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I am a Fashion blogger, and I don't know what to wear to New York Fashion Week.

I just battled this very same obstacle during Miami Fashion Week, and what I thought was a difficult chore then seems like a mojito and a walk on the beach now. I'm a Miami girl, born and raised, so deep down I instinctively knew what to wear and what was appropriate - maxi dresses, short and flowy dresses, wedges and sandals that wouldn't make my feet sweat... but New York Fashion Week is another fashion beast entirely.

I've been reading up and getting some primo wardrobe advice from the Fug Girls who tell me not to sweat it (and bring flip-flops), but I'm still trying to put my pieces together and pack my suitcase with confidence while avoiding a fashion meltdown.

Life would be so much easier if I could just wear this tank, skinny jeans, Converse and call it a day...

but I wouldn't want to end up on the Fug List.

blogging tank.JPG


Can I wear white after Labor Day or not? I bought a pair of white denim jeans last month and don't want to have to retire them so soon.



Dear Lisa,

Great question and great timing my fine fashionable friend. Labor Day weekend commences in approximately thirty hours and many women are packing their getaway suitcases, belaboring the age old debate - is it appropo to wear white clothing after Labor Day?

We've all heard it at some point, from our mothers, nanas, aunties, neighbors and Charlotte from Sex and the City. I don't know what inspired the so-called fashion commendment "Thou shalt not wear white after Labor Day" in the first place, but if it is indeed a sin, so let me be stoned.

I wonder...did the Reign of No White originate during the Industrial Age when fabric was in danger of becoming covered in soot? Was it before they invented slips? Perhaps it all stems from one chick who hated how she looked in white so she spread little white lies to ruin it all for the rest of us. I seem to recall earlier versions of the rule where the ix nay was isolated to wearing white shoes after the Labor Day holiday, but somehow the entire ensemble ended up being pooh-poohed.

white after labor day.jpg

Whatever the case, I strongly believe that wearing white after Labor Day is no longer the fashion faux pas it once was. Just look at Katherine Heigl looking classic in her chic white coat. Designers are also rebelling against the rule, flashing crisp winter white in some of their Fall campaigns.

Honestly Lisa, I don't follow any rules prohibiting color. When spring and summer have passed, I retire lightweight fabrics and bikinis, regardless of the color. So wear those white denim jeans with pride all autumn long if you'd like, just mix them up with chunky, heavier pieces like this Push the Button Sweater from Modcloth, classic coats, dark blazers and boots.

A very wise person once told me, "Fashion never takes a vacation"...

Nor should an awesome white outfit.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Model diet

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model calories.JPG

500 Days of Summer Dresses

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This summer, I had me a blast. This summer, happened so fast.

I enjoyed a hot and sunny day at the beach yesterday and have a red, itchy, already peeling back to prove it. It made me realize that my joy and my fun and my season in the sun would soon be exchanged for dead leaves on the dirty ground, pumpkin patches and Publix pilgrim salt shakers.

September 22nd officially marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall, but if you're like me - you're aching to hang onto those reckless days of summer lovin' and those delicate, breezy and effortless summer dresses.

If you're still longing for the lazy days of summer and not ready to give up your summer wardrobe just yet, check out my favorite indie film hit of the season - 500 Days of Summer.


*Warning: Before you buy your movie ticket, there's something you should know.

This is not a love story, it is a story about love.

Here's a quick Sammy summation of this charming, anti-chick flick...

Boy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) meets girl (Zooey Deschanel).
Boy falls in love with girl.
Boy and girl take fun trips to the park, record stores and Ikea.
Girl ends up breaking boy's fragile heart.

I warned you, this wasn't a love story.


Spanning the 500 days of Tom Hansen and Summer Finn's relationship, we witness deliberately scattered scenes illustrating the dismal dissection of a love affair, and a whole lot of cute outfits.

Our quirky heartbreaker, Summer, takes us through a year and a half of adorable seasonal ensembles all in varying shades of her signature blue, from sweet summer sundresses and vintage frocks to shorts and tight combos that will get a girl through the winter, spring, summer or fall.

I'm taking a clue from Summer and stocking up on opaque and wool tights to warm up my spring and summer skirts and dresses paired with stylin' mod coats from none other than Modcloth.

