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I have a new girl crush.

She's a fashion model, party DJ, contributing editor at British Vogue, host of her own MTV Show, girlfriend of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and that's not all she wrote. She's quick-witted, half Asian, the new face of DKNY Jeans and my favorite British import trumping both Prince William and Earl Grey tea (also beating out punchy pop star Lily Allen who comes in at a close second).

Who is this Brit It girl you ask?

She's Alexa Chung, one of the only chicks I've ever known who could pull off short overalls and granny heels without looking like a daft punk.

alexa chung.JPG

She's the host of MTV's It's On with Alexa Chung, a weekday talk show that I never had the chance to see until recently since it airs Monday through Friday at noon while I'm busy working my pen over at the salt mines. I just downloaded the It's On iPhone app and have been catching up on everything Alexa considers on while eating up her dry wit, unkempt hairstyle and those quirky yet effortless ensembles.

She's replaced ex British veejay Downtown Julie Brown as MTV's most fashionable female, and I'm guessing she'll be holding the title for a good long while.

If you fancy Alexa's looks, take a trip to Topshop and French Connection where you'll find a kick arse selection of the looks Ms. Chung covets.

Everybody have fun tonight,
everybody Alexa Chung tonight.

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