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Monday, February 15th. The Promenade. Brazilian Boy Wonder, Carlos Miele.

Brazil, where hearts were entertaining June
We stood beneath an amber moon...

Fine, it was February at 11am and we stood beneath a heated white tent. I still like the song.

As stated in the official press kit, beneath that heated white tent we were presented with geometric abstract art and its pure colors, photo montages, and constructivist architectural engineering that when combined, inspired the creative process of Carlos Miele's collection.

In layman's fashion terms, the show was colorful and deliciously tactile. I actually wanted to reach out and touch everything, although I did not. No sense in running the risk of oversized Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week security men tossing me out on my tush in the middle of 6th Avenue.

Soft, exquisite looking furs and capelets captured my interest as did the comfy looking knitwear including a purple sweater that I dreamed of wrapping myself in once I left the snug comfort of the tents. Other favorite pieces? A black fringe vest and a superb trio of vivid and brightly colored strapless dresses that collectively captured the hues and the spirit of the Carnival celebrations - the Brazilian version of Mardi Gras, if you will.

carlos miele fall 2010.jpg

Pics from Sam cam -

carlos miele runway.jpg

carlos miele runway 2.jpg

All of the looks were accessorized with messy buns and open toe black booties with gold accents.

All in all, this Miele was delish, I'd certainly come back for seconds.

There's one thing I'm certain of
Return I will to old Brazil.

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My favorite is the long dress in the center, soooo elegant!

Thanx for the post!


Cool clothes. I never heard of that designer before

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