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I have an obsession with things that are clear. Clear peppermint lipgloss, clear nail polish, clear Louis Ghost chairs that make small apartment spaces seem not as teeny, clear skies, days when I have a clear conscience... these are a few of my favorite clear things.

My latest obsession is clear eyeglasses.

They first made an appearance on the eyewear scene a year or so ago, and at first I thought they were odd and strangely bizarre, like who are you trying to kid? Hello, those glasses aren't invisible, I still see you and am aware of the fact that you have four eyes.

Now that I've had some time to let the trend sink in, I'm kind of intrigued and am thinking of splurging on a pair. Thankfully, there are a few spec choices that fit a wide range of price points.

Topping my list are these Selima Optique Clear Eyeglasses from JCrew for $325. They're a bit pricey, especially considering they're made of plastic but you gotta admit, they're clearly chic.

clear eyeglass frames.jpg

I see London, I see France with these Prism New York Clear Eyeglass Frames that are available for £205 which comes out to $338.31 US dollars (thank you Currency Converter iPhone app.)

Next stop on the Clear Eye Crusade? These super studious HUNTERREG Hunter Eyeglasses from American Apparel are a little more affordable at $75 and are totally unisex. They come with non-prescription clear lenses for 20/20 visionaries who just dig the look of spectacles and can also be filled with your own prescription if you're a step away from being diagnosed as legally blind, like me.

For those who don't have a penny to their name, ask Santa for these Clear Bottom Plastic Readers from Urban Outfitters. They're only clear on the bottom, so you can get a feel for the clearness without going all out. These guys are only ten bucks and make an ideal stocking stuffer for folks who are cool with being hip to be square.

Have I made myself clear?

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I love those eyeglasses!! If you want to review a pair of cool eyeglasses, I might know how to help you out! Send me an email glassesgirl81 at gmail dot com ... think about, free pair of eyeglass frames!! It's a win-win!


I would just like to say I love the site! Keep up the good work :)

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