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Last night I attended a viewing party to take in the two and a half hour finale of Lost.

After six seasons of confusion, the end of the Lost saga left me feeling...well, for lack of a better word, lost. In the show's defense, I have slacked off for the past two seasons, so my insane confusion and not knowing what the what and who the who died and came back and turned bad when they used to be good could probably be attributed to my lack of Dharma Initiative.

Despite feeling like my brain was hemorrhaging from the overdose of information, time travel, sideways story lines, electromagnetic activity and loose ends, I still enjoyed myself and reveled in being lost with these guys for one last time.

lost finale.JPG

Over two dozen featured characters have come and gone and most of them made their way back for the finale with the exception of Michael, Walt and Mr. Eko. It felt like a weird reunion of sorts, one great big sometimes dysfunctional castawayed family coming home for Christmas...with knives, rifles and tranquilizer guns.

Although it is the end of a Lost era, if you're a true Lostie, you can still indulge yourself with cool action figures from Big Bad Toy Store, and t-shirts from CafePress that will help you relieve all of your favorite Lost moments. My favorites are this Sawyer Mix Tape Tank for $20 and the ever so popular I'd Hit That Tee for $22.

lost tshirt.JPG

I probably won't be able to fully embrace it all until I've gone back and watched all 6 seasons again... commentary, special features and a copy of Lost for Dummies would probably help.

Farewell y'all everybody, you will be missed.

I once was lost,
but now I'm still lost
Was blind,
but I still can't see.

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