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Model lightweight

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Some models just can't hold their liquor...

model lightweight.JPG

This post is for all of my dear Let's Talk Stylers who have ever wanted to try their hands (or walks) at modeling. If you think you're fierce, now is your chance to show the world just how fierce you can be while wearing your skivvies. The Victoria's Secret search is on for models to walk the runway during the next Victoria's Secret Fashion Show broadcast on CBS, and that model could be you.

victoria's secret model search.JPG

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so if you are:

- A hottie between 18 - 30 years of age
- A chick (not a dude who looks like a lady)
- A US citizen (illegal aliens need not apply)
- 5'8 or taller (in bare feet, not 5 inch heels)
- And availble to be in NYC October 29th through December 3rd --

Then Victoria's Secret wants you. Visit VSAllAccess for more info, rules, regulations and details on how to send in your fiercest model entry videos. Who knows, you might even make it into one of my Model Poses.

I would so enter if I were a foot taller, less klutzlike and well, hot.

Good luck!

When I was a young girl, I remember feeling a deep kinship with Max, the protagonist from Maurice Sendak's 1963 classic children's masterpiece Where the Wild Things Are. Every time I was sent to bed without my supper, I dreamed of embarking on magical journeys to rule over strange new creatures along with Max, he in his hooded wolf suit and me in a cute little fur minidress.

Director Spike Jonze has just adapted the celebrated 20 page children's book into a full-length feature film that opens nationwide October 16th, and in honor of all things wild, Opening Ceremony has created an exclusive collection of faux fur designs for grown up guys and girls like me who like to take a walk on the wild thing side.

where the wild things are shirt.JPG

With looks ranging from full-on wolf suits like Max's, to vests, t shirt dresses and men's and women's wild thing worthy jewels, you'll be ready for the winter and for whatever strange places you travel to after you've misbehaved.

If the looks and the prices are a little too wild for your taste, you can still rock a Where the Wild Things Are shirt from deLiA*s for only $26.50.

Wild thing, you make my heart sing.

I'm not afraid to admit, I'm a big fan of Mtv's The City. I love Whitney Port's imminent sweetness and everything she stands for just as much as I despise Olivia Palermo's toxicity and everything I imagine she makes Mtv's production assistants stand for. I've been hating on Olivia so much that I actually came close to putting gum in her hair when we came in dangerously close proximity during Miami Fashion Week.

With that said, I'm not going to let my personal differences with Olivia get in the way of relishing Whitney's adventures in the city, especially now that she's back working alongside fashion PR maven, Kelly Cutrone, who is rumored to have her own Bravo show simmering on the back burner.

whitney the city.JPG

As for departed cast members, Erin with the cute bangs is gone as is Whitney's Aussie ex Jay and his philandering roommate and they are swapped for new roomie Roxy, the bad girl from Whitney's past, and a blonder, peppier Erin - Elle magazine's youngest Director of Public Relations ever.

In the first two episodes, new blonder Erin and Olivia have butted heads now that Olivia is on board at Elle, and I keep finding myself yelling at the HD tv screen "Fire her", the way I would yell at some half naked chick to "Run" when some deranged maniac crawls through her bedroom window during a horror flick.

With that said, if you're interested in the fashion industry at all, this show may not be the most legit resource, but you will get a backstage view into the everyday operations at Elle (in a more accurate light than the failed Stylista), and you'll get to see Whitney's behind the scenes journey involved with expanding her own line - Whitney Eve.

In short, prepare for one City slicker of a season.

Model Abandonment

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model home alone.JPG

Columbus Day has never been my favorite holiday. Sure, I have to give major props to my man Christopher Columbus for his sweet voyage across the Atlantic in 1492, but we don't get the day off from work or school, nor do we get presents on Columbus Day, unless you consider the gift of the New World... which sadly, I do not.

We may not get a day off, gifts or decorations today in honor of the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, but we do get one thing out of Columbus Day... sales.

In honor or Chris, here are my three favorite Columbus Day sales. Go ahead and gift yourself now because Christmas is still a 74 day journey away.

Columbus day sales.JPG

1. Chick Downtown - Today only, Chick Downtown is offering a shipload of savings featuring 25% off of everything, including sale items. This Indigo Sailor Stripe Hoodie is the first thing added to my Columbus Day wish list.

