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Dear Sammy,

I just came across your site when I was in real need of fashion tips and
learning. And as I don't know a big deal about this subject (I'd like to by
the way ^^ it's just that I can't find a good website which can teach me
the basics), I'm asking you about some little problems and I hope it won't
take a lot of your time.

My first problem is that I've never put on bras. My mother tries to make me
wear them but never succeeded. She even asked my father to convince me O_o.
The thing is that my breasts are tiny and little, so it's not like
they're going to lose the form and shape that they don't have. I just
can't stand tight clothes on me (I've never had a pair of jeans in my
life). But, as I'm willing now to pay more attention to my looks, I'd
like to know if it would be a real problem not to wear them, and if
so, is there anything else that I can wear instead. I tried some kind
of sportive bras but that wouldn't do it either. I couldn't bear
having something so short and tight around me.

I hope this can be solved and I'm waiting for your answer.

Thanks for your time,

Pearie critter


Hi there Pearie,

You win the prize for longest Ask Sammy query ever! Congrats! I decided that your dilemma was so compelling that I would break it up into 2 parts. What you see above dear readers is Pearie's Query, Part 1.

Pearie, I understand your overall bra resistance. You hate the constrictive way it feels, especially after years of going commando up top. The first time I tried on a training bra, I couldn't stop scratching myself (much to my mother's embarrassment). I felt weird, restricted, my boobies itched and I was miserable. The fact of the matter is that they're called training bras for a reason and eventually you get used to them after the training period is over.

I'm a fellow small bra cupped chick myself and sure, I can get away without wearing a bra on most days, but I firmly choose not to. Even though foundation bras and undergarments aren't meant to be seen out in the open, they are still an essential part of every woman's wardrobe and have a mega effect on your overall appearance. Bras can smooth out silhouettes, protect breast tissue and keep the girls properly supported, no matter what your size is. Even though your boobs are hanging high now, they may be hanging low later in life...and truth be told Pearie, no one wants to see your nips when you're walking down the street, least of all your parents.

american apparel bras.JPG

I'm going to do my best to try to make you, your Mom and your Dad all happy. Bear with me and check out the bra pictured above the navel. The American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Cross-Back Bra is my #1 go-to bra when comfort is key. They're only $14 each, work great for smaller boobed girls who don't need a ton of support for Fred & Wilma and are available in 19 handsome hues with solids, polka-dots and two-tones that are adorable enough to wear under white tees and sheer tops for an unexpected peek-a-boo pop of color.

They're super soft, super comfortable and super flattering and even have a sweet cross-back that keeps your bra straps concealed no matter what top you're wearing. Try on a few and make sure you get a size that feels comfy.

If it doesn't work out for you, go back to hanging loose and tell your folks this is just how your boobs roll.



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fantastic post!!


Wear the bra.


Hola, cool blog.

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