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This post is for all of my dear Let's Talk Stylers who have ever wanted to try their hands (or walks) at modeling. If you think you're fierce, now is your chance to show the world just how fierce you can be while wearing your skivvies. The Victoria's Secret search is on for models to walk the runway during the next Victoria's Secret Fashion Show broadcast on CBS, and that model could be you.

victoria's secret model search.JPG

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so if you are:

- A hottie between 18 - 30 years of age
- A chick (not a dude who looks like a lady)
- A US citizen (illegal aliens need not apply)
- 5'8 or taller (in bare feet, not 5 inch heels)
- And availble to be in NYC October 29th through December 3rd --

Then Victoria's Secret wants you. Visit VSAllAccess for more info, rules, regulations and details on how to send in your fiercest model entry videos. Who knows, you might even make it into one of my Model Poses.

I would so enter if I were a foot taller, less klutzlike and well, hot.

Good luck!

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michaela :

5'8"!!! what about the petites?! we always get the short end of the straw.


I really love your blog. thanks.

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