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Spread the Samara Love

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I have complained on numerous occasions regarding the unpopularity of my name. You have all been invited to multiple pity parties chronicling the difficulties involved in finding personalized items for myself. My name is not a common one. I am not your average Joe or Jo-Ann. I am not every Tom, Dick or Harry. I am Samara, and although I have had a cute bag and pair of ballet flats named after me, I continue to find myself looking for more.

Lo and behold, I have recently stumbled upon a virtual treasure trove of personalized items, not for me, but for those who love me.

Friends, family, boyfriends, co-workers, confidantes, fellow college alumni and Let'sTalk Stylers of all ages, now you can celebrate yours truly (your favorite style blogging hostess with the mostest) with an entire line of Samara gifts - just in time for the holiday season.

O come let us adore me.

i love samara tee.JPG

Show your unwavering devotion to me on your chest with these Samara approved tees that are hot off the screenprinting presses. Choose from basic tees, ringers, sweatshirts, hoodies and even onesies for babies who come out of their mamas' wombs loving me, just waiting until they can form complete sentences so they can Ask Sammy a few baby style related questions.

It doesn't stop there. Shop for totes, caps, keychains, coffee mugs, mousepads, aprons, stickers, buttons and more Samara worshipping paraphernalia that tells the world that I rule.

You like me, you really like me.

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The ring:

Don't forget the girl from the ring was also named Samara!

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