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Model baggage

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Cagney and Lacey

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This morning while getting dressed, I had a frantic urge to wear something frilly and feminine. My work uniform as of late has consisted mainly of skinny jeans paired with plaid button downs and tank tops. The weather channel app on my iPod informed me that the temperature outside was a delightful seventy-two degrees with no chance of showers. Perfect Spring dress weather.

This past Sunday I saw dozens of little girls decked out in their Easter best, looking sweeter than a pack of peeps. I wore my favorite flirty dress as well and received compliments on it all day long. There's something about slipping on a dress with a full skirt, pretty print or delicate fabric that makes you feel like a lady through and through... like you should be sipping high tea at noon with your pinkie in the air, eating teenie weenie watercress sandwiches with the crusts cut off (But only two or three. Consuming any more than that would be unladylike for real ladies do not eat, nor do they poop).

So I put on my second favorite dress and am feeling girlish and dainty, lacy and lovely. On my drive to work I was serenaded with Billy Joel's Uptown Girl and cursed myself for forgetting to wear my pearls.

lace fashions.JPG

If you're longing to bring out your inner lady, there is a fresh crop of lacy pieces for the new season that won't make you look like a doily. This Metallic Lace Bolero from Spiegel adds an ultra feminine touch to any ensemble, whether you're wearing a simple sheath or your favorite jeans. It's also ideal for covering up bared shoulders in church or on a trip to grandma's house, for $59.

The Reformed Wilder Dress from Urban Outfitters is the perfect dress to reform me of my tee shirt and jean loving ways. This floral cotton voile dress has the sweetest silhouette and the exposed zipper closure down the front adds the perfect edge at $78.

If lace dresses are a little too here-comes-the-bride for you, you can still incorporate a lick of lace with a simple accessory like these Fingerless Lace Gloves from Forever 21. They're pretty in pink for only $2.80 and the pastel hue makes it more Springlike than Madonna like.

I enjoy being a girl.

One of my male co-workers just shamefully admitted that he bought tee-shirts from Forever 21 with the same level of embarrassment that I would expect if he were to confess that he had voted for Kate Gosselin to remain on Dancing With the Stars.

Dude, chillax. It's totally cool to shop the 21Men collection from Forever 21. Featuring more than affordable denim styles and staples like these 100% cotton basic solid tees featured at $5.90, I don't see why you wouldn't want to shop there.

I mean, it's not like you're buying boy-brief panties from Victoria's Secret.

basic solid men's tee.JPG

If you're a Miami gal without anything to do tomorrow night, (I know, rather unlikely) hit Klutch on Collins to check out the official launch for the Betsy Moss 2010 Swimwear Collection.

Take in a fashion show featuring top models in action, jam to hot tunes spun by DJ D-UP and DJ 360, and take in a sneak peek of Betsy's sexiest swimsuits that will be available in boutiques and online this summer. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night if I do say so myself.

But don't expect to see any American flags... that would be Betsy Ross territory.


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Model tweets

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Cloghorn Leghorn

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I say I say I say, are clogs back in style?

According to my favorite Brit It girl, Alexa Chung, they are. Here she is, featured on the cover of UK Vogue’s March issue proudly showing off her Chanel clog-clad-feet.

I've always associated clogs with wooden footwear meant for folksy heavy footed clog-like dancing, but in today's fashion world clogs are basically a hip and easy to wear style of slip on shoes that are making trend list after trend list.

Want to get in on the clogging action? Score a pair of international clogs inspired by Alexa and imported from the UK with these Promise Leather Studded Clogs from Asos for $143.73 or Topshop's Prima Sling Clogs for $160 (£85 and £75 in British pounds mate).

alexa chung clogs.JPG

If you'd rather keep the clogging all American style, you have several options... Steve Madden doubles your clogging pleasure with the Bresi and the dayntyer version, the Daynty Open Toed Clogs, or you can try on Seychelles Care to Dance Clogs for $99.95 from OnlineShoes.com.

Not fully convinced you want to give over to the clogging trend? Ease yourself into the clog with Aldo's weird but cool Mule/Clog/Wedge hybrid - the Dillenburgs on sale for $59.98.

If the clog fits, wear it.

Blue Lip Special

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Here's a beauty tip that I discovered yesterday, totally by accident. I was minding my own beeswax, sucking away on a big blue raspberry Ring Pop (a retro candy favorite from my youth) when my co-worker comes in and says "Nice."

Assuming she was referring to my righteous oversized candy cocktail ring, I gave her a warm "Hey, thanks" back, but her questioning stare directed at my mouth clued me in to her sarcasm. I assessed the damage in my MAC compact to discover that my lips were blue, da boo dee, da boo die.

Yes, my delicious Ring Pop had inadvertently caused me to resemble an icy Kate Winslet floating on that piece of driftwood towards the end of Titanic. After getting over the initial shock, I was actually quite impressed. I looked heroin chic and as cool as supermodel Chanel Iman, and it didn't even cost me a buck.

blue lip tip.JPG

If you're all about alternative lip colors or crying over your favorite lipstick that's been discontinued, visit the lipsmacker masters at Three Custom Color Specialists. These pioneers in custom cosmetics will resurrect your favorite discontinued shades or create any shade you can dream up... whether it's red, white or blue.

