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This past weekend I caught a matinee of the much anticipated biopic depicting the rise and fall of the first major all-girl teenage rock band, The Runaways, featuring Twilight saga starlets Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning who took a break from Edward Cullen and their vampire world to rock our world as the salt and pepper Queens of Noise, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.

I am by no means a film critic, so I will refrain from digging on the cinematic hits and misses including the overly-hyped lesbian sex scene between the two leads. What I will focus on instead, are the rockstar threads that kept this movie tight.


Set circa 1975 in the early age of the West Coast punk scene, I found myself lusting after a plethora of 5+ inch high platforms, tissue thin old school tees, skin tight leather, Charlie's Angels style jumpsuits, high-waisted denim and even considered swapping my safe long and layered hairstyle for a seventies style shag.

It isn't difficult to achieve your own version of Runaways style. Just slip on your favorite worn in pair of jeans, the skinnier the better, a pair of beat-up Chuck Taylors or platforms (I'm loving these Daybreak Platforms from Steve Madden), a tribute shirt like this Joan Jett Tee paired with a classy pair of Kena Aviator Sunglasses, a Lucky guitar pick necklace and you're good to go.

runaways style.JPG

Back to the film... My favorite scene wasn't the feel good moment when The Runaways got signed by Mercury Records. It wasn't when they arrived in Japan to find thousands of screaming Asian girls who were more emphatic than any Beatlemaniac from the sixties. My favorite runaway moment was a short, 30 second snippet of Kristen channeling Joan Jett while creating her own grunged out Sex Pistols tee with a homemade cardboard stencil, a can of spraypaint and a handful of safety pins.

This scene epitomized the effortless style, talent and reckless rebellion that helped this fab fivesome pave the way for girl bands like The Bangles, The Go-Go's, The Donnas, The Slits, Hole and dozens of others.

Although the movie wasn't the cherry bomb that I wanted it to be, I still walked out of it feeling like girls rock. Girls rock hard.

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Olive P.:

Those Aviator glasses are super cheap!


Thanks for sharing these rad seventies looks! I'm really into those style platforms.


Joan Jett has to be the coolest rocker chick around


HATED the movie, loved the clothes. Cool post fo sho.

Andrew Pelt:

I just saw the movie on dvd. dakota was really good and the clothes rocked

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