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It's that time of year again and I'm more than ready to stretch my stylish sea legs.

All aboard.

mbfashionweek swim 2011.JPG

Rock on American women.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011 officially commences one week from tomorrow and I am feeling a strange wave of calm washing over me. After surviving a frenzied Fashion Week for the last season in Bryant Park this past February, I figure that this is going to be quite literally, a walk on the beach.

Around this time last year you found me nervous, pensive and frantic, a freshman on the Fashion Week scene. This year I know what to expect (fruity cocktails and sexy swimwear), what to wear (maxi dresses and sweat-proof sundresses) and am thrilled to see familiar faces as well as a crop of new swimwear designers that I'm sure will knock my sophomore socks off.

I feel kind of like a kid on summer break who is being reunited with all of her old camp friends that she gets to see once a year...only I never run the risk of having the MB Fashion Week designer alums short-sheet my bed or slip my hand in a glass of warm water while I sleep. They are way too busy for such childish antics.

One of my old summer time BFFs is White Sands Australia, an edgy and contemporary swimwear and resort-wear line designed by the lovely Leah Madden.

white sands runway.JPG

I was blown away by last year's white hot White Sands collection, and am sure this year's collection will only leave me summer loving and wanting for more.

Always fashion forward, contemporary and beach-ready, White Sands makes women feel sexy from every angle with pieces that range from tiny Brazilian cut bikinis to beautifully shaped maillots. Last season I was wowed with swim and resort-wear stunners from the romantic Sweet Love ruffled one-piece to the denim Player playsuit and flirty Sweet Sin bright orange bikini.

whitesands collection.JPG

I will take in the new collection at the Press Preview next Friday and am looking forward to seeing what surprises Leah has in store for me this season.

In the meantime, if you're looking for fun in the sun courtesy of a land down under, allow me to introduce you to my good friend from overseas, White Sands Australia.

TGIF my friends. I normally only post Model Poses on Fridays, but I'm feeling a little unpredictable these days.

Another summer weekend is only a mere 6 hours away on my clock and I'm already planning to hit the movie theatre to take in some guilty summer blockbuster fare. Last weekend I, along with millions of other hormonally driven women caught the third installment of the Twilight saga, Eclipse.

Twilight Eclipse.JPG

Oh Bella, I feel your pain. Caught in a love triangle between the hot and the chilled. I don't know how you do it. It's like choosing between having spicy and fiery Mexican food or sashimi on ice every night for the rest of your life. Sometimes a girl just wants a guy who is room temperature.

I'm not going in to a major review, but I will say that I loved the addition of Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria and even though I suffered through a handful of minimal cornball moments, the Wolves/Cullens vs. Newborn Vampire smackdown was well worth the price of my student admission (I look young for my age).

If you love all things Twilight, check out the Nordstrom Eclipse Store for Edward vs. Jacob tees and tanks and other Forks inspired apparel, fiery Lip Venom and even life-sized cardboard cutouts of the Cullens, Bella and Jacob...if you're like, into that kinda stuff.

twilight eclipse tanks.JPG

**Warning: These tanks may go out of style once this whole Twilight saga is bloody over, unless you're really into Edward James Olmos or Jacob Gyllenhaal.

One of my favorite founding forefathers, Benjamin Franklin, once said... "Beauty and folly are old companions."

You were on to something there Ben, between that quote and your mad kite flying skills. I recently discovered that beauty and Seafolly are old companions as well, Seafolly Swimwear that is.

Seafolly is another one of my favorite Australian imports, (*see previous White Sands post) featuring over 200 pieces in their current swimwear collection that showcases a colorful variety of stunning yet whimsical frolic-in-the-sun styles.

As the face of Seafolly's 2011 collection, the award-winning Australian swimwear and lifestyle brand is gorgeously represented by international model/Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated sensation, Jess Hart, who follows in the sandy footsteps of a long list of other Australian glamazons including hottie Aussies Miranda Kerr and Kristy Hinze.

seafolly swimwear.JPG

Seafolly is all about showing off your feminine side with figure-flattering styles, fun and flirty ruffles, unexpected asymmetrical accents, and old school swimwear throwbacks with a modern edge, all in bright hued palettes that are anything but shy. From the cutest side tie bikinis to short shorts, trendy tunics and dresses that will take you from tanning on the sand to dining alfresco, Seafolly has a suit that will suit us all.