Always at your lip service,

My graduation is coming up, and i have no clue what dress to get. Its an 8th grade graduation, so nothing to inappropriate for my age. I kinda want to wear a strapless because i never have yet. Any color would work, except pink because i look awful in pink. Something cheap and cute... CHEAP and cute. Also, if you have any ideas for hair and accessories, that would be great.

Your the Best!
Fashion-Nerd B


Hi Fashion-Nerd B,

1. Congrats on your upcoming graduation! Your parents, President Obama and I are very proud of you.

2. I took out my strapless, CHEAP and cute rolodex and have found a couple of fashionable dress options for your upcoming commencement ceremony. It's a momentous occasion and I would hate for you to end up looking as stylistically challenged as these chicks -

female graduates.JPG

My number one choice is this Plaid Sheen Dress from Heritage 1981 that will look adorably collegiate and chic with a pair of black tights and coordinating Mary Janes. It also gets an A+ for fitting all of your major criteria as it is Strapless, CHEAP and cute for $26.90.

graduation dress.JPG

I'm also loving Roxy's Punk Princess Plaid Dress rocking a too cool for school "Another Brick in the Wall" vibe. Extra credit - it's also a total steal at $29.99 from Swell.com.

If you aren't into plaid, dELiA*s has a cute little Jada Floral Dress that isn't as cheap at $44.50, but the cuteness factor certainly makes up for it.

As for hair accessories, you can't go wrong with a smart headband that gives your tresses a polished and graduated sense of sophistication. Plus, it's so Blair Waldorf.

p.s. Forever 21 has them starting at $1.50. How's that for CHEAP and cute?

Congrats again and I hope this helped!


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Model in the sand

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This past weekend I caught a matinee of the much anticipated biopic depicting the rise and fall of the first major all-girl teenage rock band, The Runaways, featuring Twilight saga starlets Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning who took a break from Edward Cullen and their vampire world to rock our world as the salt and pepper Queens of Noise, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.

I am by no means a film critic, so I will refrain from digging on the cinematic hits and misses including the overly-hyped lesbian sex scene between the two leads. What I will focus on instead, are the rockstar threads that kept this movie tight.


Set circa 1975 in the early age of the West Coast punk scene, I found myself lusting after a plethora of 5+ inch high platforms, tissue thin old school tees, skin tight leather, Charlie's Angels style jumpsuits, high-waisted denim and even considered swapping my safe long and layered hairstyle for a seventies style shag.

It isn't difficult to achieve your own version of Runaways style. Just slip on your favorite worn in pair of jeans, the skinnier the better, a pair of beat-up Chuck Taylors or platforms (I'm loving these Daybreak Platforms from Steve Madden), a tribute shirt like this Joan Jett Tee paired with a classy pair of Kena Aviator Sunglasses, a Lucky guitar pick necklace and you're good to go.

runaways style.JPG

Back to the film... My favorite scene wasn't the feel good moment when The Runaways got signed by Mercury Records. It wasn't when they arrived in Japan to find thousands of screaming Asian girls who were more emphatic than any Beatlemaniac from the sixties. My favorite runaway moment was a short, 30 second snippet of Kristen channeling Joan Jett while creating her own grunged out Sex Pistols tee with a homemade cardboard stencil, a can of spraypaint and a handful of safety pins.

This scene epitomized the effortless style, talent and reckless rebellion that helped this fab fivesome pave the way for girl bands like The Bangles, The Go-Go's, The Donnas, The Slits, Hole and dozens of others.

Although the movie wasn't the cherry bomb that I wanted it to be, I still walked out of it feeling like girls rock. Girls rock hard.

Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?

If you have not, she's Christina Hendricks (aka Mad Men secretarial seductress, Joan Holloway) and she's featured on the May cover of Esquire magazine after scoring the coveted title of Esquire's "Best-Looking Woman in America".

Yes, our redheaded bodacious bombshell beat out other celebrity beauties like Megan Fox and model Adriana Lima winning over 30% of the vote from 10,000 women surveyed, proving that women think she's just as much of a dollface as the Mad Men do. In fact, she's so much of a doll, Mattel has immortalized her with her very own Joan Holloway Barbie Doll.

Pre-order your own Joan Barbie from the Big Bad Toy Store, but beware...

Joan/Christina is no one's play toy.

christina hendricks madmen.JPG

Happy Belated Earthday

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I forgot that today was Earthday once again, so I am reposting last year's apologetic Earth Day blog.

Sorry, Earth. Maybe next year I'll get it right.


Dear Earth,

I feel like such a jerk. I'm sorry I forgot your Earthday.

I was crazy busy at work yesterday with no time to blog, and had a strange feeling all day that I was forgetting something important. I remembered right before I went to bed. I wanted to send you an e-card, but I didn't know your email address and you're kinda hard to track down. I had it marked on my calendar and even blogged about Earth Day fashions last week, but I slipped. My mind must have been on another planet. I suck.

