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I had a moment of clarity today. A flash of perspective.

I was upset this morning for multiple reasons. My dog wouldn't go number two, one of my contact lenses dried up from sticking to the side of its case and I dropped and broke my make-up mirror. The light won't go on and one side of the mirror is cracked, which means seven years of bad luck that I can't afford. It wasn't my best morning.

Then, as I was driving to work, I heard a segment on the radio covering the latest relief efforts in Haiti. I heard that 9600 bottles of water and 42000 MRE Packets were airdropped, providing some victims with the first meal they've had since January 12th. I heard about how men and women were going through the rubble of what used to be their homes, looking for any piece of their former lives that could be salvaged.

I'm such a jerk. Material possessions should be the furthest thing from my mind amidst the horrific aftermath of Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti. I get upset over things like this morning's trifecta of events or losing my favorite pair of sunglasses, but I didn't lose a home, sustenance... a child.

It made my heart hurt. I ache for the families that have been torn apart. The wives who will never again be able to embrace their husbands, their mothers, fathers and babies.

band aid.jpg

In the wake of things, what I'm doing right now seems so petty, writing a fashion blog and profiling today's must-have pieces.

I'm headed to NY Fashion Week next month. I heard a rumor that it might all be canceled, considering the world events that have taken precedence over the new crop of Fall collections. Fashion Week is still a go, but I was pleased to learn that designers, models and other high profile members of the Fashion World have united, doing their part to raise awareness and funds. Narciso Rodriguez and Cynthia Rowley hosted a benefit for Haiti on Monday evening, combining efforts to raise money for the people who have more on their minds than whether structured shoulders will be in this Fall.

I may not be part of the big picture, but I hope that I can at least do my part and urge readers to give anything they can to a variety of organizations. From donating to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Efforts to Unicef or calling in to George Clooney's Hope For Haiti Telethon tomorrow night, whether it's $5 or the $15K that President Obama has given, every dime will help them rebuild and recover all that has been lost.

In the meantime, make an effort to refrain from sweating the small stuff like I do and try to embrace the ones that you love while they are still here.

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Arlyne :

This has really got me thinking. Thanks for that.

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