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Can I wear white after Labor Day or not? I bought a pair of white denim jeans last month and don't want to have to retire them so soon.



Dear Lisa,

Great question and great timing my fine fashionable friend. Labor Day weekend commences in approximately thirty hours and many women are packing their getaway suitcases, belaboring the age old debate - is it appropo to wear white clothing after Labor Day?

We've all heard it at some point, from our mothers, nanas, aunties, neighbors and Charlotte from Sex and the City. I don't know what inspired the so-called fashion commendment "Thou shalt not wear white after Labor Day" in the first place, but if it is indeed a sin, so let me be stoned.

I wonder...did the Reign of No White originate during the Industrial Age when fabric was in danger of becoming covered in soot? Was it before they invented slips? Perhaps it all stems from one chick who hated how she looked in white so she spread little white lies to ruin it all for the rest of us. I seem to recall earlier versions of the rule where the ix nay was isolated to wearing white shoes after the Labor Day holiday, but somehow the entire ensemble ended up being pooh-poohed.

white after labor day.jpg

Whatever the case, I strongly believe that wearing white after Labor Day is no longer the fashion faux pas it once was. Just look at Katherine Heigl looking classic in her chic white coat. Designers are also rebelling against the rule, flashing crisp winter white in some of their Fall campaigns.

Honestly Lisa, I don't follow any rules prohibiting color. When spring and summer have passed, I retire lightweight fabrics and bikinis, regardless of the color. So wear those white denim jeans with pride all autumn long if you'd like, just mix them up with chunky, heavier pieces like this Push the Button Sweater from Modcloth, classic coats, dark blazers and boots.

A very wise person once told me, "Fashion never takes a vacation"...

Nor should an awesome white outfit.



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Hi Sammy,
Thanks for featuring our sweater on your site! We appreciate the support! And we're all for white after Labor Day!


excellent post!!

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