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Killer Looks for Christian

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hey sammy how u doing? Im Christian from Lima Peru and here's my question. Please, need some help! Killers are coming november the 19th. Need a rockstar look so I can blow the mind of this girlfriend I adore. I was thinking about a slim fit hilfiger denim jean (indigo), a wide brown belt with a nice buckle and a plain v neck tee, short sleeve. I know its really simple but everlasting too. Sneakers? real slim and fit ones, no skater sh*t or something like that, maybe a pair of diesel sneakers or something like that. If it gets cold, im wearing a checked t shirt but OPEN, to show how cool it looks with a v neck tee.

Christian D.


Well look at that, Ask Sammy has gone international!

Hola Christian!

Gracias por su pregunta. I already know we're going to be great amigos because I'm a die hard Killers fan myself, so the least I can do is set you up with a Killer ensemble that Brandon Flowers himself would approve of. From your description above, it doesn't sound like you need much help from me, but I'll give you a few pieces to work with, just so it looks like I'm doing my job.

Here are some tips for a killer combination.

brandon flowers.JPG

First thing's first, you've already got the slim fit jeans. Jeans are a concert staple, unless it's 100 degrees at an outdoor venue, then shorts would be your best call. Slim fitting jeans on a dude is very rockstar cool, just make sure they aren't too tight so your junk has enough room to shift and breathe.

The next concert staple is the perfect, super soft and comfy tee. American Apparel is always my first choice for basic tees like this Fine Jersey Short sleeve V Neck for only $19 bucks. Any color will do, but I'm partial to Asphalt, Navy and Slate.

When it comes to accessories, you don't want to show up at a Killers concert unarmed, so this Fallen Bullet Leather Belt from CCS Skateboards will do more than just hold up your super slim Hilfigers. As for cool kicks, these Diesel Pass on Sneakers from OnlineShoes.com are too good to pass on, and nothing like all that skater sh*it.

Hope this helps impress your girl! Have a killer time Christian, and if you want to buy me a T-shirt to thank me, I wear a Small.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

If you've been following Project Runway Season 6, you've probably noticed a few minor alterations.

The Runway crew has packed their bags moving from Bravo to Lifetime, shuffling from the east coast to the west coast. Although the show's format is pretty familiar for the most part - designers are given their challenge, designers sketch, designers shop for fabric at Mood, designers sew, models walk, judges evaluate what designers have sewn - there are still a few new patterns and missing threads. Regular Runway Judge, Michael Kors, seems to be M I A more often than not and a slew of guest celebrity judges (i.e. - Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Milla Jovovich, Rebecca Romijn and Kerry Washington) keep cropping up to throw their two cents onto the catwalk.

models of the runway 2.jpg

One delicious new improvement comes in the form of a post-show cocktail with a half-hour look at the Models of Project Runway - the gals who rock the looks that our designers make work. Now we get to see that models have feelings too - we can watch them dish about their designers, fret before eliminations, cry after eliminations and revel in seeing them bare their model claws over double stick tape.

If you're a fan of all the model drama, cast your vote in the Models of the Runway Challenge so you can choose who walks the Project runway next season.

There's still a Wild Card slot open, I'm going for the model who looks like the biggest bitch in her profile.

The Uniform Project

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For the past few months I've been religiously following one brave girl's quest to get the most out of her wardrobe. If you haven't already stumbled across The Uniform Project, you've been missing out on an experiment that is more innovative than any challenge Tim Gunn and the Project Runway producers could ever dole out.

In short, The Uniform Project features one chick who proudly travels the road less fashionably traveled, by pledging to go one full year without a single change of a dress. Some fashionistas may consider her challenge pure insanity. I consider it pure genius.

uniform project looks.jpg

We've all fallen in love with a certain article of clothing, flocking to it a few days or so a week, but committing to one single piece for an entire year? Now that's devotion.

