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I am always complaining about the heat and general lack of seasonal changes here in sunny Florida, but this past week we've been enjoying record low temperatures - in the 30's folks! Yes, I'm freezing my giblets off, but I'm pulling cute old coats out of storage that I haven't seen in years, decking my dog out in cold weather dogwear and I finally feel like I'm a step closer to walking in a winter wonderland.

Here are a few highs and lows of dealing with the cold.

Top 5 Things to love about Cold Weather

1. You don't have to maintain pricey pedicures.
2. You can get away with wearing your boyfriend's oversized tops and sweaters while smelling like him all day.
3. Boots, boots and more boots.
4. Frizz-free hair, natural blush, chilled lips.
5. You finally have a reason to use that furry pink toilet seat cover your mom bought you.

warm coat2.JPG

Top 5 Things to hate about Cold Weather

1. Damn, your feet are fugly.
2. Your boyfriend is pissy because you've pilfered all of his warm clothes and when you finally give them back, he ends up smelling like a girl.
3. Toe jam, toe jam and more toe jam.
4. Static-y hair, flaky face, chapped lips.
5. Cursing yourself for throwing away that ridiculous furry pink toilet seat cover your mom bought you.

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