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I bought a skull ring last week that I absolutely adore.

It makes me feel cool. Cool and dangerous. Like I could quite possibly have a Harley parked outside instead of my Black Cherry Toyota Scion. I wore it last weekend when I went to see a limited release screening of Paranormal Activity. While enjoying pre-show spirits at T.G.I. Fridays, my brother noticed my chunky cranial cocktail ring and asked -

"Oh, is that for Halloween?"

I nodded, feeling a little embarrassed that my prize ring was mistaken for one of those kitschy plastic spider rings that I used to wear in kindergarten. A few days later I did a little skull scavvy research and discovered that a few of my favorite designers had the brains to create skull rings and accessories of their own that will rock long after All Hallow's Eve.

skull accessories and rings.JPG

At the core of my list of sensational skull accessories is this Lauren Moshi Skull Racerback Tank from Bloomingdales. It has a rocker edge and a flattering shape. Just don't wear it paired with any of your skull rings or you'll come off looking a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs - like a bone collector who has a pile of skulls hidden in their basement.

This Betsey Johnson Black Skull ring from Nordstroms is only $55 and has a cute little pink bow that sofens up the look while adding a little feminity... although everyone knows that skulls don't wear bows because skulls don't have hair. Duh.

Vivienne Westwood's New Skull Swarovski crystal ring ain't cheap at $350, but it's two parts chic and one part dark that will add a little drama to any ensemble.

All hail the King of Skull Rings! This Crown Skull Ring is a bold brass ring designed by Jessica Kagan Cushman from Vivre. My skull ring has a little crown too and I totally dig that my accessory has it's own accessory.

Alexander McQueen brings you a double dose of mad skull love with his Studded SKull Ring with a bumble bee on it for $310 and a Silver Skull Ring for $250 that has a piercing swarovski crystal stare.

Rock any of these skully pieces this month or whenever you need a little boner.


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Wow! I like the one with the crown. Will be funny to put a litte flower on top!


Hi I was wondering what template your are using for your blog? Looks awesome.

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