This way I can still enjoy a little Summer breeze that makes me feel fine,
blowing through the jasmine in my mind.


The World's Premiere Fashion Event commences in less than twenty-four hours and I'm as giddy as a six year old waiting for a shiny new bike on the night before Christmas.

Over the course of 8 fun-filled and fashionable days and nights, all eyes will be on Bryant Park and their three tented venues that will serve as the revealing backdrop for over sixty new Spring 2010 collections.

It is estimated that up to 100,000 people will pass through these tents of paradise to attend shows, meet and greet the media, retailers and fashion professionals, all while taking in a sneak peek of what anyone who is anyone will be wearing this Spring.

ny fashion week polaroid.JPG

What am I most excited about seeing? Here is my top 10 list of what has me shaking in my knee-high leather boots.

10. Whitney Eve, Whitney Port's ultra feminine line shown back-to-back with Nicholas K and Mara Hoffman, all represented by People's Revolution. I guess all those hard hours spent working in The City have paid off.

9. Model Erin Wasson's first time showing at NY Fashion Week. Will her design portfolio be as sexy as her modelling portfolio?

8. Titillating Tibi. Will designer Amy Smilovic remember me from Miami?

7. Christian Siriano Project Runway alum. Hopefully his show will be the pinnacle of fierce and not hot messed up.

6. Isaac Mizrahi's hair.

5. Charlotte Ronson's show. Will sis Samantha be there with ex Lindsay Lo? Inquiring minds want to know.

4. Pretty things by Lela Rose.

3. Diane Von Furstenberg's smile.

2. Rachel Zoe actually eating something.

1. PC, that annoying NYC Prep brat who threw a rather awkward temper tantrum on national television when he was forced to sit in the second row at Fashion Week.

I'm taking your seat PC, deal.

Street catwalker

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The things you see on the streets of New York...


Bryant Park.

Day one was brimming with excitement, setting the tone for another stunning week of fashionable festivities with Spring 2010 collections revealed by BCBG Max Azria, Rosa Chá, Ports 1961, Duckie Brown and David Elfin.

Sadly, the harsh NY Fashion Week reality is that as much as you'd like to cram the entire day's schedule in, it's nearly impossible to see every single show, unless you have a team of assistants, interns and clones on hand. Which is why everyone admitted into the Promenade tent was pleased as punch to get three, count 'em three-shows-in-one sitting from the Spring fashion trifecta - Mara Hoffman, Nicholas K and Whitney Eve.

mara hoffman whitney eve nicholas k.JPG

Mara Hoffman and Nicholas Kunz decided to join forces together again, sharing the catwalk for another season, and this time they brought Hot Child in The City, Whitney Port, along for the ride. Here's my rundown of fashion week's triple threat and those impeccable designs prancing down the Promenade runway.

Mara Hoffman - As a Miami girl, I felt more than at home viewing a luminous collection that consisted mostly of soft, flowing and romantic Spring gowns that I would definitely wear cruising down Lincoln Road come April. I smiled at the sight of gorgeous ethnic and geometric prints that were totally reminiscent of the breezy, visually interesting and easy to wear Swim designs and coverups I saw back in the Miami Fashion Week tents in July. Nice to see that Mara took a little piece of the MIA back home with her for inspiration.

Nicholas K - Urban, hip, ecclectic. In short, a cooler than all get out collection. Men's and women's hipster designs were influenced by everything I loved about the 80's with madras, color blocks and prints strutting their Nicky K stuff. Cool baggy pants, walking shorts, cardigans and model chicks in flats gave this show a cool, effortless and funky vibe and it was nice to see some preppy dudes making their way down the runway.

Whitney Eve - Whitney, you've paid your Hills and City dues and have made your fans proud. I fell in love with your sleek, sophisticated dresses and shorts that showed off long legs and pretty metallics. Embracing femininity was the name of the Whitney Eve game and my only problem with the collection was that my legs aren't long enough to show my favorites off.

Day One down, eight more to go.

I have yet to meet a twenty or thirtysomething girl who hasn't had a love affair with Charlotte Ronson and her to die for designs.

