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Valentine's Day. The Salon. 2nd Row. 9pm. Vassilios Kostetsos.

Sitting in a primo seat with awesome sight lines, staring at a lovely Fern Mallis standing directly in front of me in a dashing winter white knee length coat looking pretty relaxed considering that she is ultimately responsible for giving birth to this crazy little thing called Fashion Week.

9:32pm - I have to go pee just as much as the long-legged 6 foot glamazon next to me needs to eat a sandwich, but they finally started taking the plastic wrap off of the runway which means it's almost showtime. The house lights go down. Here we go.

We hear Lady Gagaish orgasmic screams and catch a glimpse of a hot red light against the backdrop, pulsing harder than the hormones of the Cupid smitten teenage couples I saw making out in Times Square just an hour earlier on my way to the hotel.

I have four words to sum up the show - Leather. Sequins. Feathers. Snakeskin. Sexy-ass. Make that five and a half words.

Inspired by the 442 BC Sophocles drama Antigone, the collection was dominated by sexy puffy-sleeved trenches, hot pants, sheer fabrics, tattoo-like tights, immaculate draping, above the knee boots, pretty boy models with spray-painted metallic faces, ostentatious evening gowns and more inspirations that are all Greek to me.

This show was anything but subdued with a striking color palette of dare to be remembered reds, whites and blues, blacks and bronzes. I snapped the photo below myself during the final walk. Not bad, huh? Just disregard big guy's head on the left. It was a really big cranium. No way around it.

vassilios kostetsos runway.jpg

What was in the goody bag? Orange BZ Greek Grill pens, a Vassilios press kit, world renowned celebrity hair designer and "official hairstylist of Vassilios Kostetsos", Rodolfo Valentin brand shampoo, eyeshadows (gray and blush) and Super Sweet lipgloss.

My seating assignment card read "Eros Anikate Mahan" which translates to - "Love something something." I'm a fashion blogger not a linguist, what do you expect?

Overall, in terms of passionate collections, Vassilios gave me the big O.

Sending you great big kisses Vassilios, to thank you for getting my heart to race wild on V-Day. Make that double kisses on both cheeks.

That's how they do it in Athens, no?

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