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Dear Sammy,
I have an after prom event to go to. It consists of bounce houses and casino tables.
I want to look nice for it, but also comfy to run around and have fun.
I was thinking of a cute mini dress (with shorts underneath of course), but that eliminates all bounce house activities.
Any ideas?


Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your question! I love that my fashiongal inbox has suddenly become inundated with prom and post prom queries.

I assume that you've already secured your prom dress, which means you're in excellent shape. Dressing for the after party should be nothing more than an afterthought. Post my prom we all just wore shorts/tee shirts/jeans, pjs and anything else that was the complete opposite of formal. Your post prom activities sound a little more upscale, so we want to find you the perfect piece that represents what I like to call Casual Chic.

While I'm digging your mini dress idea, I don't want you to exclude yourself from rocking bounce-related activities, so I have the perfect compromise. A romper. I'll be the first to admit it Tyler, I wasn't a fan at first, but the romper rage has grown on me. This look will give you the style of a minidress with the functionality of shorts so you can bounce like you've never bounced before without worrying about flashing your days of the week underpants to all the boys in the [bounce] house.

after prom dresses and rompers.JPG

Forever 21 has an adorable Spaghetti Strap Romper for only $22.80 that can be pumped up with simple accessories and jewelry. You can wear it with wedges, pumps or cute flats and sandals, depending on how badly your feet are hurting after dancing the night away to Jay-Z's remake of Alphaville's Forever Young which played at my prom FYI {sigh... I'm old}.

Another swell after prom party look is this Element Edgewood Jumper from Swell.com, (on sale for $34.99) and Urban Outfitters has tons of them to choose from. If you're still crushing on the shorts under skirt look, Tilly's features the Roxy's Tea Time Girls Romper that highlight the cutie shorty pants rather than hide them.

Have a blast Tyler and remember to enjoy every minute of your pre-prom, actual-prom and post-prom moments, because regardless of what Jay-Z, Alphaville and Rod Stewart say, you won't always be forever young.

I'm like, living proof.


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