I Heart Ronson simply because Charlotte always knows how to put a unique spin on femininity, giving girls the flattering and hip pieces that they want to wear, executed in a totally unique way. I never felt comfortable pairing a flirty, frilly dress with a military jacket before Charlotte came along.


I must confess, this was one of the shows on my must sneak in if tent fills up list. More than packed to capacity, the pre-show scene was more chaotic than all of Lady Gaga's VMA outfits combined, but once the lights changed and the music kicked in, those who had seats relaxed to enjoy a breath of fresh fashion show air. Charlotte's girls were all dolled up with pretty buns, braided foreheadbands and natural, barely there makeup as they traipsed down the runway to Char's twin sis Samantha's pumpin' beats.

The theme was classical meets street and I adored the perfect street sense behind every one of the totally wearable pieces. Hard and soft at the same time, sweet but with a definite Ronson edge. It took minutes for me to mentally purchase a sleek off the shoulder top and a lovely print mini dress that stood out in a sea of solids. I loved it all, even though I didn't fully get the mesh scrunched up leggings look, I kind of wanted them too. The color palette consisted mostly of blacks and grays, but a few pops of pastel pink softened everything up for Spring.

As for all star celebs - 90210's Jessica Stroup was loving the looks along with Russell Simmons, Manhattan socialite Tinsley Mortimer and Nicky Hilton.

p.s. Lindsay Lo was a no show.

Alert: We interrupt NY Fashion Week Spring 2010 coverage to bring you a quickie rundown of the MTV VMA Awards. Fashion Week has made me a little more critical, sorry ladies.

Beyonce - Our girl Bey Bey took home the pinnacle Video of the Year Award beating out Britney Spears, Eminem, Kanye Pest and Lady Gaga. Beyonce also nabbed the Award for classiest VMA nominee after inviting Taylor Swift onstage to enjoy her one moment in time after Kanye West took it upon himself to figuratively urinate all over her win.

Working it in red, Beyonce showed off some skin and leg with a plunging ruffled neckline and thigh baring skirt that made Jay-Z very proud that he had indeed put a ring on it.

vmas 2009 best dressed.JPG

Ashley Greene - Ashley Greene has done it again, stealing the best dressed spotlight from former mulleted and newly bobbed co-star of Twilight, Kristen Stewart. Rocking out long extensions (give 'em a try sometime Kristen) and a sweet retro half updo, Ash played it cool in a hip, age appropriate top paired with a solid gold metallic skirt winning me over with her silver bullet style.

Leighton Meester - Leighton was my Prom Queen at the Teen Choice Awards and was as stunning as usual in her sequined Christain Cota shift dress with pretty petal sleeves. From the thighs up Ms. Meester was right on target, once I caught a glimpse of her feet, I was texting Gossip Girl myself with a hell to the no to the shoes.

In other VMA Fashion news, Pink and Shakira wore the same dress (repeat after me, awkward)...

And as for Lady Gaga... I still need some time and therapy to process this.

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Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano has been making appearances all over Fashion Week beginning with a sneak peek last Thursday of his new soles during "Fashion's Night Out". If you haven't already, check out this fab limited edition shoe line at Payless. The boy knows fierce footwear.

Mister Christian officially debuted his Spring collection on Saturday afternoon in the Promenade tent with a versatile compilation of Mediterranean inspired designs. Siriano's vision flowed easily from one look to the next with warm neutrals flowing into the calming blues of the Mediterranean Sea and into a finale of fiery reds.

christian show.JPG

Comprised of a wide range of diverse pieces from classy suits and impeccably tailored shorts to a futuristic bodysuit and drama exuding ballgowns, the models were styled with sky high platforms and floppy Kentucky Derby worthy hats that tied together a cohesive collection that screamed Greek Isles meets high society.

Who was there? Project Runway's proud pappy Tim Gunn (who told the Huffington Post that Christian was "this generation's Marc Jacobs"), Victoria's Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosia, The Fashion Show's Kelly Rowland, Mena Suvari, Kristen Johnson, Tori Spelling and Veronica Webb.

Christian's rear spike tress twin Kate Gosselin was not present.

christian siriano and kate gosselin.JPG

Runway thoughts

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runway thoughts.JPG

The 61st Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards celebrated the HD screen last night, hosted by former Doogie Howser star and jilted How I Met Your Mother Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy nominee, Neil Patrick Harris. Mad Men, 30 Rock and Grey Gardens swept the big awards, but we don't really care about who won or lost... we only care about what the gals wore.

