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In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, I have a few words of advice to bestow upon all of the beautiful mothers of daughters out there in cyberland.

Keep your clothes.

Most mothers make it a habit of holding onto clothing that their little girls have outgrown, some for sentimental reasons, some with hopes for a future baby, others share and recycle them to other family members and some simply cannot force themselves to part with those adorable little onesies, ruffled dresses, lacy socks and petticoats.

My advice to you my dear mothers, is to hold on to your own clothes for your daughters rather than hoard her old baby bibs and bonnets.

mothers day portrait.JPG

I have four favorite pieces in my wardrobe. A delicate, black sequined cardigan, a vintage leather purse with a gold plated chain strap, a cocktail ring that has the initial G centered on it in diamonds and a pair of oversized sunglasses from the 70's that I adore, even though one of the side arms keeps falling off. All of these pieces left behind by my mother who is no longer with me.

Every girl loves something vintage, but if it's something her mother once wore, she will treasure it more than any other article of clothing that has ever touched her skin.

Whether it's something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue, hold onto those classic pieces, the ones that you love(d) the most, even if they stopped fitting ages ago. Every article of clothing tells a story, but these will tell your story... and who knows, your daughter might pass them down to her own daughter one day.

Happy Mother's Day to you all.

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Thank you for this wonderful post. My daughter has a couple tins with all my jewelry in them - the jewelry I wore in high school, and then when I was in my 20's ... and she wears the pieces all the time, mixed with things she raids from my current jewelry drawer. It's cool to see the turquoise bracelet my grandfather bought me now part of her fashion statement.

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