2. Urban Outfitters - It's getting chillier and chillier outside, at least in the non-Floridian states, so enjoy 30% off of all outerwear like this cool Kimichi & Blue Fur Neck Poncho that kinda looks like something Mr. Columbus himself would have sported during his search for new land, spice and everything nice.

3. Nine West - Discover some boots to add to your Fall wardrobe while taking advantage of Nine West's 30% off boot sale. *Hint: These slouchy mid-calf Elektra boots will rock the boat in brown or black suede.

**This Seafaring Necklace from Modcloth isn't on sale, but I like it anyway and it's only $15.99 worth of coin.

Your ship has come in.

I bought a skull ring last week that I absolutely adore.

It makes me feel cool. Cool and dangerous. Like I could quite possibly have a Harley parked outside instead of my Black Cherry Toyota Scion. I wore it last weekend when I went to see a limited release screening of Paranormal Activity. While enjoying pre-show spirits at T.G.I. Fridays, my brother noticed my chunky cranial cocktail ring and asked -

"Oh, is that for Halloween?"

I nodded, feeling a little embarrassed that my prize ring was mistaken for one of those kitschy plastic spider rings that I used to wear in kindergarten. A few days later I did a little skull scavvy research and discovered that a few of my favorite designers had the brains to create skull rings and accessories of their own that will rock long after All Hallow's Eve.

skull accessories and rings.JPG

At the core of my list of sensational skull accessories is this Lauren Moshi Skull Racerback Tank from Bloomingdales. It has a rocker edge and a flattering shape. Just don't wear it paired with any of your skull rings or you'll come off looking a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs - like a bone collector who has a pile of skulls hidden in their basement.

This Betsey Johnson Black Skull ring from Nordstroms is only $55 and has a cute little pink bow that sofens up the look while adding a little feminity... although everyone knows that skulls don't wear bows because skulls don't have hair. Duh.

Vivienne Westwood's New Skull Swarovski crystal ring ain't cheap at $350, but it's two parts chic and one part dark that will add a little drama to any ensemble.

All hail the King of Skull Rings! This Crown Skull Ring is a bold brass ring designed by Jessica Kagan Cushman from Vivre. My skull ring has a little crown too and I totally dig that my accessory has it's own accessory.

Alexander McQueen brings you a double dose of mad skull love with his Studded SKull Ring with a bumble bee on it for $310 and a Silver Skull Ring for $250 that has a piercing swarovski crystal stare.

Rock any of these skully pieces this month or whenever you need a little boner.


Organic Modeling

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organic model.JPG

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of rocking out during the Opening Night festivities kicking off Miami's Rock Fashion Week at the new and improved Eden Roc Renaissance. I had a dazzling night that was overflowing with sweet Stoli cocktails and a closet full of pretty pink dresses. I was tickled pink when I received VIP status and was totally treated like the rock queen that I am. My cheeks are still pink and flushed from the excitement.

Pink Dress Collection_Final Walk.JPG

The Pink Dress Collection (on it's second leg of a three city tour that also includes New York and Los Angeles) is an inspiring event that celebrates women, fashion and an overall hope for a world where women can don their little pink dresses, black dresses and multi-colored dresses without having to worry about the threat of breast cancer touching their lives.

A collaboration between the world's top designers and stars, The Pink Dress Colelction featured a plethora of pastel and hot pink dresse donated by top designers from Betsey Johnson to Nanette Lepore, Nicole Miller, Juicy Couture and other fresh faces of the fashion world. My favorite look of the night was this precious little pink and white printed mini designed by Lilly Pulitzer. As a matter of fact, I award it the Pulitzer Prize of pink dresses.

Celebrities and a few of Miami’s finest donated their time and their catwalks to rock some major looks in support of the cause. Local newcasters Lisette Gonzalez (in Nicole Miller), Roxanne Vargas (sporting Sue Wong) and Shireen Sandoval of Deco Drive (rocking Betsey Johnson) all did their little thing on the catwalk, as did singer/songwriter, Jamie Jo Harris and the bad boy of b-ball - Dennis Rodman who proved once and for all that real men do in fact wear pink.

Rodman Pink.jpg

For the most part the celebrities fared well without a single star trippin' on the runway. They all looked absolutely thrilled to be a part of it all in they're pretty in pink pieces, and some even walked with more confidence and oomph than a majority of the model pros. Once the collection hits it's last stop in LA, each piece will be auctioned off with all proceeds benefitting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure fund.

My eye is on you Lilly Pulitzer mini.