Before you start wondering about how our Uniform Project guinea pig, Sheena Matheiken, manages to keep that dress from getting funky in a bad way, don't fret. Sheena's brilliant designer pal, Eliza Starbuck, created 7 versions of the same simple A-line dress (one for every day of the week) that can be worn both front and back or as an open tunic. Sheena is more than halfway there with over six months going strong since the birth of the Project in May of 2009, and she has the entire fashion world rooting for her, engrossed and captivated by her inspiring exercise in sustainable fashion.

Accessorizing her forever frock with colorful tights, layers, millinery, vests, footwear and envious bling, Sheena incorporates pieces that are mostly vintage finds a la Ebay, as well as hand-made, recycled or donated items from loyal Uniform Project devotees. Sheena is no stranger to making simple looks stand out, growing up in India where she flaunted her personal style as a teen day after day, making her school uniform something to be admired, imitated and envied, much like the Gossip Girls who decked out their Constance Billard prep school uniforms with headbands, multi-colored tights, jewels, designer baggage and other luxe accoutrements.

What's the ultimate goal? The Uniform Project will donate all contributions to a charity that is near and dear to Sheena's heart, the Akanksha Foundation’s School Project, that will help pay for uniforms and other educational expenses for underprivileged kids in India.

She's already up to $28,060 and still has a lot of looks left, so thank Sheena for her daring fashion exhibition by making a donation, or donate some of your old accessories or a new creation that might be featured in a daily ensemble.

One hundred and seventy-six days to go for the year of dressing dangerously.

Model mammaries

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model mammaries.JPG

You always want what you can't have.

I live in Miami and am fortunate to have access to hundreds and hundreds of amazing shops, luxury boutiques and high end department stores, but in terms of South Florida shopping...there is something major missing in my life.

That something is H&M.

H&M is considered a trusted friend to fashionistas all over the world, operating in 34 countries with approximately 1,800 stores spread across the globe. Featuring trendy styles for women, men and children, lingerie, accessories and more stylish spoils, H&M is a brand based on a simple philosophy: to bring you fashion and quality at the best price. The only H&M hitch? You can't order online. So unless you have one in your zip code, you're plumb out of luck.

My love affair with H&M began years ago during a trip to New York, and ever since then I have found myself flocking to my style sanctuary every time I visit the Big Apple, where H&M's seem to sprout up on every corner.


They finally set up shop in Florida, with two stores enjoying their grand opening in Orlando last month and I finally had the chance to use up a neglected gift card that had been collecting dust.

Oh what joy! Although the H&M housed in the Florida Mall is considerably smaller than my beloved NY flagship store, I was still a kid with a Ziploc bag full of pennies in a penny candy store. It took me 5 minutes before hitting the fitting rooms with an armload of fresh Fall fashions. Scarves, sweaters, cowl necks, V necks, I wanted everything and briskly maxed out my gift card on my new favorite pieces.

Scratch that, I didn't want everything. I tried on the mammoth scarf seen above that made me vaguely resemble an Ewok and/or a resident of Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tatooine. [I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed that I know where Luke Skywalker is from]. Kudos to gals who can pull it off.

Oh! Did I mention that starting November 14th, Jimmy Choo will bring its international glamour and covetable shoes and bags to 200 select H&M stores around the world?

Even more reason for me to pout over Miami being an H&Mless city.

Ladylike Laptop Bags

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Dear Sammy,

Hi! I need help. I want a laptop bag that is pretty, not a boyish messenger bag. Can you give me a good place to look?


Dear Kate,

I feel your laptop purse pain. If you're toting around a bag that weighs a ton, you at least want it to look cute. Most hot handbags don't have the capacity to fit a standard size laptop, and even if they did, they probably wouldn't have enough inner protection to keep your notebook completely safe and sound.

