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I caught a bit of the Teen Choice Awards last night, and although I felt a good decade older than the intended demographic, I still found myself slightly fascinated...like that time I was up until 4am watching Kids Incorporated clips on YouTube.

Hosted by a trio of Jonas Brothers, the show catered to a boisterous bubble gum and surfboard loving Cali crowd and the teens and pre-teens in the audience reminded me of a small, four-eyed dorky girl in middle school who used to perform the New Kids on the Block Right Stuff dance every night on her bed (Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh).

Rather than compile a best and worst dressed list, I'm honoring these kids with the ultimate teen honor - the Senior Superlative. In the Teen Choice Award 2009 Yearbook, here are the stars I'll be remembering.

teen choice royalty2.JPG

Teen Choicecoming King and Queen - When it comes to Teen Choice royalty, Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl receive double honors as King and Queen and Best dressed male and female. Leighton looked young, fresh and adorable in a Louis Vuitton Resort striped silk taffeta dress paired with the perfect bright-red platform pumps by Brian Atwood. Chace Crawford looked sexy in slate with a gray long sleeved shirt and vest combo and a new manly do with bangs styled away from his forehead.

Best looking dude - Josh Duhamel

Most likely to become a game show hostess if acting doesn't work out - Hayden Panettiere

Most likely to give you a dirty look for checking out her boyfriend - Vanessa Hudgens

Best accessories - Ashley Tisdale with spiked peep toe Laboutain stilettos, matching cuffs and mirrored clutch

Most Likely to Flub her Speech - Cameron Diaz

Best pit stains - Hugh Jackman

Most likely to pull off a onesie - Kristen Bell

Most likely to lose her religion in 5 years - Miley Cyrus

Most Likely to molest a Jonas brother - Kim Kardashian


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Yikes. In that photo, Vanessa Hudgens looks more like his mom than his girlfriend.If that's what she looks like as a teen she'd better start making better choices.

OTOH, it would take more than a sweaty pit to keep me from snuggling up to Hugh Jackman. Someone fetch me a cold drink, I'm gettin' the vapors!


i know, right?! talk about cougartown.

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