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Halloween Costumes Couple Edition

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Dear Sammy,

I was just invited to a big Halloween party and want to find matching costumes for me and my guy.

Any ideas?



Dear Jessica,

Funny, how blog art imitates life. Just the other day I was tossing around a few Halloween costume ideas to my boyfriend, for we too were invited to a kickin' All Hallow's Eve soiree.

I've always found that dressing up as a pair is usually twice as difficult. Someone always gets the short end of the costume stick - i.e. girl gets to prance around in a sexy Snow White costume with garters all night while her guy suffers at the bar as an unenthused Dopey. Not a fair trade off if you ask me.

I don't know about you Jess, but I like to be an original every day of the year, so Halloween is no exception. You'll rarely find me in a widely popular superhero/fairy tale/french maid/Ugly Betty getup. I prefer costumes that are off the old Halloween beaten path, so here are a couple of picks for you and your man that will surely win a prize for best couples costume, at the very least an honorable mention.

couples halloween costumes.JPG

1. Dress up in this desirable Beer Dress Costume from Pinatas.com and you'll make all of the drunk guys mouths water. As for your boyfriend, the options are endless. He can go as a Beer Pong Table, a Breathalyzer Test, the immortal Beer Man or he can just take the easy route and be an alcoholic.

2. It may look pretty simple, but dress up in this Illuminating Bee costume, have your guy find a male bee costume then wait for it...wait for it... Add a couple of pairs of sleek sunglasses and you and your guy can go as B Movie Stars.

I'll be here all Halloween week.

3. You've always wanted to be on the cover of a trashy magazine, now you can with this Star Magazine Cover costume for her and Enquirer cover for him. If he doesn't like the look he can opt to go as a member of the paparazzi or better yet, Borat.

Happy tricks and treats.



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Comments (3)

Hello there, Hey! How are you? Happy late Hallowen! :D!


Interesting article. Were did you get all the information from?


I’m a blog crazed person and i love to read cool blogs like yours…;*:

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