In my opinion there isn't anything more beautiful than a big old goofy grin and the freedom to act the fool, whether you're performing imperfect cartwheels on the beach, swimming with oversized floaties on your arms or burying yourself up to your neck in the sand. When you pair that beach side quirkiness with a Seafolly suit, you're going to have to beat the surfer boys off with a stick. Trust me.

Embrace your own Seafolly worthy style with ready-to-swim-wear pieces that are available in the states at Nordstrom and Anthropologie.

Hi Sammy,
I am a short(ish) 12 year old girl living in london. I love to look grown up! On wednesday I am helping out at a school-and, although i usually plan my outfits weeks ahead, I cant think of ANYTHING! Any help here?

From Becky


Hi Becky,

Thanks for your international query! I've been under major Fashion Week Swim stress, so taking a break to assist a loyal reader will be a much welcomed change of pace. I might even make myself a nice cup of tea while I compose my reply.

Okay, back to the fashion matter at hand. In order to help you Becks, I need as many details as possible. You mentioned that you're helping out at a school - What is the nature of your volunteer work? Are you serving up lunch in the cafeteria? Tutoring? Will you be predominately indoors or outdoors? Is there a dress code at this school? Are you going for a professional look or a casual one?

Since you're London based and need an outfit ASAP, I'm going to insist you check out the Asos Petite Shop featuring petite styles specifically designed for stylish lasses who are 5'3 and under.

Here in the states when all else fails, you can never go wrong with a nice fitting pair of jeans and a cute tee or top, but I seriously adore this Hi Waisted Short and simple top combo that is age appropriate and a safe and chic look for any summer event.

cool school style.JPG

You mentioned that you liked to look grown up, so just throw on a vest or boyfriend blazer and some posh ankle boots to smarten the look up. You'll go from Hermione Granger first year to seventh year. Like magic.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

48 hours until Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim kicks off and I'm swimming with anticipation.

It's been six years since Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week began packing up their swimsuits and heading down south for the summer. Today, the event has become the exclusive destination to showcase the best of the best in swimwear from all around the world, from Australia to Brazil. Here's my top 10 list on what I'm hoping to feast my eyes on.

10. Beach Bunny Swimwear's debut show, featuring suits designed by those krazy Kardashians.

9. Varicose veins - proving once and for all that yes, models are just like us.

8. Kendra Wilkinson hamming it up while signing her new memoir Sliding into Home.

7. Models striking cheesy model poses at the end of the runway. [Is she blowing a kiss or holding an invisible plate of pretend lettuce? I just can't tell.]

cheesy models.JPG

6. Trays of rum runners headed my way.

5. Food. I need something to soak up those rum runners, don't I?

4. Multiple goody bags with my name on them.

3. Chris Brown and his model girlfriend Jasmine Sanders who is rumored to be walking the Ed Hardy show. I hope he doesn't hit her if she be tripping on the catwalk.

2. LeBron James. [Shut up. This is his new hood. He might like totally be there, okay].

And what I'm most excited to see at Fashion Week Swim 2011 - drumroll please...

1. Swell Suits Miami presenting the first all male swimwear group show to hit the runway.

It's about time people, it's about time.



I woke up this morning with a feeling.

In the immortal words of the Black Eyed Peas, I got a feeling... {ooh hoo} that tonight's gonna be a good night. Yeah tonight's gonna be a good, good night.

It's Day One of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim people! This evening in the Cabana Grande tent, “Mercedes-Benz Presents” featured designer Trina Turk will set the scene, kicking off the week by debuting her “Acapulco Gold” themed Swim & Spa collection for 2011.

Known for her fashion-forward designs and impeccable fit, Trina Turk is the go-to lifestyle brand that in four years has become one of the top brands in the swimwear industry. This will be Trina's first appearance showing her swim savvy style on the runway in South Florida and she's bringing along a dynamic collection inspired by the opulence of Mexico’s world-class resort, Acapulco.

trina turk swimwear.JPG

Celebrating all things glitzy and glamorous, I'm looking forward to dipping my toes into Trina's exquisite tropical motifs, seductive ocean-blue hues and glimmering gold accents along with some of Trina's signature prints. From lightweight cover-ups to one-piece keyhole bandeaus, halters, sash hipsters, tunics, rompers and basic bikinis with border prints, I'll be adding to my mental wish list with every new look that comes off the catwalk. Plus, Trina Turk loving dudes will dig Mr. Turk menswear, classic American resort wear styling reworked Trina style.