In all honesty, I know I haven't been a good friend to you Earth. I've totally taken you for granted. I threw an empty can of Red Bull into the garbage last week because there wasn't a recycling bin nearby and I forgot to turn off the water when I was brushing my teeth last night. I may not be 100% Earth-friendly, but at least I shop at Lux Green Living, earthsake and Loomstate at Shopstyle for organic, sustainable clothing. That's something, isn't it?

eco style.jpg

I hope that all of my loyal Letstalkstylers will follow my lead and embrace eco styles that are totally good for my best pal. In fact, I'm buying this Long Sleeve V Neck Tee Dress from Lux Green Living and this BambooChic Hoodie from earthsake as soon as I'm done writing this letter. Look at me. I'm so selfish. I missed your Earthday and now I'm buying gifts for myself.

Anyway, I hope that you had a great day yesterday and that you can somehow find it in your core to forgive me. I heart you Earth, and I won't let you down again.

Happy Belated Earthday.

And next time you're free for Happy Hour, drinks are on me.

Miami girls, listen up.

The always Angelic Alessandra Ambrosio will be at the Victoria's Secret store on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach today from 12 - 3pm to celebrate the launch of VS's new fragrance, Heavenly Flowers.

Excited yet? There's more.

Get Alessandra's autograph and score a makeover for you and your Mom from the VS Makeup Supermodel Artist Team with any $35 beauty purchase. Plus, a Dream Angels Heavenly dreamlette for the first 500 customers.


Model itches

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I have a love/hate relationship with the rain.

When I was little, I loved the rain. I loved sloshing about in puddles and since I grew up in Florida, (normally the Sunshine State) I realized that catching big rain droplets in my mouth was the closest I'd ever come to catching snowflakes on my tongue.

Once I grew up, began wearing mascara and actually cared about the frizz factor of my hair, I began to hate the rain. I came to terms that contrary to what my favorite downcast day nursery rhyme had taught me, the rain, rain would not go away and come again some other day. The Rain was here to stay and I was going to have to deal with it.

Here's how.

womens rainboots.JPG

Step one - Get a cute raincoat. I decided that my first step towards making peace with rainy days was to treat myself to a rainjacket that not only protected my cute outfit underneath, but looked cute on its own. Be prepared come rain or come shine with a non-bulky rain jacket that you can store in your purse or glove compartment. I adore my yellow Jacket in a Packet raincoat from OldNavy. It folds up into a tiny lightweight bag and is steps above your basic poncho. {Sorry no link guys, they're all sold out.}

Step two - Get a cute umbrella, ella ella like this Big Fish Umbrella from Modcloth. Seriously, who can feel unhappy looking up at these little fishies getting wet?

Step three - Get a cute pair of Rainboots. These Chooka Womens Rainboots from Online Shoes are tall and waterproof with a cotton knit lining that absorbs moisture and a heavy-treaded rubber sole for klutzos like me who are prone to slips and falls even on dry ground. Plus, the print is downright Geishadorable.

Go ahead, rain on my parade.

On Monday evening I took a break from my weekly routine and treated my Dad to an evening at the opera. The performance - Georges Bizet's French opéra comique, Carmen.

There is something about going to the opera that makes you feel downright fancy...cultured and oh so refined. The performance was tres magnifique and even though I couldn't understand a single French lyric, the music still pulsed through my veins and I was completely transported to Seville, Spain, circa 1830.

Listening to the familiar orchestrations, I found myself completely wrapped up in the story of passion, jealousy and obsession. Watching Carmen own the stage as the enchanting gypsy with the fiery temper made me want to take up flamenco dancing, run with the bulls, get into a catfight with a chick who rubs me the wrong way.

My Dad kept saying it was nothing like the movie. Yes, when we hear the name Carmen it is nearly impossible to avoid referencing Carmen Jones, the 50's musical film adaptation starring Dorothy Dandridge as the Big C and Harry Belafonte as her lovestruck soldier boy Joe (aka Don José).

I found it interesting how Carmen's style, both in the film and the opera seemed to share the same timeless bond. Something black, something red, hoop earrings, high heels and a flower behind the ear all merge together to form a commendable Carmen costume that any gal can pull off.

carmen style.JPG

One visit to Arden B is all it takes to evoke the modern day spirit of Carmen with a Black Eyelet Off the Shoulder Top, a pair of Diamond Dust Hoop Earrings and Rhinestone Ruffle Heels (available in both black and red). Slip on a red skirt and a Satin Flower Bobby Pin from Forever21 behind your ear and you're ready for your solo.

I'm showing off my own take on Carmen style today as well, sporting black pencil jeans, a red top, hoops and black, flamenco stomping high heels.

I just hope I don't get stabbed by the end of the day.

Oops. Spoiler alert.

Unlike Joanie, I never loved Chachi.

Fonzie's younger cousin never quite did it for me, even though he played basketball and was in a band. Perhaps it was because he was a crybaby, or it might have been those cheesy cut off muscle shirts that revealed his Chachi belly.

In any case, if you ever did have the hots for Chach, this Scott Baio Crew Tee Shirt from Urban Outfitters should bring you many Happy Days.

chachi tee.JPG

model 1.JPG

Samara Sanchez

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