**For more information and to make your own donation, visit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

model eyes.JPG

Fashion epiphany

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fashion_epiphany.JPG I came to a fashion epiphany today.

While casually sitting at my desk at 9:09am, pondering over what fabulous topic to blog about, a 60 watt fashion lightbulb popped up over my head. I came to the realization that no matter how crappy your life is, how much money you owe or how many powdered donuts you regret consuming the day before, if you're wearing a cute outfit, your day will be better.

It doesn't have to be an expensive ensemble, it doesn't have to be new. The only prerequisites are that:

1 - it fits well
2 - it doesn't ride up your butt/reveal visible panty lines
3 - it makes you feel pretty damn good while wearing it.

A perfectly worn out pair of jeans...a supersoft sweater that brings out the color in your eyes...a dangling pair of sassy earrings. It may be a big piece, it may be a small accessory, it may be both combined. I, for example, am wearing a navy cardigan, a lacy cami, gray hip slung wide leg trousers, my favorite Fossil watch and leather peep toe heels.

My life may be crappy, but I don't look crappy.

I just saved myself a few years worth of therapy.

Chanel bags

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chanel bags.JPG

I have a new girl crush.

She's a fashion model, party DJ, contributing editor at British Vogue, host of her own MTV Show, girlfriend of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and that's not all she wrote. She's quick-witted, half Asian, the new face of DKNY Jeans and my favorite British import trumping both Prince William and Earl Grey tea (also beating out punchy pop star Lily Allen who comes in at a close second).

Who is this Brit It girl you ask?

She's Alexa Chung, one of the only chicks I've ever known who could pull off short overalls and granny heels without looking like a daft punk.

alexa chung.JPG

She's the host of MTV's It's On with Alexa Chung, a weekday talk show that I never had the chance to see until recently since it airs Monday through Friday at noon while I'm busy working my pen over at the salt mines. I just downloaded the It's On iPhone app and have been catching up on everything Alexa considers on while eating up her dry wit, unkempt hairstyle and those quirky yet effortless ensembles.

She's replaced ex British veejay Downtown Julie Brown as MTV's most fashionable female, and I'm guessing she'll be holding the title for a good long while.

If you fancy Alexa's looks, take a trip to Topshop and French Connection where you'll find a kick arse selection of the looks Ms. Chung covets.

Everybody have fun tonight,
everybody Alexa Chung tonight.

I'm shopping for a new bag.

No offense old bags. You've put in your time and I appreciate your service, but once your inner lining gets dirty and your straps begin to slowly unravel, I begin to slowly unravel. I'm desperate for some new arm candy, but not just any bag will do. I guess you could call me Pursilocks - some totes are too big, some satchels are too small, and I need a bag that's juuuuust right.

After hundreds of visits and promotion code searches for funsac.com, I thought I had finally found "The One". The Soho Hobo was big, but not too big, sleek in black with a casual shape, rock star studly with cool fringe at the base and most importantly, this bag was on every Top Bags for Fall list I had seen. It was perfect.

With coupon code committed to memory, I was finally ready to place my order. One final item of business... I asked my boyfriend if he liked it. His response?

"I don't get it."
soho bag.JPG

He didn't get it.

My bond with this bag had suddenly been broken.

"What don't you like about it?" I asked, wondering if he had secretly already purchased it for me and UPS had it waiting at home on my doorstep.

"It looks like it has teeth."

My boyfriend doesn't get a lot of things. Why I like to put on makeup when he thinks I look beautiful mascaraless, why I walk in 4 inch heels when I trip approximately every 37 steps, and why I need a new bag when he could easily fix my old purse strap MacGyver style with some twine and a matchstick.

Although I question his (and every man's) ability to fairly judge this bag for it's total fierceness, I cannot ignore the fact that he thinks it's just plain weird and I surely wouldn't want to put him through the agony of worrying every time I wear it that my new bag is going to eat me.

So the bag search continues...

Kitty needs a new coat.

I am desperate to buy this chic Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat from Topshop...because even though I'm dirt poor, I still can't change my reckless spending spots.

If I win the Lotto, coat shall be mine.

If I do not win the lotto, I'll have to make do running around town in this chic Leopard Mask for $18. It's very Holly Golightly à la Breakfast at Tiffany's, is it not?

"Cat! Cat! Oh, Cat..."

p.s. The cat scratch on the bottom left is me playing with my mouse and Paint Shop.


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