After the show it's time for the Official Kick Off Party...

And then we'll do it again
Lets Do it (x3)

Repeat chorus.

Post Day One Post - To Sum it all up, "Mercedes-Benz Presents" Designer Trina Turk wowed more than Bow Wow.

What I saw: White netted cover-ups, chiffon caftans, all that glitters is gold hardware and accents, alluring black and white prints immersed with electric pops of color, playful totes and sky high hats.

Overall, I was captivated with this energetic, glam, vibrant and very wearable collection, although I was not a fan of the Dr. Seusslike sun hats.

I would not wear them on the beach, I would not wear them in gold or peach.

trina turk swim.jpg
*Photos by Getty Images

What I scored: The gift bag was filled with various Trina treats from lookbooks to Clinique SPF 30 face cream, notepads, discount cards (hitting the Bal Harbour store tomorrow in 0900 hours) and an Acapulco Gold pendant that embraced the evening's theme entirely.

Who I saw: Rev Run's daughter and Pastry designer Angela Simmons with her boy, Bow Wow.

What I ate: Yummy mushroom empanadas and mini tomato tartelettes.

What time I got home: 0300 hours ago.

model bathroom break.jpg

Day 2 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, and I can easily sum up the evening in two words. Too sexy.

One of my favorite swim brands, Beach Bunny Swimwear, has teamed up with the infamous sister act of reality television, the Kardashians, with a collection for 2011 that takes sexy lingerie styles out of the bedroom and onto the beaches.

Teen starlet Selena Gomez was front and center seated next to the triple Kardashian threats - Kim, Khloé and Kourtney who were all wide smiles, bronzed skin and sporting sexy sheaths.

kardashians selena gomez.jpg
Inspired and influenced by Safari Glam and Old Hollywood, the collection featured bold mixtures and racy combinations with snakeskin, bling and lace reigning supreme. Each sister incorporated her own personal aesthetic with Kourtney taking nautical up a notch, Kim going heavy on the glam and Khloé taking a walk on the wild side with purple cobra prints and edgy gunmetal hardware.

Beach Bunny scored some of the world’s sexiest supermodels to strut their bunnylicious suits including: Sports Illustrated’s Jessica White, Chrissy Teigen, Dominique Piek, Maybelline’s Lisalla Montenegro and their 2010 Beach Bunny Model Search Winner Jessica Rafalowski who looked right at home on the runway.

What I loved - I was instantly drawn to the brief splashes of color provided by a few choice seafoam and turquoise pieces (a strapless ruffle jumper was hearted in my program) and I appreciated the innovative belting details. One thing is for sure, the Kardashians know women's bodies and they take all women's sizes and shapes into consideration. From petite and slim to tall and curvy physiques, the Special K's have a suit that will flatter every female figure and frame.

What I didn't love - A few models were accessorized with black lace blindfolds. Not exactly sure what kind of statement they were going for there (a see no evil/sex tape theme perhaps?). The biggest drawback? These highly embellished suits would leave me with some wicked awkward looking tan lines.

If you're local, hit D'A-S-H Miami (the K sisters' posh boutique) on Washington Ave to score some of these ultra provocative looks.

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who wear Ed Hardy and those who do not. Snookie and The Situation of Mtv's Jersey Shore fall into the first category. I fall into the second.

Now that we have full disclosure here, we can get on with it.

No stranger to MB Fashion Week Swim, the Ed Hardy stylists took a cue from recent tattooed tabloid queen, Michelle Bombshell McGee with mega smoky eyes, bright red lips, clipped in banging bangs, and pin-up girl flowers and feathers tucked into masses of curled hair.

Definitely geared towards the younger crowd, the Spring 2011 collection featured suits both for the edgy-girl and the girly-girl with mesh and leather peppered in with bright polka dotted bikinis, tigers, studs, familiar floral and geisha motifs. New tie-dye combinations of lime paired with gold, shades of mango, vivid blues and aquas added some tropical flavor and all the young dudes were rocking their Hardy boy boardshorts.

jasmine sanders 2.JPG

There was a bit of hype surrounding Chris Brown's newest lady love and model of the hour, Jasmine Sanders, who flaunted Christian Audigier's designs with the ferocity of a bobbleheaded Bratz doll.

Don't hit me, I mean hate me for saying that Chris.

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