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Leave Gemma Alone

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Dear members of the press, fellow bloggers, late night television show comedians and other Gemma haters,

Please leave Australian beauty/international Supermodel Gemma Ward alone. Because of you, your empty comments and your thoughtless coverage focused on her weight, Gemma is leaving the modeling industry forever. Thanks to you, you've chastised one of fashion's most memorable faces; a face that has appeared on roughly thirty-something covers of Vogue worldwide.

You tried this crap before with Jennifer Love Hewitt, but she bounced back and came back lighter and leaner for another spooky season of Ghost Whisperer. Gemma may not recover as well as J. Love did, and I blame you.


I wish that I had the capacity to photograph and post compromising photos of every single one of you during those private moments when you're bloated, post Thanksgiving dinner after one too many yams, during a trip to the beach in your ill-fitting suits or when you stand naked on your own scale in the bathroom, tears rolling down your face at the sight of your own excess baggage.

Personally, I think you look amazing Gemma. I wish you would re-consider and sue those douches, demolishing those ugly, mean girl mentalities...but no matter what anti-model path you decide to take, I'll have your back.

I'm watching you Gemma haters, and my camera flash is on.


Comments (2)

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good article as usual!


I agree, the paparazzi sucks.

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