Overall, the fashions glimmered more than a 5+ carat sparkling diamond with a brilliant variety of gowns that embraced the 3 C's of red carpet regality - cut, color and clarity.

Best Emmy dresses 09.jpg
My favorite look of the night - Blake Lively's low-cut ruby red Versace gown, hands down. Blake is never one to shy away from sexing it up on the red carpet and her look was bold, risky and totally made up for the fact that she screwed up announcing that winning writer's name. I wasn't crushing on her Amish-like mega long braid, but her nude Christian Louboutin shoes and Lorraine Schwartz jewels more than made up for it.

I'm happy to report that there were more flattering looks than fashion train wrecks, other favorites were Sandra Oh who was oh so glamorous in gold, Damages star Rose Byrne was a vision in Valentino, Blake's co-star Leighton Meester looked virtuous in white chiffon, Alyson Hannigan - a MILF if ever I saw one, and Debra Messing in a chic Michael Kors number that complemented her fiery locks Will and Gracefully.

Now for those exhibiting a total lack of clarity and fashion focus...

worst emmy dresses 2009.JPG

Sarah Silverman - Your joke moustache was more attractive than your sad blue gown that made you look three times hippier. You won't be effing Matt Damon for much longer if you keep dressing like this.

Phoebe Price - Repeat after me, "I am not Lady Gaga or Charo".

Victoria Rowell - I voted for Obama and think he's the bee's knees. Wear it on a Barack the House tee, not on an Emmy gown.

Other disappointments were Melora Hardin of The Office who looked kooky in a big yellow Spring Fling-like frock, Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi with a weird floral growth on her abdomen and House star Olivia Wilde fell somewhere in between with a mullet gown that looked gorgeous from the front and a hot mess in the back resembling a dolled up Frankenstein with a giant zipper holding her together.

Unemployed models

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Fashion Week is over and a startling number of models are out of work until Fall Fashion Week in February of 2011, so don't be surprised if you see a swarm of skinny girls panhandling on the side of the road.

Make a charitable donation by giving them a dollar, a piece of organic produce or some lip gloss.

unemployed model.JPG

The internet is swimming with tweets and tidbits surrounding Mackenzie Phillips and her recent retch in your mouth a little revelation concerning her boinking her Mamas and the Papas pop, John Phillips. Mackezie told Mama Oprah all about it yesterday and readers are lining up to read more sordid details about the ugly family affair in her new book that hit Barnes and Noble yesterday, High On Arrival.

I, for one, am not the slightest bit interested in the scandal or sex lives of the Phillips. Mackenzie thrusting herself back into the spotlight after all these years has only made me reminisce fondly about the late 70's early 80's sit-com she was fired from - One Day at a Time.


My boyfriend had never heard of the show before I mentioned it in the car yesterday and I felt sorry for him. Many fail to realize it, but One Day at a Time is classic seventies sitcom gold. Based on divorced, reheaded MILF Ann Romano and her two teenage daughters, Barbara (a pre-Jenny Craig Valerie Bertinelli) and Julie Cooper (Mackenzie Mac), this show had three strong female leads who admirably got by on their own, that is with a little minor help from a dashingly stache'd building super, Schneider.

Mackenzie was the funny sis while Valerie Bertinelli was the pretty one, but they both rocked some fierce retro ensembles that are still around today. Just check out this Vintage Daquiri top and Semiconductor pants from ModCloth. Dress up like you did in the old days Mackenzie, and don't worry, this too shall pass...

The key is taking it one day at a time.

vintage seventies outfit.JPG

Spring Fashion Week 2010 officially ended ten days ago, but I'm still taking my sweet time with coverage. Sorry for the delay folks. It isn't that I'm lazy, really. Rather, it's my weak attempt to make it all last longer... like slow licking a frozen yogurt cone from IKEA.

Without further ado, here's my take on Day 4 - Diane Von Furstenberg's stunning Spring show.

