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  /ˈtwaɪˌlaɪt/ Pronunced [twahy-lahyt]
1. the soft, diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, either from daybreak to sunrise or, more commonly, from sunset to nightfall.

2. a terminal period, esp. after full development, success, etc.: the twilight of his life.

3. a blockbuster film/phenomenon (based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer) starring hottie vampire, Edward Cullen.

Monday, February 15th. Perry Ellis. The Promenade. 2nd Row. 7pm, the twilight hour.

Pre-show I was treated to a couple of complimentary berry martinis and ran into Jennifer and Laura from the shorty cycle of America's Next Top Model. They both looked gorgeous, were very friendly, and I loved the fact that they are still close friends even more than the fact that they didn't tower over me the way most of the models here did. I snapped a pic with my phone, but Jen looked weird and Laura had her eyes closed, and I could never post an unflattering photo of my new besties.

As I took my seat and browsed through my program I got the chills, excited to finally see some menswear pieces that were to die for. I took in the hot pink backdrop with the black chandelier for a moment and as soon as the lights went dark, the coven of male models were ready to prowl.

Creative director John Crocco presented a collection of dark hues and luxurious fabrics that enveloped a mix of sophisticated sportswear and handsome evening wear to prep today's Perry Ellis man for any night out on the town. Elegant trenches, velvet evening jackets, tuxedo pants, waistcoats, exquisite three piece suits, color blocked wonders, sumptuous leather, cozy wool blends... hold the phones, is that a cravat I see? Where's Chuck Bass when you need him?

Nearly every piece in the program was attached to the words Midnight and/or Eclipse and the pale male models wore them well, looking chiseled, wan and in desperate need of a blood transfusion, although when the light hit one of them just right, I'd swear his skin was sparkling.

Sam Cam
perry ellis fall 2010.jpg

In conclusion, John Crocco for Perry Ellis is far from the twilight of his career, delivering a dressed to kill collection that had major bite.

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