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I'm a woodsy kind of gal. *Note: This does not mean that I'm a die hard treehugger who wears patchouli oil and refuses to wear anything that isn't fair trade organic. It simply means that I like shoes that have got wood.

wood shoes.JPG

Luckily for me, the wood trend is here to stay for the next two seasons, so make sure your stems are packing wood this spring/summer. Seriously, wooden shoes haven't been this hot since all of the blond braided double Dutch girls were sporting the pointy variety back in Old Amsterdam. Today, the Deutsch designs have gravitated from flat and cumbersome to high, chunky, studded and stylish.

Aldo has some great styles coming out of the woodwork, from Cagey Cognac Wedges to slingback Hoofskins and OnlineShoes.com also brings a few select styles to the table including Seychelles Care to Dance Clogs and Dr. Scholls Scream Sandals. *Plus, save 20% off on regular priced shoes at checkout.

Coulda wooda shoulda bought that other pair.

Call for Models

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model call 3.JPG

I didn't catch the show last night, but I heard about all of the MTV Movie Award hijinks and highlights after the fact - from a wicked dance off between J Lo and Tom Cruise's Tropic Thunder alter ego, Les Grossman, to America's Sweetheart Sandy Bullock clearing the air with class in her first public appearance since Jesse James broke her blind sided heart.

It was a rocking night PR wise and fashion wise for Sandy (in a black sequined backless Oday Shakar dress and Louboutin heels), for the cast members of the Twilight Saga who won all major gold-plated popcorn awards and of course for the girls who made my best dressed pic list...

Scarlett, Eva and Nicky all looked brilliant, cool and elegantly MTV chic - Scarlett Johannson scored in a green strapless Dolce & Gabbana belted number and scored a smooch from Sandy Bullock, Eva Mendes was stunning in an asymmetrical Stella McCartney dress and solid gold accessories and Nicky Hilton also rocked the one shoulder look in a Missoni turquoise knit mini.

best dressed mtv movie awards 2010.jpg

As for my negative nods, the Jersey Shore's Situation was slumming it but made up for it by randomly flashing his rock hard abs and Lindsay Lohan hit rock bottom looking like a cross between a bell-bottomed Real Housewife of New Jersey and Liza Minelli. Dwayne Johnson looked fine, just going for the cheap joke here people.

worst dressed mtv movie awards 2010.jpg

I've spent an ample amount of time at the hospital recently and have come to the not so startling conclusion that hospital gowns are atrocious.

We've all worn one at some point in our lives, albeit on the day we were born (accessorized with an itty bitty scull cap), when our babies were born, pre and post op, during random medical examinations or as a last-minute, zero effort Halloween costume. But do we ever really enjoy putting one on? I'm thinking, no.

It isn't the fabric that bothers me. The 50% cotton/50% polyester blends are usually incredibly soft due to thousands of washes, but I'm not a fan of the demure prints or the convenient tie closures at the neck and mid-back. Sure, they're super convenient for doctors and nurses who are examining me, but is it really convenient for me to have my buttocks hanging out for medical interns to check out during rounds? I give props to the clever patients I saw prancing by who were double gowning it with a weak smile and their IV stands trailing behind them, knowing that they had beaten the system.

What makes me more sad than anything is imagining all of the patients who wore this gown before. What were they admitted for? What was wrong with them? Where are they now? Was this the last article of clothing they ever wore?

hospital gown.JPG

I understand that it would be far from cost effective for hospitals to offer patients a catalog of hospital gowns to choose from featuring attractive hospital dressing options like this 1 in the Oven Organic Hospital Gown for Mommies-to-be... but perhaps hospitals could offer a special rack in the gift shop in between the stuffed bears covered in band-aids and the get well cards featuring chic hospital gowns with faux fur collars for the older ladies and NFL-themed jersey gowns for the manly men displaying the numbers of their favorite players between their shoulder blades.

I believe that there is validity to the saying "clothes make the man/woman", and the right hospital attire could potentially have the power to improve a patient's morale. When we wear something that's pitiful, it makes us feel pitiful. So if anyone comes to visit me in the hospital in the near future, take note. Don't bring me a half a dozen oversized Get Well balloons, chocolates or flowers, bring me something decent to wear.

The CMT Music Awards were handed out in Nashville last night and sadly, I was unenthused by almost all of the looks on the country-style red carpet. The only dress that caught my eye was a stunning rust colored Galliano gown worn by Taylor Swift who looked gorgeous from head to toe with pin straight hair seductively draped over one shoulder and a rocking pair of triple buckle strap Christian Louboutin for 3.1 Phillip Lim heels that mimicked the straps of her gown.

American Idol alum Carrie Underwood might have beaten out Taylor for two of the night's top female honors but in my humble opinion, Taylor gave her a swift kick in the style dept.

taylor swift cmt awards.JPG

Model at Work

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model at work.JPG

If you're going to survive a long and hot summer in the state Florida, it's imperative that you get tanked. You can either choose to get tanked by way of icy Sea Breezes and Rum Runners on the beach, or you can follow my lead and get tanked with the new line of Danny Roberts tanks and tees from Forever 21.

danny roberts tees.JPG

Danny Roberts is one of my favorite artists and fellow bloggers (of Igor + André fame), so you can imagine my excitement when I casually mosied into my local F21 to find a table piled high with lightweight and supersoft tees and tanks all featuring Danny's artwork. Forever 21 selected their favorite paintings of Danny's for an exclusive summer t-shirt line inspired by the It-girls and bloggers that make the fashion world go round (somehow I was overlooked but if you're reading this Danny, I'll pose for you anytime).

