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Sexy Little Stocking Stuffers

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Hello Sammy,

My girlfriend put up a pair of Christmas stockings this year and I have no idea what to put in hers. Can you give a guy a clue?


Hello Bruce,

Thanks for your question.

I'm a big stocking girl. Wait, that didn't sound right. More accurately, I'm a petite-sized stocking girl who is a big fan of the Christmas stocking.

Sometimes my guy loves what's hidden inside my stockings even more than the big gigantic gifts nestled under the tree. Wait, that came out wrong. I didn't mean stockings that I'm actually wearing. You know what I mean. When it comes to stuffed stockings, I love both giving and receiving. Wow. You know what, let's just get to the gifts.
women's stocking stuffers.JPG
Here are my suggestions for little trinkets that will get you big marks with your lady this Christmas.

1. Love Wood Block Statement Rings - Christmas isn't Christmas without a little toy in your stocking. She may be too old to play with dollies, but these Wood Block Statement Rings from Delight.com are only $24 each and have love written all over them.

2. Sexy Little Things Shimmer Powder - Chicks love smelling good and things that are sparkly. Let her mist herself with this pink shimmer power that comes in a sexy little bottle with a sexy little atomizer from sexy little Victoria's Secret for $25. Then feel free to have a little sexy time.

3. Sprayology WomanPower - The holidays are a stressful time for her. She has tons of shopping to do, dozens of Christmas cards to send out and dysfunctional families who have flown in from Denver to deal with. She may not be in the mood, regardless of the sexy little shimmer powder she just opened. Give her a hit of Sprayology's WomanPower, and prepare to hear her roar with a libido enhancer that will have you both jingling all the way.

4. No matter how serious the relationship is, you can never go wrong with anything, I repeat anything from Tiffanys.

stocking stuffers for women.JPG

Trust me Bruce, these stuffers will knock her stockings off.

I did it again.



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I enjoy reading every day. Let's talk style.com rocks!

Joe Johnson:

Looking forward to your next post

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