Lucky for you, your question came at the perfect time and I'm in prime position to dole out handbag help. I recently stumbled upon a designer laptop bag shop that'll make you want to kiss me, Kate. My new favorite laptop case corner is Kolobags.com - a virtual computer bag boutique where they feature designer fashion for technology with a craveable collection of designer bags, sleeves and cases that are worth showing off whether you have a laptop or not.

ladylike laptop bag.JPG

Just take a look at this adorable Lady's Laptop Bag by Kroo USA. She's got style, she's got grace, She's a Lady. Whoa whoa whoa, She's a Lady. This little lady is not only chic, she fits up to a 13” laptop computer, features a padded computer compartment and handy organizational features for ladies on the go to keep their keys, pens, business cards, cells and iPods right at their fingertips.

Whether your purse predilections revolve around colors (see hot pink Samsonite), textures (see faux croc Mango Tango), prints and patterns (see camouflage Acme Made Trixy), or eco-friendly stylings (see Urban Junket convertible tote/backpack), Kolobags allows you to shop by style, size, color or price, making it easier than Windows 7 to find the laptop bag of your dreams.

Ahem, Kolobags also treats you to free shipping and free returns.

Laptop bag shop 'til you drop.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

If you caught the last episode of The City that aired last night on MTV, you had a chance to see Whitney Port arrive on my home turf during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami last July. Whitney and her rowdy roomie Roxy worked the Mara Hoffman show alongside Kelly Cutrone and the rest of the People's Revolution team.

Whitney Port Miami Fashion Week.JPG

To sum up the backstage drama, Roxy and Whitney got torn a new one by Kelly for fighting backstage (Roxy ditched Whit the night before at The Florida Room, so not cool). My archenemy Olivia Palermo half-assed her interview with Mara and once again proved that she has no business working amongst the elite at Elle magazine.

As for the front of the house, guess what ladies and gents. I was there. Front and center.

It's been four months since my coverage of the Mara Hoffman show, but here is a little never-before-seen-video showing just how up close and personal I was.

You saw it here first.

Model Study

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Model Hitting the Books.JPG

Leave Gemma Alone

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Dear members of the press, fellow bloggers, late night television show comedians and other Gemma haters,

Please leave Australian beauty/international Supermodel Gemma Ward alone. Because of you, your empty comments and your thoughtless coverage focused on her weight, Gemma is leaving the modeling industry forever. Thanks to you, you've chastised one of fashion's most memorable faces; a face that has appeared on roughly thirty-something covers of Vogue worldwide.

You tried this crap before with Jennifer Love Hewitt, but she bounced back and came back lighter and leaner for another spooky season of Ghost Whisperer. Gemma may not recover as well as J. Love did, and I blame you.


I wish that I had the capacity to photograph and post compromising photos of every single one of you during those private moments when you're bloated, post Thanksgiving dinner after one too many yams, during a trip to the beach in your ill-fitting suits or when you stand naked on your own scale in the bathroom, tears rolling down your face at the sight of your own excess baggage.

Personally, I think you look amazing Gemma. I wish you would re-consider and sue those douches, demolishing those ugly, mean girl mentalities...but no matter what anti-model path you decide to take, I'll have your back.

I'm watching you Gemma haters, and my camera flash is on.


Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

The race to the finish is on tonight, with the final episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 airing on the CW.

It's come down to two petite sized models - the awkward redhead vs. the southern belle. Our first contender - Nicole (aka Big Red), the quirky girl who may not know how to carry herself in real life, but sure knows how to pose in front of a camera. Handicap: Her monotone, stoner voice that seems to irk the judges. She's placed first, week after week... let's see if she stays on track, holding her spot at the front of the herd.

Then there's a horse of another color, contestant #2 - Laura (aka Blushing Beauty), the gal hailing from the home of the Kentucky Derby who has managed to win over every judge and jockey she meets with her shining blue eyes, charming southern drawl and a smile that goes on for days. Handicap: She can't tan. Laura taking first place honors would make this cycle a true Cinderella story (or a Seabiscuit story, considering she's only 5'6). As long as she doesn't horse around during her final walk, she might just win it all.

My money is on Big Red...
but I'm betting it'll come down to a photo finish.

antm cycle 13.JPG

I once pouted over the fact that I typically don't have things named after me... When scouting department stores I've noticed a myriad of Madison Mary Janes, a slew of Sabrina satchels and countless Chelsea and Cassidy changepurses... but with a name like Samara, I'm not making the big time.

