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Every now and then my Dad enjoys reading this "column" as he so fondly refers to my blog. Dad, if you're reading this, stop. I repeat, stop. Turn the WebTV off. The following post contains classified information regarding the Father's Day gifts I will be giving you on Sunday.

[Knowing my father, he is continuing to read on with even more devilish delight. Dad is not one to follow orders, especially when it comes to eating broccoli and monitoring his blood sugar.]

Needless to say, my Dad isn't easy to shop for. Every year he loves to predetermine what his beautifully gift-wrapped packages contain before he opens them with just one simple shake. Shake - it's a shirt. Shake - another book. Shake - shoes. It never fails. For the last decade, he has grown tired of the normal rotation of Father's Day gifts. He's read everything, owns enough shirts and refuses to wear shoes other than a pair of baby blue dress shoes he purchased from a thrift store four score and seven years ago.

One thing my father hasn't tired of? Smelling good. Leave it to Caswell-Massey to launch a new men's fragrance collection just in time for Father's Day.

Caswell Massey Greenbriar collection.JPG

This year Dad is scoring a bottle of Greenbriar Cologne Spray, (1.7 oz for $30) featuring a blend of intoxicating and manly scents including artemisia, sage, thyme and a hint of lavender seasoned with sandalwood, vetiver and amber. You may not know what all of those notes are Dad, but it's a step above your token mixture of Old Spice and Axe Body Spray.

I'm also splurging on the deluxe Greenbriar Shave Soap that will leave your mug feeling brisk while enjoying a close, comfortable, barbershop worthy shave. It also comes in a classic, old fashioned wooden bowl for $18. Score your own aromatic Father's Day gifts from the Greenbriar Collection online at Caswell-Massey or at Studio Beauty Mix at Fred Segal, Santa Monica.

Sorry if I ruined the surprise Dad, but odds are you would have guessed what I was getting you anyway.

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Stan Morgan:

Great! Just what I was looking for! :)

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