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Happy Monday after Thanksgiving everyone. I trust you all had a lovely holiday along with some lovely servings of turkey, stuffing, casseroles, cranberries and all the fixings.

I had two Thanksgivings this year, one with the family and a post Thanksgiving Black Friday Feast with my boyfriend since we were separated on the big day, celebrating fifty something miles apart.

Yep, this weekend I outdid myself, unbuttoning my jeans at least half a dozen times due to round the clock gobbling, and there is still enough food in the fridge to last me until... well, until tomorrow if I continue the eating habits I've adopted for the past four days.

One word comes to mind when reflecting on the holiday, and that word is excess.

model eating poultry.JPG

Excessive eating, excessive drinking, excessive shopping, excessive fighting at the stores while shopping... whatever we did this weekend, odds are it was all to the second or third or fourth power. I've been contemplating this, ever since I helped myself to a fourth helping of sweet potato casserole and have come up with a little post Thanksgiving To- Do list that will help me divvy up the remainder of the excess with stylish success.

1. Leftover turkey - Eat. Deliver to a homeless shelter. You binged one, two, three or however many days. Share the turkey wealth with people who are hungry. You'll feel good for feeding someone who needs a good meal, and you'll feel better when you fit into that hot, clingy outfit you've reserved for the office Christmas party.

2. Leftover pumpkin pie - Eat. Give yourself a pumpkin facial. Take a slice of fresh pumpkin, cut up, puree in the blender, add an egg yolk and 2/3 cup milk, then blend again. Slather on your face and leave on for a half hour for skin that is even more delicious than that leftover turkey skin.

3. Leftover purchases from Black Friday - Return. You put anything and everything you could grab into your shopping cart, including a battery operated leaf blower that you don't even recall picking up. Do you really want to stand in line, dragging along all of the victims from your lapse in judgment shopping spree? I thought not. Too many toys? Donate to Toys for Tots. Lay out all other purchases and put post it notes on them for this year and next year's giftees. Save items for hostess gifts, office birthdays, Anniversaries, etc... and there's gotta be at least one strange Uncle in the family who would love that leaf blower.

4. Leftover clothes in your closet - Regift. Weed out anything that doesn't fit or clothing you haven't worn in over a year and donate it all to Goodwill, or better yet, drop it off at the shelter along with your turkey and all the leftover trimmings. Besides being a good Samaritan, you're also making space for new wearable gifts and who knows... you might find a more appropriate option than that hot, clingy number you reserved for the office Christmas party.

5. Leftover pounds - Ignore. Hop on the treadmill. You have 24 days before Christmas when the excess cycle begins all over again.

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