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I once pouted over the fact that I typically don't have things named after me... When scouting department stores I've noticed a myriad of Madison Mary Janes, a slew of Sabrina satchels and countless Chelsea and Cassidy changepurses... but with a name like Samara, I'm not making the big time.

I've come to terms with the fact that in the world of fashion, my name isn't accessory-friendly. I was lucky enough to come across a Samara Tote from Forever 21 named after me a few months back (currently out of stock, hmpf), but my name hadn't been mentioned since... that is, until I found a blast from USWeekly's Recessionista in my inbox. She was raving over a new pair of shoes called the Samara flats.

Hey, that's me!

samara ballet flats.JPG

These adorable fold up flats are small enough to stowe in your bag for times when you want to give your tired toes a rest - like when I insist on wearing my highest heels in the mall only to wish I had worn flipflops after hitting the first four stores and the food court. These Sammy babies are only $50 and come in bronze, rose, gold, black, purple, brown and silver.

Hayden Panettiere from Heroes loves them, and I'm not surprised. Everyone always loves my shoes.

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LOVE this blog!


Cute shoes but are they only at forever 21. I wouldn't care if I had to drive to forever 21 for it but is there any other places to get it?


Cute flats

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