I've come to terms with the fact that in the world of fashion, my name isn't accessory-friendly. I was lucky enough to come across a Samara Tote from Forever 21 named after me a few months back (currently out of stock, hmpf), but my name hadn't been mentioned since... that is, until I found a blast from USWeekly's Recessionista in my inbox. She was raving over a new pair of shoes called the Samara flats.

Hey, that's me!

samara ballet flats.JPG

These adorable fold up flats are small enough to stowe in your bag for times when you want to give your tired toes a rest - like when I insist on wearing my highest heels in the mall only to wish I had worn flipflops after hitting the first four stores and the food court. These Sammy babies are only $50 and come in bronze, rose, gold, black, purple, brown and silver.

Hayden Panettiere from Heroes loves them, and I'm not surprised. Everyone always loves my shoes.

Model relationships.JPG

New Moon, the 2nd installment of the Twilight saga opens tonight and everyone seems to be all vamped up, especially since True Blood is on hiatus.

If your boyfriend bites, pick up your own Wildfox Couture Tee from chickdowntown for $64.

If you didn't catch the red carpet arrivals at the American Music Awards last night, here is a quick recap on the styles that were off key, as well as the looks that were music to my ears.

Neutral and metallic shades sparkled at the AMA's this year and if you weren't sporting some serious sparkle, you might as well fire your stylist because she or he definitely did not get the AMA dress code memo.

Blonde bombshells reigned supreme with country cutie Carrie Underwood and Kristen Bell rocking it in a gold lame one shouldered dress by THEIA and silver lurex seperates by Christian Cota, respectively. At first glance I thought "Really Kristen, a shiny bra and skirt?" But then I realized I had to give the gal props for making a bold choice that was surely noticed, plus it's okay to have a little belly pride when you have a midriff like the one on Veronica Mars.

best dressed at AMA Awards 09.JPG

Now for the bad news. Gowns that Randy Jackson would describe as "pitchy dawg" were surprisingly spotted on former red carpet A listers Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson.

Nicole's dress wouldn't have been that bad if it didn't look like someone painted a sick pair of pink stripes diagonally across her body and Kate came desperately close to pulling a Tara Reid boob flash while introducing the Black Eyed Peas. Oh Kate...I know you're dating A-Rod and you're the envy of every woman/gay Yankee fan in America, but I do not envy this silver jumper look unless you are competing for the gold medal in solo figure skating and/or starring in a remake of Staying Alive.

Kate - heed my advice - you are dating hot Yankee, this is not the time to give up. Save this dress and use it as a cute beach cover up and next time you're invited to walk the red carpet make sure you're not tripping, because this fashion fall was worse than Adam Lambert's and Jennifer Lopez's AMA whoopsies combined.

nicole and kate ama's.JPG

I have an obsession with things that are clear. Clear peppermint lipgloss, clear nail polish, clear Louis Ghost chairs that make small apartment spaces seem not as teeny, clear skies, days when I have a clear conscience... these are a few of my favorite clear things.

My latest obsession is clear eyeglasses.

They first made an appearance on the eyewear scene a year or so ago, and at first I thought they were odd and strangely bizarre, like who are you trying to kid? Hello, those glasses aren't invisible, I still see you and am aware of the fact that you have four eyes.

Now that I've had some time to let the trend sink in, I'm kind of intrigued and am thinking of splurging on a pair. Thankfully, there are a few spec choices that fit a wide range of price points.

Topping my list are these Selima Optique Clear Eyeglasses from JCrew for $325. They're a bit pricey, especially considering they're made of plastic but you gotta admit, they're clearly chic.

clear eyeglass frames.jpg

I see London, I see France with these Prism New York Clear Eyeglass Frames that are available for £205 which comes out to $338.31 US dollars (thank you Currency Converter iPhone app.)

