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lots of girls in my school are wearing different color polish on all their fingers. is this cool or in or just something stupid kids are doing now?



Yes Frankie, I have witnessed the multicolored nail trend myself as seen on trendsetting celebs Lauren Conrad and Rihanna. At first I thought it looked kind of fun, fresh and summery... then it started bringing me flashbacks of the Ice Truck killer from Dexter.

My question for you Frankie is, do YOU like this trend? If you aren't a fan, stick to one shade for all of your digits. If you think it looks cool tooth and nail, go to town and paint it red, yellow, black and blue.

multi colored nail trend.JPG

Personally, I think it looks edgy and beyond chic when executed the right way, but would not suggest this trend for any chick over the age of 30... that's just me. When you're a teen or twentysomething you have youth and reckless abandon on your side with the luxury of being able to take various beauty/fashion risks without getting the same weird looks on the street reserved for your older female counterparts.

If you want to give it a go, Sula has the coolest Peel and Paint polishes that come in a fun palette of colors that are easy to peel off if you have a change of heart.

Be bold, get noticed, experiment and have fun, but do not succumb to trends if your gut is saying "that just looks wack."

If you're rocking a look you love, you'll always have the confidence it takes to nail it.


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George Z.:

It's funny how this multi color nail trend gives you flashbacks of Dexter. Thanks for sharing.

Terri Lasley:

Really amusing articles. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

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