DVF spring 2010.jpg

I was recently wowed by a few old photos of Diane VF but have to admit, the lady still looks pretty damn Von Fabulous. The woman behind the classic wrap dress wrapped us up in her bold Spring collection with saucy styles that were a little bit mystical and a little bit macrame with a whole lotta must-have pieces for the springtime nymphet.

This year's theme featured the idea of "looking into antiquity for effortless beauty". Models pranced down the U shaped runway in vibrant colors and prints oozing with ethic flavor, crimped hair styled with chic metallic wreaths, and bright oversized bangles piled high on their dainty little wrists. Only Diane could pull off high-end hippie, and she did it magnificently.

Who was there - Gossip Girl's Blake Lively and Michelle Trachtenberg, Rachel Zoe, Nina Garcia, Candice Bergen and 90210's Shanae Grimes.

Who was not there - Big news was that Project Runway's Tim Gunn wasn't invited for the first time in twelve seasons. I guess in terms of his friendship with Diane, he wasn't able to make it work.

Dear Sammy,

I was just invited to a big Halloween party and want to find matching costumes for me and my guy.

Any ideas?



Dear Jessica,

Funny, how blog art imitates life. Just the other day I was tossing around a few Halloween costume ideas to my boyfriend, for we too were invited to a kickin' All Hallow's Eve soiree.

I've always found that dressing up as a pair is usually twice as difficult. Someone always gets the short end of the costume stick - i.e. girl gets to prance around in a sexy Snow White costume with garters all night while her guy suffers at the bar as an unenthused Dopey. Not a fair trade off if you ask me.

I don't know about you Jess, but I like to be an original every day of the year, so Halloween is no exception. You'll rarely find me in a widely popular superhero/fairy tale/french maid/Ugly Betty getup. I prefer costumes that are off the old Halloween beaten path, so here are a couple of picks for you and your man that will surely win a prize for best couples costume, at the very least an honorable mention.

couples halloween costumes.JPG

1. Dress up in this desirable Beer Dress Costume from Pinatas.com and you'll make all of the drunk guys mouths water. As for your boyfriend, the options are endless. He can go as a Beer Pong Table, a Breathalyzer Test, the immortal Beer Man or he can just take the easy route and be an alcoholic.

2. It may look pretty simple, but dress up in this Illuminating Bee costume, have your guy find a male bee costume then wait for it...wait for it... Add a couple of pairs of sleek sunglasses and you and your guy can go as B Movie Stars.

I'll be here all Halloween week.

3. You've always wanted to be on the cover of a trashy magazine, now you can with this Star Magazine Cover costume for her and Enquirer cover for him. If he doesn't like the look he can opt to go as a member of the paparazzi or better yet, Borat.

Happy tricks and treats.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Last night I had the special treat of rocking out with one of my favorite bands, the Swedish New Wave sensation - The Sounds. I was feeling a little under the weather and still nursing a nasty cold, but I had three screwdrivers to pack in some extra vitamin C.

Following the release of their third album - Crossing the Rubicon and their special guest stint during No Doubt's Summer '09 tour, The Sounds were totally on key putting on a fab set that left me embracing all things Swedish. I wanted to buy a Volvo after the encore.

maja ivarsson2.jpg

The Sounds frontwoman Maja Ivarsson is one sexy Swede, and it's no surprise that she ended up at the top of Blender magazine's "Hottest Women of Rock" list. Maya, (pronounced Maya) is a cross between Blondie's Deborah Harry and Hedwig of Hedwig and the Angry Inch because quite frankly... the chick has balls (and I mean that as a compliment). She's tough but dainty, with a stage performance that relied on aromatic incense sticks burning on stage, a few ciggys, deep plies and killer kicks... all while wearing 4+ inch heels.

As for her concert wardrobe, Maja wore a strapless black romper, tons of layered gold necklaces, fierce black platforms and her white blond hair slicked back into a bunytail (my term of choice for any bun/ponytail hybrid).

She looked and sounded smashing in an ensemble that was more than I could ever get away with wearing, but I'm not a rock star...or Swedish.

Samara Sanchez

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Sammy Sanchez is a Miami based freelance writer, greeting card designer, and self-professed USWeeklyholic. Sammy loves tall coffee light frappuccinos, vino not from a box, and Mark Ruffalo...not necessarily in that order.
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