apparel sweatshirt

...and I don't even want to tell you what I found after I shopped my jewelry box.
Happy shopping and enjoy your 5 finger discounts.

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