Next stop on the Clear Eye Crusade? These super studious HUNTERREG Hunter Eyeglasses from American Apparel are a little more affordable at $75 and are totally unisex. They come with non-prescription clear lenses for 20/20 visionaries who just dig the look of spectacles and can also be filled with your own prescription if you're a step away from being diagnosed as legally blind, like me.

For those who don't have a penny to their name, ask Santa for these Clear Bottom Plastic Readers from Urban Outfitters. They're only clear on the bottom, so you can get a feel for the clearness without going all out. These guys are only ten bucks and make an ideal stocking stuffer for folks who are cool with being hip to be square.

Have I made myself clear?

Thanksgiving is less than twenty-four hours away, and for all of the big wing bra and panty lovers out there, here's something to be thankful for. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is back for yet another walk down lingerie lane, returning to the runway on Tuesday December 1st at 10pm (9pm central) on CBS.

Prepare to see old familiar faces with the regular lineup of Angels of old including Miranda Kerr (prancing with the butterflies down below), Marisa Miller, Alessandra Ambrosio and the mother of all Angels, Heidi Klum, who just had her 4th kid 5 weeks ago. Damn you Klum, damn you.

Plus, this year there's a new model walking the walk and talking the Secret talk with the winner of this year's Vicky S Model Search revealing her face... amongst other body parts.

victorias secret fashion show 09.JPG

model thanksgiving.JPG

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving everyone. I trust you all had a lovely holiday along with some lovely servings of turkey, stuffing, casseroles, cranberries and all the fixings.

I had two Thanksgivings this year, one with the family and a post Thanksgiving Black Friday Feast with my boyfriend since we were separated on the big day, celebrating fifty something miles apart.

Yep, this weekend I outdid myself, unbuttoning my jeans at least half a dozen times due to round the clock gobbling, and there is still enough food in the fridge to last me until... well, until tomorrow if I continue the eating habits I've adopted for the past four days.

One word comes to mind when reflecting on the holiday, and that word is excess.

model eating poultry.JPG

Excessive eating, excessive drinking, excessive shopping, excessive fighting at the stores while shopping... whatever we did this weekend, odds are it was all to the second or third or fourth power. I've been contemplating this, ever since I helped myself to a fourth helping of sweet potato casserole and have come up with a little post Thanksgiving To- Do list that will help me divvy up the remainder of the excess with stylish success.

1. Leftover turkey - Eat. Deliver to a homeless shelter. You binged one, two, three or however many days. Share the turkey wealth with people who are hungry. You'll feel good for feeding someone who needs a good meal, and you'll feel better when you fit into that hot, clingy outfit you've reserved for the office Christmas party.

2. Leftover pumpkin pie - Eat. Give yourself a pumpkin facial. Take a slice of fresh pumpkin, cut up, puree in the blender, add an egg yolk and 2/3 cup milk, then blend again. Slather on your face and leave on for a half hour for skin that is even more delicious than that leftover turkey skin.

3. Leftover purchases from Black Friday - Return. You put anything and everything you could grab into your shopping cart, including a battery operated leaf blower that you don't even recall picking up. Do you really want to stand in line, dragging along all of the victims from your lapse in judgment shopping spree? I thought not. Too many toys? Donate to Toys for Tots. Lay out all other purchases and put post it notes on them for this year and next year's giftees. Save items for hostess gifts, office birthdays, Anniversaries, etc... and there's gotta be at least one strange Uncle in the family who would love that leaf blower.

4. Leftover clothes in your closet - Regift. Weed out anything that doesn't fit or clothing you haven't worn in over a year and donate it all to Goodwill, or better yet, drop it off at the shelter along with your turkey and all the leftover trimmings. Besides being a good Samaritan, you're also making space for new wearable gifts and who knows... you might find a more appropriate option than that hot, clingy number you reserved for the office Christmas party.

5. Leftover pounds - Ignore. Hop on the treadmill. You have 24 days before Christmas when the excess cycle begins all over again.

Samara Sanchez

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