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Blue Lip Special

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Here's a beauty tip that I discovered yesterday, totally by accident. I was minding my own beeswax, sucking away on a big blue raspberry Ring Pop (a retro candy favorite from my youth) when my co-worker comes in and says "Nice."

Assuming she was referring to my righteous oversized candy cocktail ring, I gave her a warm "Hey, thanks" back, but her questioning stare directed at my mouth clued me in to her sarcasm. I assessed the damage in my MAC compact to discover that my lips were blue, da boo dee, da boo die.

Yes, my delicious Ring Pop had inadvertently caused me to resemble an icy Kate Winslet floating on that piece of driftwood towards the end of Titanic. After getting over the initial shock, I was actually quite impressed. I looked heroin chic and as cool as supermodel Chanel Iman, and it didn't even cost me a buck.

blue lip tip.JPG

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Always at your lip service,

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