*This limited edition collection of wearable art is already sold out online, so keep checking back or hit the stores.

Tank up.

Every now and then my Dad enjoys reading this "column" as he so fondly refers to my blog. Dad, if you're reading this, stop. I repeat, stop. Turn the WebTV off. The following post contains classified information regarding the Father's Day gifts I will be giving you on Sunday.

[Knowing my father, he is continuing to read on with even more devilish delight. Dad is not one to follow orders, especially when it comes to eating broccoli and monitoring his blood sugar.]

Needless to say, my Dad isn't easy to shop for. Every year he loves to predetermine what his beautifully gift-wrapped packages contain before he opens them with just one simple shake. Shake - it's a shirt. Shake - another book. Shake - shoes. It never fails. For the last decade, he has grown tired of the normal rotation of Father's Day gifts. He's read everything, owns enough shirts and refuses to wear shoes other than a pair of baby blue dress shoes he purchased from a thrift store four score and seven years ago.

One thing my father hasn't tired of? Smelling good. Leave it to Caswell-Massey to launch a new men's fragrance collection just in time for Father's Day.

Caswell Massey Greenbriar collection.JPG

This year Dad is scoring a bottle of Greenbriar Cologne Spray, (1.7 oz for $30) featuring a blend of intoxicating and manly scents including artemisia, sage, thyme and a hint of lavender seasoned with sandalwood, vetiver and amber. You may not know what all of those notes are Dad, but it's a step above your token mixture of Old Spice and Axe Body Spray.

I'm also splurging on the deluxe Greenbriar Shave Soap that will leave your mug feeling brisk while enjoying a close, comfortable, barbershop worthy shave. It also comes in a classic, old fashioned wooden bowl for $18. Score your own aromatic Father's Day gifts from the Greenbriar Collection online at Caswell-Massey or at Studio Beauty Mix at Fred Segal, Santa Monica.

Sorry if I ruined the surprise Dad, but odds are you would have guessed what I was getting you anyway.

Model Lies

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models lie.JPG

So, I saw the Sex and the City sequel and apologize for taking my sweet old time to review it. Honestly, I was beyond excited to be reunited with the girls and to steal a line from Bravo - to "watch what happens" after our serial single girl, Carrie Bradshaw, marries the Big love her life. Here's the thing, I didn't like it.

I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it. For some reason, the plot just seemed remarkably forced. As I was sitting in the theater digging into my cheesy nachos, I had this strange feeling that I was watching some kind of weird television spin-off trying to capitalize on a previous mega success - sort of like Joey after Friends or CSI Las Vegas, Iowa, or whatever city they're solving crimes in these days.

*Spoiler alert, read on at your own risk.

sex and the city 2.jpg

The main disconnect here was the fact that instead of focusing on Sex and the City of New York, this sequel takes us far and away to the land of Abu Dhabi. It didn't work for me. The well-dressed fish out of water/Girl Power theme was tired and weak, as were the musical numbers (two of 'em folks).

Instead of picking up where we left off, watching the girls cope with real life, real relationships and real friendships in the city, we begrudgingly follow them on an unnecessary, unmotivated international escape that seemed to amass more than half of the film's running time. In the first film, the girls go to Mexico, have a few margaritas and head home. In SATC2 they overstay their welcome doing touristy things and conveniently running into ex-boyfriends until they are thankfully forced to leave.

There were a few high points, notably a scene where Miranda and Charlotte swap inner-Mom thoughts over cocktails and when Samantha pelts a crowd of disapproving Abu Dhabi men with condoms from her Birkin bag while crying out "YES, I HAVE SEX!". Was it enough to carry the film? No. Not even Patricia Field's colorful costumes could distract me from the mess and lack of depth I was subjected to for the 2 hour, 27 minute running time.

Overall it's a cute chick flick, but don't be surprised if you find yourself rolling your eyes at the overload of Sex and the Cheesy. There was more cheese on the screen than on my nachos.

Model Politics

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model politics 3.JPG

Sookie Stackhouse Style

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We're three episodes into the 3rd season of True Blood (HBO just gave the greenlight for season 4, FYI) and things are getting, getting, getting kind of hectic -- Fangbangers who caught the last 30 seconds of last Sunday's episode will catch my drift. Instead of being under the glamouring vampire spell of Bon Temps Louisiana's most eligible vampire bachelors, I'm under the spell of Sookie Stackhouse's sweet southern girl style.

Sookie, the down home waitress who can hear all of your deepest, darkest secrets has a true signature style, and when she isn't wearing denim short shorts, a Merlotte's tee, apron and kicks, Sookie can usually be found vamping it up in a wardrobe that has bite.

sookie stackhouse style.jpg

Sookie feels right at home in isn't she lovely sundresses with thick banded waists, halters and spaghetti strapped bodices with simple and clean silhouettes that hit the knee while complementing an ample bosom and tiny waist. When it comes to color, Sookie has a pretty standard rotation of virginal white, blood red, ice cream truck pastel shades and girlie flowery prints.

Modcloth has a series of spring and summery vintage style sundresses that would fit in just fine in Miss Stackhouse’s closet. This Going to San Francisco Dress for instance is fabulously feminine, southern inspired and would look killer with one of Sookie’s signature headbands. For a saucier do-bad-things look, this sweet cotton eyelet Frankly, I Don't Give a Dress is the perfect go-to frock for when Sookie's feeling sassy… lately whenever Sheriff Eric is around.

sookie dresses.JPG

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